Using your race and textbook readings and the South University Online Library, total inquiry on the forthcoming:

  • Assessment, feature testing, and superintendence of pestilential stipulations in a pediatric enduring
  • Differential diagnoses for offer of symptoms involving pestilential diseases in pediatric endurings

After completing your inquiry, judge this scenario:

An eighteen-month-old branch, well-known to your exercise, presents delay a seven-day truth of fervor ranging from 101 to 104.7 degrees Fahrenheit. On the fourth day of the fervor, the exigency portion had totaled the forthcoming tests:

  • A respect and urine amelioration
  • A total respect count
  • A ample metabolic panel

The amelioration reports were base to be disclaiming.

Today, the vitals of the branch are the forthcoming:

  • Temperature: 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Heart rate: 120 beats/minute
  • Respiratory rate: 20 breaths/minute
  • Blood pressure: 90/40

Physical criterion of the branch indicates the forthcoming dogmatical findings:

  • Injected conjunctiva
  • Palmar redness
  • Magenta-colored lips
  • Red macula
  • Excoriating rashes in the diaper area

On the premise of the overhead advice, tally to the forthcoming:

  • What gain be your differential diagnoses for this enduring?
  • What specific substantial exam findings help these differential diagnoses?
  • Of the differential diagnoses you listed, which would be the most touching?
  • What appended feature tests gain you applaud? Why?
  • What would be your standpoint for caregiver advice?