Health care service provider presentation

Select one of the vigor prevention advantage providers identified in your Week Three assignment, Vigor Prevention Providers and Products.


Providers of advantage options:

·         preventive prevention or open vigor

·         ambulatory or first prevention

·         subacute or hanker expression prevention

·         acute prevention

·         auxiliary advantages

·         rehabilitative advantages

·         end of history prevention

·         mental vigor advantages

·         emergency superintendence or misfortune preparedness

·         dental advantages

·         military and expert advantages

·         Indian vigor advantages


Prepare an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® grant delay elaborate orator notes and at last 1 video that discusses the vigor prevention advantage provider clarified.

Include the forthcoming in your grant:


  • Identify the clarified vigor prevention advantage provider clarified.
  • Identify two joined advantages and products he or she provides.
  • Identify the roles of different stakeholders and emerging roles delayin the vigor prevention advantage provider clarified.
  • Explain how the advantages and products are financed or compensated for.
  • Identify running and advenient trends that may enjoy an application on this provider of vigor prevention advantages.

Cite at last 3 peer-reviewed or read reference