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Health Assessment Care plan for Bladder Cancer Patient

Theresa is a 37 year old; who was diagnosed with float cancer. She afresh commenced her advance of chemotherapy .She rushes to the Emergency Room at 11.45pm accusatory of accepting a fever.


The assistant plays an important role in the administration of the blight accommodating adeptness chemotherapy. This case would accessory at the case of float blight and how the assistant can plan interventions based on a absolute nursing assessment.

Bladder Cancer

Bladder blight is blight that occurs in the float and is about four altered types based on corpuscle blazon origin. These are capricious corpuscle blight (also alleged urothelial carcinoma), squamous corpuscle carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and baby corpuscle blight (American Blight Society, 2009).

Transitional corpuscle blight is the best accepted blazon occurring in 97% of float blight cases. It can be disconnected into two subtypes papillary tumors which abound against the centermost of the float and collapsed carcinomas which absorb the layers of beef lining the float bank (American Blight Society, 2009).

Squamous corpuscle blight makes up about 1 to 2 % of float blight types and these are invasive. Adenocarcinoma makes up about 1% and these are additionally invasive. Baby corpuscle blight makes up beneath than 1% of the float blight cases (American Blight Society, 2009).

Risk factors for developing the ache accommodate smoker which is declared as the greatest accident factor. Smokers are alert added acceptable to advance the ache than non smokers. It is believed that the carcinogens from cigarettes are captivated into the claret beck and filtered by the kidneys which aftermath urine that is stored in the bladder. This in about-face amercement the float bank which increases the adventitious of developing float blight (American Blight Society, 2009).

Other accident factors accommodate actinic acknowledgment such as automated chemicals in the dye and acrylic industries; race, alert as acceptable in whites than African Americans ;age ,over 70% of the cases are over 65 years old; gender, macho to changeable arrangement is 4 to 1;chronic float inflammation, bodies with a history of urinary infections ,kidney and float stones accept added incidences of float cancer; accepting blight in any alternative allotment of the urinary amplitude ;having a ancestors history of blight ; and antecedent analysis with chemotherapy or radiation can access the accident of developing float blight (American Blight Society, 2009).

Signs and Symptoms

The best accepted appearance of float blight is haematuria that is claret in the urine. This can be gross area the claret changes the blush of the urine or diminutive area it can alone be begin in urine test. Alternative urinary affection can action such as dysuria and coercion (American Blight Society, 2009).

Diagnostic studies accommodate cystocopy area the float is beheld with a cystoscope and a biopsy may be done at the aforementioned time and float washings to aggregate samples for diminutive testing (American Blight Society, 2009).

Bladder blight is classified according to the TNM arrangement by the American Joint Committee on Blight (AJCC) .Staging is bent by the abyss of the bump antagonism in the float bank (Langhorne, Fulton & Otto, 2007).The T describes the bump advance that is how far it as advance to the float bank and tissues and is graded from 1 to 4.The N describes the lymph bulge captivation and is graded from 0 to 3.The M describes metastatic advance and is graded by 0 or 1.The blight is again staged from 0 to IV with 0 actuality the ancient date and IV actuality the best avant-garde stage(American Blight Society, 2009).

Other analytic analysis that is done are Intravenous pyelogram ,Retrograde pyelography, chest X Ray, CT Scan, Magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, cartilage browse and positron discharge tomography browse .These analysis can be accessible in chargeless the blight advance or attendance of metastases (American Blight Society, 2009).


Treatment can be atypical or a aggregate of surgery, chemotherapy, intravesical analysis and radiation and is based on blight staging and the patient’s wishes.

Surgery can be transurethral resection in which a cystoscope is entered the float and the bump is removed; abolitionist cystectomy which the bladder, lymph nodes and surrounding afflicted tissue is removed in men the prostate and seminal vesicles are removed and in women the uterus, ovaries and allotment of the vagina; segmental cystectomy in which alone allotment or the float is removed; and urinary diversions such as a ileal conduits to actualize a administration for urine breeze (National Blight Insitute, 2009).

Chemotherapy can be administered neoadjuvant, above-mentioned to anaplasty to compress bump admeasurement or adjuvant, afterwards anaplasty to annihilate any actual blight beef .It can additionally be accustomed forth with radiation therapy. Frequently acclimated combinations are M-VAC (methotrexate, vinblastine, doxorubicin (Adriamycin), and cisplatin); GemCIS (gemcitabine and cisplatin) and; Carboplatin and a taxane (either paclitaxel/Taxol or docetaxel/Taxotere) .Other drugs acclimated includes cyclosphosphamide, fluorouracil and mitomycin C (American Blight Society, 2009).

Intravesical analysis is analysis that is amid into the bladder. The best frequently acclimated analysis is admittance of Bacillus Chalmette-Guerin (BCG) which is immunotherapy. Interferon and intravesical chemotherapy is additionally accustomed (American Blight Society, 2009).

Radiation can be delivered evidently or interstitial. It can be accustomed forth with chemotherapy but the ancillary furnishings are added (American Blight Society, 2009).

Side Furnishings of Treatment

The accommodating afresh commenced her advance of chemotherapy .Chemotherapy drugs account myelosuppression which increases the accident of infection. The frequently acclimated drugs in the analysis of float blight account some anatomy of myelosuppression. Methotrexate and Cisplatin can account cartilage bottom abolishment forth with stomatitis, Vinblastine and Doxorubicin and Gemcitabine has balmy to abstinent myelosuppressive furnishings (Yarbro, Frogge and Goodman, 2004).

Myelosuppression after-effects in neutropenia, thrombocytopenia and anaemia. Back adeptness chemotherapy there is an accepted aeon area neutropenia is accepted this is alleged the nadir, which usually occurs 7 to 10 canicule afterwards treatment. At this point the white claret corpuscle calculation is at its everyman which increases the accident of infection (Langhorne et al, 2007).

Corticosteroid use additionally suppresses allowed action .This may be acclimated in analysis protocols and increases the allowed arrangement adeptness to action infection. Invasive procedures such as IV therapy, venipunctures, biopsies and catheters can additionally acquaint infection (Yarbro et al, 2004).

Nursing Assessment

In the neutropenic accommodating the accustomed signs of infection such as bloom abscess and pus accumulation are not usually seen. Therefore the assistant would charge to backpack out a comprehensive, focused appraisal on the patient. A abundant history will accept to be acquired on Theresa chemotherapy administration and any alternative drugs actuality used. Past medical history is additionally acquired to analyze any co aberrant disorders that would access her susceptibility to infection (Langhorne et al, 2007).

Physical Assessment

In the neutropenic accommodating a focused appraisal should be agitated out to appraise for signs of infection. This would accommodate the respiratory, gastrointestinal, genitourinary systems and the bark and close membranes (Langhorne et al, 2007).

Firstly the patient’s temperature is assessed. In the neutropenic accommodating a agitation is advised a temperature aloft 38 degrees in a twenty four hour aeon or a temperature aloft 38.5 degrees. The accommodating is again adjourned for any apparent blow of infection such as breakdown of bark integrity, including the perianal areas. If the accommodating has an congenital catheter the armpit is adjourned for edema, drainage, erythema and amore which can announce an urinary amplitude infection (Langhorne et al, 2007).

The close membranes are additionally adjourned for redness, amore and ulceration which may announce chemotherapy induced mucositis which can advance to infection. The chest is adjourned for bulk and abyss of breathing, the attendance of a ahem and fungus assembly annihilation the color, bulk and thickness. The chest is ascultated for aberrant animation sounds such as crackles which can announce a pneumonia infection (Weber &Kelley, 2007).

The gastrointestinal amplitude is adjourned for belly tenderness, stiffness, attention and acquainted any diarrhea which can announce peritonitis and infection (Weber &Kelley, 2007).

Upon acceptance claret cultures should be done forth with complete claret calculation and urinalysis. A chest X ray is additionally done is done appraise for infection and if diarrhea is present a stool sample is activated for bacilli (Langhorne et al, 2007).

The accommodating is advised with antibacterial analysis and the assistant continues to adviser analysis until the accommodating is afebrile and neutrophil counts improve. A accepted aggravation of infection is catchbasin shock and the assistant monitors for aboriginal signs of shock such as fever, rigors, tachypnea, tachycardia and about-face in brainy cachet (Yarbro et al,2004).

Nursing Diagnoses

Possible nursing diagnoses for this patient:

Infection accompanying to aftereffect of chemotherapy (bone bottom suppression) as apparent by fever.(RnCentral,2007)

Potential for about-face in nutrition: beneath than anatomy requirements accompanying to the attendance of infection.(RnCentral,2007)

Nursing Care Plan

Infection accompanying to aftereffect of chemotherapy (bone bottom suppression) as apparent by fever.


The accommodating will balance absolutely from infection as apparent by acceptable afebrile.

The accommodating will abide infection chargeless as apparent by the absence of fever.


1. Asses temperature every four hours.

2. Inspect for erythema, abhorrent smelling drainage, bark breakdown and close membranes daily.

3. Asses for black in urine daily.

4. Backpack out neutropenic precautions such as austere duke abrasion techniques back accessory to patient.

5. Avoid invasive procedures such as float catheters.

6. Encourage a aerial protein, aerial carbohydrate diet.

7. Explore risks for infection and accommodate accommodating apprenticeship on aspersing these risks.


The ability of the ache action and the furnishings of analysis would accept enabled the assistant to analyze that Theresa had an infection and through a absolute focused appraisal backpack out interventions to anticipate complications.

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