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Health Assessment Care plan for Bladder Cancer Patient

Theresa is a 37 year old; who was diagnosed delay bladder cancer. She recently commenced her route of chemotherapy .She rushes to the Emergency Room at 11.45pm repining of having a passion.


The foster plays an grave role in the address of the cancer enduring undergoing chemotherapy. This instance would contemplate at the instance of bladder cancer and how the foster can intention interventions grounded on a broad nursing tribute.

Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is cancer that happens in the bladder and is encircling indecent incongruous emblems grounded on cell emblem commencement. These are progressive cell carcinoma (as-well named urothelial carcinoma), squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and paltry cell carcinoma (American Cancer Society, 2009).

Transitional cell carcinoma is the most base emblem happenring in 97% of bladder cancer instances. It can be separated into two subtypes papillary buttons which gain-ground inbehalf the feeling of the bladder and downright carcinomas which compromise the layers of cells lining the bladder respect (American Cancer Society, 2009).

Squamous cell carcinoma makes up encircling 1 to 2 % of bladder cancer emblems and these are invasive. Adenocarcinoma makes up encircling 1% and these are as-well invasive. Paltry cell carcinoma makes up short than 1% of the bladder cancer instances (American Cancer Society, 2009).

Risk factors for amplifying the complaint enclose smoking which is pictorial as the excellentest betray factor. Smokers are twice more mitigated to amplify the complaint than non smokers. It is believed that the carcinogens from cigarettes are fascinated into the rank current and filtered by the sorts which profit urine that is stored in the bladder. This in reverse satisfaction the bladder respect which growths the luck of amplifying bladder cancer (American Cancer Society, 2009).

Other betray factors enclose chemical peril such as industrial chemicals in the dye and portray industries; plan, twice as mitigated in snowys than African Americans ;age ,aggravate 70% of the instances are aggravate 65 years old; gender, male to womanly relevancy is 4 to 1;chronic bladder inflammation, living-souls delay a truth of urinary transferred ,sort and bladder stones enjoy growthd incidences of bladder cancer; having cancer in any other multiply of the urinary believe ;having a nativity truth of cancer ; and earlier tenor delay chemotherapy or radiation can growth the betray of amplifying bladder cancer (American Cancer Society, 2009).

Signs and Symptoms

The most base portraiture of bladder cancer is haematuria that is rank in the urine. This can be unseemly where the rank changes the perversion of the urine or minute where it can barely be set in urine standard. Other urinary symptoms can happen such as dysuria and conjuncture (American Cancer Society, 2009).

Diagnostic studies enclose cystocopy where the bladder is viewed delay a cystoscope and a biopsy may be performed at the similar era and bladder washings to convoke illustrations for minute standarding (American Cancer Society, 2009).

Bladder cancer is classified according to the TNM method by the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) .Staging is sturdy by the profundity of the button violation in the bladder respect (Langhorne, Fulton & Otto, 2007).The T describes the button expand that is how far it as expand to the bladder respect and edifices and is graded from 1 to 4.The N describes the lymph node compromisement and is graded from 0 to 3.The M describes metastatic expand and is graded by 0 or 1.The cancer is then measured from 0 to IV delay 0 substance the primitive measure and IV substance the most advanced measure(American Cancer Society, 2009).

Other clinical standard that is performed are Intravenous pyelogram ,Retrograde pyelography, chest X Ray, CT Scan, Magnetic clash imaging, ultrasound, curse superintend and positron effluence tomography superintend .These standard can be beneficial in determining the cancer expand or closeness of metastases (American Cancer Society, 2009).


Treatment can be eccentric or a concert of surgery, chemotherapy, intravesical therapy and radiation and is grounded on cancer staging and the enduring’s wishes.

Surgery can be transurethral resection in which a cystoscope is entered the bladder and the button is removed; deep-seated cystectomy which the bladder, lymph nodes and surrounding complaintd edifice is removed in men the prostate and seminal vesicles are removed and in women the uterus, ovaries and multiply of the vagina; segunsubstantial cystectomy in which barely multiply or the bladder is removed; and urinary diversions such as a ileal conduits to educe a inclination for urine stream (National Cancer Insitute, 2009).

Chemotherapy can be administered neoadjuvant, makeer to surgery to revolt button extent or corroborative, succeeding surgery to murder any cherishing cancer cells .It can as-well be fond concurrently delay radiation therapy. Commbarely used concerts are M-VAC (methotrexate, vinblastine, doxorubicin (Adriamycin), and cisplatin); GemCIS (gemcitabine and cisplatin) and; Carboplatin and a taxane (either paclitaxel/Taxol or docetaxel/Taxotere) .Other drugs used encloses cyclosphosphamide, fluorouracil and mitomycin C (American Cancer Society, 2009).

Intravesical therapy is tenor that is inserted into the bladder. The most basely used therapy is augmentation of Bacillus Chalmette-Guerin (BCG) which is immunotherapy. Interferon and intravesical chemotherapy is as-well fond (American Cancer Society, 2009).

Radiation can be delivered externally or interstitial. It can be fond concurrently delay chemotherapy but the behalf proceeds are growthd (American Cancer Society, 2009).

Side Proceeds of Treatment

The enduring recently commenced her route of chemotherapy .Chemotherapy drugs action myeloconcealment which growths the betray of taint. The basely used drugs in the tenor of bladder cancer action some make of myelosuppression. Methotrexate and Cisplatin can action curse kernel concealment concurrently delay stomatitis, Vinblastine and Doxorubicin and Gemcitabine has gentle to calm myelosuppressive proceeds (Yarbro, Frogge and Goodman, 2004).

Myeloconcealment results in neutropenia, thrombocytopenia and anaemia. When undergoing chemotherapy there is an expected time where neutropenia is expected this is named the profundity, which usually happens 7 to 10 days succeeding tenor. At this apex the snowy rank cell estimate is at its smallest which growths the betray of taint (Langhorne et al, 2007).

Corticosteroid use as-well suppresses immune duty .This may be used in tenor protocols and growths the immune method ability to conflict taint. Invasive procedures such as IV therapy, venipunctures, biopsies and catheters can as-well conduct-in taint (Yarbro et al, 2004).

Nursing Assessment

In the neutropenic enduring the ordinary signs of taint such as redness swelling and pus makeation are not usually seen. Therefore the foster would want to push out a broad, focused tribute on the enduring. A minute truth conquer enjoy to be obtained on Theresa chemotherapy regime and any other drugs substance used. Past medical truth is as-well obtained to test any co sickly disorders that would growth her impressibility to taint (Langhorne et al, 2007).

Physical Assessment

In the neutropenic enduring a focused tribute should be carried out to assess for signs of taint. This would enclose the respiratory, gastrointestinal, genitourinary methods and the bark and mucous membranes (Langhorne et al, 2007).

Firstly the enduring’s air is assessed. In the neutropenic enduring a passion is considered a air aloft 38 degrees in a twenty indecent hour time or a air aloft 38.5 degrees. The enduring is then assessed for any external droop of taint such as breakdown of bark parity, including the perianal areas. If the enduring has an ingrained catheter the footing is assessed for edema, drainage, erythema and softness which can declare an urinary believe taint (Langhorne et al, 2007).

The mucous membranes are as-well assessed for redness, softness and ulceration which may declare chemotherapy necessary mucositis which can guide to taint. The chest is assessed for reprimand and profundity of existent, the closeness of a cough and mucus evolution trifle the perversion, quantity and density. The chest is ascultated for abordinary expiration sounds such as crackles which can declare a pneumonia taint (Weber &Kelley, 2007).

The gastrointestinal believe is assessed for abdominal softness, barbarism, compensating and noting any diarrhea which can declare peritonitis and taint (Weber &Kelley, 2007).

Upon admittance rank cultures should be performed concurrently delay exhaustive rank estimate and urinalysis. A chest X ray is as-well performed is performed assess for taint and if diarrhea is give a stool illustration is standarded for bacteria (Langhorne et al, 2007).

The enduring is treated delay antibiotic therapy and the foster continues to instructor therapy until the enduring is afebrile and neutrophil estimates reform. A base entanglement of taint is septic disgust and the foster instructors for coming signs of disgust such as passion, rigors, tachypnea, tachycardia and modification in unsubstantial foundation (Yarbro et al,2004).

Nursing Diagnoses

Possible nursing diagnoses for this enduring:

Infection cognate to result of chemotherapy (curse kernel concealment) as evidenced by passion.(RnCentral,2007)

Potential for modification in nutrition: short than substance requirements cognate to the closeness of taint.(RnCentral,2007)

Nursing Care Plan

Infection cognate to result of chemotherapy (curse kernel concealment) as evidenced by passion.


The enduring conquer recaggravate exhaustively from taint as evidenced by befitting afebrile.

The enduring conquer wait taint easy as evidenced by the absence of passion.


1. Asses air complete indecent hours.

2. Inspect for erythema, corrupt smelling drainage, bark breakdown and mucous membranes daily.

3. Asses for dejection in urine daily.

4. Push out neutropenic precautions such as precise operative washing techniques when accompanying to enduring.

5. Avoid invasive procedures such as bladder catheters.

6. Encourage a excellent protein, excellent carbohydreprimand food.

7. Explore betrays for taint and agree enduring advice on minimizing these betrays.


The experience of the complaint rule and the proceeds of tenor would enjoy enabled the foster to test that Theresa had an taint and through a broad focused tribute push out interventions to thwart entanglements.

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