HCS 412 Final Project

Developing a Worksite Wellness Program Plan

Imagine that you accept of-late been remunerated as the vigor elevation specialist by a abundant crew to coordinate their effectsite well-behavedness program. You are the principal vigor elevation specialist eternally remunerated by this crew in this volume. This lie was imagined by the principal of the crew owing she of-late recognize an expression in a repository that said effectsite well-behavedness programs can boost avail. The crew is doing well-behaved-behaved overall financially, but the principal has concerns that effecter travel, vigor insurance costs, and employee morale are forcible avail. She thinks a crew well-behavedness program can acceleration harangue these issues. Your superintendent is the leader of Human Resources. He does not accept a setting in vigor elevation and direction or effectsite well-behavedness and is relying on you to imagine their program from the plea up. Your superintendent has asked you to imagine a bountiful program guile scheme to yield to the consultation of leaders for praise and present a three to five searching offer to the consultation respecting your guile. You accept been presentn a $50,000 temporary budget to use to imagine your program. You should economize the gratified from your weeks 2 and 3 discussions cognate to the selfselfsame scenario to acceleration you ad your guile. Your developed yielding should be an express guile that you would yield to a consultation of leaders for consequence and a video (via YouTube or a screencast) offer to the consultation.

To commence, you should excellent a crew for which you are falsely launched as the account for your guile. This can be an imagined or authentic crew. Your guile should understand a petty address of the crew, the employees, and how your effect as the vigor elevation specialist is integrated into the crew. (Remember to quote your sources suitably if you economize knowledge from an express crew.) You accept been supposing (fictitious) needs impost Preview the instrumentfacts respecting the crew employees, and you should use it as the account for the guile you procure imagine. Your guile should understand an segregation of how the facts supports your incomplete program constituents.

Please transcribe your assignment as a program guile that you would expressly yield to the consultation (id. Not as a sufficient academic Nursing Dissertation. Your program guile should understand the program band-arms proposition, at lowest three program appearances, at lowest two concretes cognate to each appearance (so at lowest six concretes sum), and at lowest one intervention/strategy/activity cognate to each concrete. For each appearance, concrete, and intervention/strategy/activity, agree a petty rationale for why you understandd this in the guile. Your guile must as-well understand after a whilehold evaluation strategies. For each concrete and intervention/strategy/activity, you should understand at lowest two evaluation constituents (so at lowest 12 evaluation constituents sum). Illustrate each evaluation constituent and how the facts for each constituent procure be cool. Lastly, understand a budget (one page listing all expenditures) and a budget rationale that illustrates each budget succession item. The budget should evidently delineate how you procure bestow the coin. Your sum budget may not exceed $50,000.

Your developed written guile should:


  • Describe the crew and its employees
    • Analyze the results from employee vigor needs impost
    • Apply the employee vigor needs impost results to the guile
  • Explain the role of the employee well-behavedness program
    • Create a well-behavedness program band-arms proposition
  • Develop and vindicate employee well-behavedness program appearances (x3)
    • Develop and vindicate employee well-behavedness program concretes (x2 per appearance)
    • Develop and illustrate employee well-behavedness program concrete-level evaluation constituents (x2 per concrete)
    • Develop and vindicate program initiative/strategy/activity (at lowest one per concrete)
    • Develop and illustrate initiative/strategy/activity-level evaluation constituents (x2 per initiative/strategy/activity)
  • Create a program budget
    • Justify the budget after a while a budget rationale


Then, using the written guile you imagined as a account, imagine a three to five searching video or screencast* of you presenting the guile to the consultation of leaders for praise. Imagine your offer correspondently as you would if you were doing it “live” in face of the consultation of leaders of the crew. Understand a combine to your video or screencast in your developed yielding. The offer should:

  • Describe your job as vigor elevation specialist and what your role in the crew is
  • Explain the needs impost you conducted and what the results implied (from supposing results)
  • Summarize the key points of your guile

The Worksite Wellness Program Guile and Video Presentation

  • The written guile should be closely eight to 12 pages in protraction (not including address and relation pages) and formatted in a fashion that would resort to the target reception. Economize APA fashion as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center as after a whilehold.
  • The written guile must understand a unconnected address page after a while the following:
    • Title of Nursing Dissertation
    • Student’s designate
    • Course designate and number
    • Instructor’s designate
    • Date yieldted
  • The written guile must use at lowest five skilled sources in abstracted to the progress quotation.
  • The written guile must instrument all sources in APA fashion as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
  • The written guile must understand a unconnected relation page that is formatted according to APA fashion as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
  • The video offer must be three to five searchings in protraction.

*Note: Your offer can be imagined using screencast software on your computer, the camera and microphone on your computer or handheld plan, or the articulation recording functions after a whilein a offer program (relish PowerPoint). Please see the declaration posted in Week 2 for past knowledge on how to imagine conducive offers using one of these methods.