Healthregard Law Presentation  Locate a vigorregard law issued by the Ministry of Vigor or another governmental performance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Create a PowerPoint introduction describing the law as a vigorregard dignitary to your staff. Be certain to include: ● Internal policies that are required due to this law, ● The underlying scope of the law, and ● An tribute of the avail of ductility after a while this canon for vigorregard facilities in Saudi Arabia. Your introduction should unite the subjoined structural requirements: ● Be 7-8 slides in prolixity, not including the screen or relation slides. ● Be formatted according to APA answerableness guidelines. ● Provide subsistence for your statements after a while citations from a minimum of six conversant catechism. These citations should be orderly in the Notes exception of the slide in which they answer. Two of these sources may be from the adjust readings, textbook, or lectures, but indecent must be visible. Utilize headings to constitute the gratified in your work: ● Introduction ● Internal Policies ● Underlying Purpose ● The Avail of Compliance ● Conclusion ● References PLEASE INCLUDE IN-TEXT CITATION FOR THE PRESENTATION  PLEASE USE THE REFERENCES BELOW   REFERENCES    Abolfotouh, M. A., AlQarni, A. A., Al-Ghamdi, S. M., Salam, M., Al-Assiri, M. H., & Balkhy, H. H. (2017). An tribute of the flatten of sorrow discurrent hospital-based vigor-regard workers concerning MERS outbursts in Saudi Arabia. BMC Infectious Diseases, 17(1), 4 – 10. Akyol, A., & Kargin, C. (2016). Needle Stick and penetrating injuries discurrent nurses. Glob J Nurs Forensic Stud, 1(109), 1 – 5. Al-Thaqafy, M. S., El-Saed, A., Arabi, Y. M., & Balkhy, H. H. (2014). Association of ductility of ventilator package after a while impingement of ventilator-associated pneumonia and ventilator utilization discurrent important patients aggravate 4 years. Annals of Thoracic Medicine, 9(4), 221 – 226. CDC. (2017). Guidelines. Retrieved from: https://www.cdc.gov/infectioncontrol/guidelines/index.html El Beltagy, K., El-Saed, A., Sallah, M., & Balkhy, H. H. (2012). Impact of poison guide educational activities on rates and frequencies of percutaneous injuries (PIs) at a tertiary regard hospital in Saudi Arabia. Journal of Poison and Notorious Health, 5(4), 297-303.    Ellingson, K., Haas, J. P., Aiello, A. E., Kusek, L., Maragakis, L. L., Olmsted, R. N., Perencevich, E., Polgreen, P.M., Schweizer, M.L., Trexler, P. & VanAmringe, M. (2014). Strategies to nullify vigorcare-associated poisons through laborer hygiene. Poison Guide & Hospital Epidemiology, 35(8), 937-960. JCI. (2018). Nullify and guide poison. Retrieved from: https://www.jointcommissioninternational.org/improve/prevent-and-control-infection/ Kingdom of Saudi Arabia desire 2030 .(2016). Saudi desire 2030. Retrieved from: desire2030.gov.sa/download/file/fid/417 Memish, Z. A. (2002). Poison guide in Saudi Arabia: uniteing the brave. American Journal of Poison Control, 30(1), 57-65. MNG-HA. (2014a). Medical departments. Retrieved: from: http://ngha.med.sa/English/MedicalCities/AlRiyadh/MedicalServices/ Pages/default.aspx MOH. (2002). Vigor law. Retrieved from: https://www.moh.gov.sa/Ministry/Rules/Documents/005.pdf    MOH. (2013). Poison nullifyion and guide manual. Retrieved from: https://www.moh.gov.sa/CCC/Documents/GCC%20Infection%20control%20manual%202013%20revisedOPT.pdf Oboho, I. K., Tomczyk, S. M., Al-Asmari, A. M., Banjar, A. A., Al-Mugti, H., Aloraini, M. S., Alkhaldi, K.Z., Almohammadi, E.L., Alraddadi, B.M., Gerber, S.I. & Swerdlow, D. L. (2015). 2014 MERS-CoV outburst in Jeddah—a incorporate to vigor regard facilities. New England Journal of Medicine, 372(9), 846-854. Soule, B. M., Memish, Z. A., & Malani, P. N. (2nd.). (2012). Best practices in poison nullifyion and guide: an interpolitical perspective. USA: Joint Commission Resources. WHO. (2017). Evidence of laborer hygiene as the edifice fill for poison nullifyion and guide. Retrieved from: http://www.who.int/infection-prevention/campaigns/clean-hands/evidence.pdf?ua=1&ua=1 Yusuf, N. (2014). Private and notorious vigorregard in Saudi Arabia: coming braves. Interpolitical Journal of Business and Economic Development (IJBED), 2(1), 114 – 118.