Graphical Analysis Techniques & Examples of Graphical Analysis Techniques in Research

Week 2 Discussions and Required Resources

Part 1 and Part 2 must be at lowest 150 - 200 signification eventual otherwise

Part 1: Graphical Decomposition Techniques 

There are strengths and weaknesses to graphical decomposition elimination techniques. For this argument, prepare by reviewing the technique of graphical decomposition in your textbook. Then, custody this technique in impetus, discover the subjoined quotes:

· “Errors using uneven postulates are greatly hither than those using no postulates at all.”—Charles Babbage

· “Statistics is the experience of alteration.”—Douglas M. Bates (1985)

· “All models are evil-doing, but some models are profitable.”—George E. P. Box (1979)

· The principal forces are those when you see the outcome pop up in a graph or in your statistics decomposition - that force you effectuate you recognize bigwig no one else does and you get the preference of thinking environing how to judge them.—Emily Oster

Also investigate the subjoined ways to find a graph misconducting from Misleading Graphs - (Passy, 2012):

· “Vertical layer is too big or too paltry.

· Perpendicular axis skips quantity, or does not set-on-foot at naught.

· Graph is not labeled emendly.

· Graph does not keep a appellation to teach what it is environing.

· Postulates is left out.

· Layer not set-on-footing at naught.

· Layer made in very paltry units to find graph face very big.

· Layer values or labels privation from the graph.

· Inemend layer placed on the graph.

· Pieces of a pie chart are not the emend dimensions.

· Oversized volumes of objects that are too big for the perpendicular layer differences they indicate.

· Dimension of images used in pictographs entity incongruous for the incongruous categories entity graphed.

· Graph entity a non-standard dimension or outline.”

Based on the overhead quotes, parallel after a while this week’s assigned discoverings and Instructor Guidance, collate graphical decomposition after a while leading decomposition (a technique you explored decisive week), and sift-canvass why graphical decomposition is material in elimination. Finally, portray guidelines for using graphical tools to introduce notice palpably and effectively.

Part 2: Examples of Graphical Decomposition Techniques in Research

Locate an pattern of a elimination con-over that uses graphs and/or tables in its decomposition. Teach what this statistical technique allows the eliminationers to shape and/or argue in the con-over. Note: Graphic introduceations are most repeatedly plant in the Results individuality of a con-over. 

Required Resources


Lind, D. A., Marchal, W. G., & Wathen, S. A. (2017). Statistical techniques in profession and economics. (17th ed.). Retrieved from

The textbook is determined.

· Chapter 2: Describing Data: Frequency Tables, Frequency Distributions, and Graphic Presentation

· Chapter 4: Describing Data: Displaying and Exploring Data


Passy. (2012, March 13). Misleading graphs . Retrieved from

· This period provides notice environing graph techniques repeatedly used by twain advertisers and the instrument to misconduct viewers. It earn co-operate-with you in your Graphical Decomposition Techniques argument this week.