Grand Canyon Bio-500 – As A Health Care Professional

Topic 6DQ 1As a health care professional in public health, compare when you would use hypothesis testingand when you would use regression. . Topic 6 DQ 2If a regression line (linear regression line) is said to &quot,fit&quot, the data presented in a scatter plot, whatrelation is minimized between the observed data, y, and the predicted output for the regressionline?Topic 7 DQ 1As a health care professional in public health, describe some examples that demonstrate theimportance of interaction of variables in a two-way analysis of variance. Topic 7 DQ 2 Explain why computing a variance of several numbers is like analyzing their differences. Topic 8 DQ 2Discuss the advantages of nonparametric tests. Topic 8 DQ 1Discuss the differences between parametric and nonparametric tests.

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