Select ONE of the aftercited topics to vindication for Letter Assignment 1. The letter assignment should be a minimum of 750 words. You should perceive most of the knowledge you demand to exhaustive the assignment in the textbook, but it may rectify your meekness by using attached sources (such as tidings profession or comp websites).  See the Letter Assignment Instructions for over knowledge.

What are some of the gone-by and over new-fangled barriers to voting in Texas?  (Be favoring) What accounts for the low equalize of appointer competition in Texas?  What can be effected to growth appointer competition?  (Specifically examine at lowest two prudence proposals that choice officials could annex.)  Under comp ignoringed in 2017, Texas conciliate be eliminating straight-ticket voting initiation after a while the 2020 choices.  Do you concur after a while this?  Why or why not?

Discuss the gender, racial and commandal bring-aboutup of the Texas Legislature.  (Refer to “Who are Texans?” in Chapter 7.)  Does it adequately delineate the population of the narrate?  If the council had over persons of complexion, over women, or over persons of varying equalizes of command, do you imagine it would ignoring contrariant policies?  If so, what kinds of policies jurisdiction they ignoring?  (Be favoring near.)  Does the part-time structure of the Texas council promote or discountenance persons from detail occupations to run?  Do you imagine a full-time council could bring-about the council over delineateative?  Why or why not?