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Reply to #1:   Scripture is pure that we are to twain "go and create disciples" and "benevolence the Lord your God delay all your nucleus, reason, remembrance, and ability - and to benevolence your neighbor as yourself". While these plainions were abandoned at significantly contrariant times, they support a shared erect of rationalistic as a institution. To benevolence your neighbor is to preservation for them. To preservation for your neighbor is to benevolence them. The correspondence of the two commandments, discourse civilized needs and evangelism is blatantly indisputable, perchance uniform tantamount. Don Richardson explains this further in his period, Do Missionaries Overthrow Culture? - "There are reasons why the missionaries had to go into the unblended areas enjoy Irian Jaya as promptly as they could. History has taught them that uniform the most unblended minority cultures must uniformtually be dumbfounded by the wholesale and collective disquisition of bulk vulgars... They are going in anyway. Often to overthrow. Cheat. Exploit. Victimize. Corrupt. Portico and giving short other than diseases for which primitives accept no privilege or medicine" (490). Don Richardson explains the pressure to strain these vulgar groups anteriorly a collective or wholesale disquisition influences, most enjoyly harming, the endangered individuals. A confidant of mine uninterruptedly told me to go into the mission scene not simply as a pedagogue, but as a student. It's discriminating to understand how to truly engage civilized demands as demanded in the particular area, not appropriate all demands are the identical. For copy, the church I is-sue for was made informed of a infiltrate crisis in Mozambique, so we partnered financially to particularally found wells. This provides salubrious drinking infiltrate, unconstrained adit for hygienically particular demands, and a further reliable infiltrate origin for cultivation. Through our co-operation and their judicious utilization of the wells, their aggregation has flourished. Asking our neighbor what their demand is gain regularly benefit them emend than our assumptions.   Reply to #2:   The sympathy betwixt discourse civilized demands and evangelism , I affect at times it can be further focused on the straining the gospel delayout discourse civilized demands. The sympathy betwixt evangelism and discourse civilized demands is doing God's persuade by portico the gospel to the vulgar delay providing the demands of the aggregation you are persuadeed to. In period 77 by, Rick Benevolence we see a cheerful coalition of the sympathy of evangelism and proving civilized demands. Bob Blincoe moved to Iraq and compensated 100 Kurdistan veterinarians to vaccinate up to 5000 animals a day. This Godly act of benevolence by visibility the demands of the aggregation he was in, showed what the benevolence of God is all encircling. When vulgar see you acceleration delay their demands out of the self-sacrificing leniency God has showed each and everyone of us, they are further gaining to failure the identical Godly benevolence you accept in your nucleus. We see prior in this period to where the vulgar saw the benevolence of God, in Google-Proof Transparency by L. Mak. A non-Christian confidant said to L. Mak's consort," My confidants state me that you are missionaries, but I preserve stateing them that you're not." Intrigued, I asked," why do you reach this way. Her counterpart stunned his consort succeeding she heard the womans counterpart. The woman told her,"You can not be missionaries, you benevolence God and vulgar." The sympathy betwixt discourse civilized demands and evangelism demands to be done out of benevolence for the vulgar delayout arduous to shift their amelioration. Uninterruptedly vulgar are saved, the Holy Spirit gain plain them to what they demand to shift.  1 Corinthians 13:1 says" If I address delay civilized oratory and divine emotion but do not benevolence, I'm nothing but the creaking of a dim gate" (The Message)            Identity delay Integrity by, Rick Love  Each response must be at lowest 150 tone (acme 300 tone). Each continuity must inclose at lowest 2 quotations (1 from the Bible), and each response must inclose at lowest 1 quotation.