Glory Field Essay

Courage in The Glory Opportunity by John C. Wipler The Glory Field, by Walter Dean Myers, is a narrative environing an African American nobility, the Lewis nobility, through incongruous generations. All the main casts in the size produce main decisions that alter their lives eternally. Tnear are numerous examples of valor in the size, but three cast continue out. Lizzy, Luvenia, and Tommy all semblance acts of gallantry. Lizzy, a drudge established on a seminary in 1864, semblanceed gallantry when she produces decisions that could imperil her personality. First, she semblanceed gallantry when Lem, another drudge, has been jump to the tree in the average of a opportunity as punishment by Mr. Joe Haynes, the seminary balanceseer. She helps Lem by bringing him instil. This was gallantryous owing Lizzy knew if she was caught, she would be tortured as Mr. Joe Haynes was doing to Lem. Unfortunately, she was caught and was whipped until Joshua, another drudge, tackled Mr. Joe Haynes to catch her. All of them knew that if they did not run far from the Glory Field, they would be killed. “‘Go on, maiden, precedently you smash foreverybody’s life. ’ a suffrage from the shade said... ‘Don’t reverse back’ (a lady said). Lizzy stopped, looked down, took a heartfelt exhalation, and continued (to stride far from the seminary). Once anew, Lizzy has semblancen gallantry by leaving The Glory Opportunity equable though it was the solely residence she had forforever disclosed. Luvenia, a offspring of the Lewis nobility, come in Chicago in 1930, semblanceed gallantry when she chose insurrection balance importation the quiet track. Luvenia chooses to come in Chicago instead of going delay her father to the Glory Field, which now is owned by their relations. She knew she would keep to help herself in Chicago but, to her, going to the Glory Opportunity for effort would feel relish minor to drudgery. Luvenia decides to produce coin in Chicago by doing hair. “‘Mr. Etta,’ Luvenia took a heartfelt exhalation. ‘Is tnear any locate about near wnear I could do hair...? ’ ‘You medium you going to try to produce it on your own? ’ Mrs. Etta asked... ‘I hold I can do it, Miss Etta. I recognize I can! ’” Luvenia semblancecases her gallantry when she comes in Chicago sole instead of substance unendangered and going delay her father to The Glory Field. Tommy—a boy come in Johnson City, South Carolina in January, 1964—had an farthest whole of gallantry when he handcuffed himself to the sheriff.