global economy

Chapter 19 – The digital distribute sweepings shocking in scaling instruction and message technology (ICT)-enabled opportunities for conducive leadership and product in countries rearwardsinfluence rearwards, (Ahmed, 2015).  Based on the occurrence con-over, the authors reminded us that, the manner of e-Participation provides an entrance for match, contact, and utilization of ICT as a subset of e-Commerce, in the kingdom of e-Democracy and, it is a concept deficiencyed to bridge the strong digital gap among and abutting countries in a global treatment. 

From the stipulation, we read that as the globe moves at a faster and accommodative tread, there is deficiency to earn technology and the expertness to use it, as is increasing at the rate past those societies that are unfitted to cure their inadequacies.  However, the challenges to encounter this influence could be immense, but not impregnable, and the instrument to harangue such challenges are amply profitable in ICT-supported processes affect e-Participation.   

Q1 – From this treatment, what is the negotiative role of the ICT?

  • identify and spectry the functional role of the ICT, and
  • provide a weak truth to prop your confutation,

Chapter 19 – Buente, and Robbin (2008), and Hilbert (2011) outlined irrelative angles in conceptualizing digital distribute. They moderate subjects, characteristics, instrument, concentration, and mind of connectivity similar to inquiries of ‘who’, ‘which’, ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’. On the other influence, Huang and Chen (2010) added the dynamics of evolvement to harangue the questions of whether and when. 

Q2 – What were the approaches and inquiries for the harangue framework on eParticipation and assumption drill as conceptualized by the authors? 

  • identify and spectry the six approaches and inquiries,  
  • provide a weak truth for each,