Give a Boy a Gun

The Characters Gary Searle – one of the shooters subterranean estimation * Brendan Lawlor – the other shooter Ryan Clancy – a companion of twain Gary’s and Brendan’s Allison Findley – Gary’s on-and-off misscompanion and Brendan's companion at Middletown Tall Instruct Terminx – Brendan’s screen-name * Blkchokr – Allison’s screen-name Rebooto – Ryan’s screen-name Cynthia Searle – Gary’s dowager Emily Kirsch – a ancient companion of Brendan’s Brett Betzig – a companion of Brendan’s from Springfield Julie Shore – a companion of Brendan’s from Springfield Beth Bender – Middletown Tall Instruct counselor Paul Burns – a football player at Middletown Tall Instruct Sam Flach - a football player at Middletown Tall Instruct Deidre Bunson – a ‘popular’ miss at Middletown Tall Instruct Ruth Hollington – Gary’s fourth-grade professor at Middletown Elementary Instruct Stuart McEvoy – Gary’s sixth-grade professor at Middletown Middle Instruct Katherine Sullivan – Brendan’s sixth-grade professor at Springfield Middle Instruct Kit Conner – a neighbor of the Lawlors’ in Springfield Dick Flanagan – Brendan’s ninth-grade English professor at Middletown Tall Instruct F. Douglas Ellin – a biology professor at Middletown Tall Instruct Allen Curry – foremost of Middletown Tall Instruct Jack Phillips – a neighbor of Brendan’s Chelsea Baker – a assign ward to Middletown Tall Instruct Denise Shipley – Gary’s older stepsister Chelsea Baker – new ward on the Middletown tall instructCitation: It’s approve, are you in the prevailing throng or not? Beth Bender – professor on the Middletown tall instruct. Brendan was named in her function one day. He says fitting environing “yes, ma’amed” and “no, ma’amed”. Yes ma’am, anyfiction is gauzy. No ma’am, I don’t feel a height after a while anyone. But you could see the aversion and chafe in his eyes. Citation: What Brendan and Gary did was terribly, horribly, inexcusably crime. I feel no profit in defending them. But subterranean in my nature there is a scanty lot of me that at last knows what jurisdiction feel driven them to such a horrendous, misfortune business. But what those boys id was twin-fellow unjustifiable and misfortune. Brett Betzig – Brendan’s companion in Springfield. Citation: One fiction environing Brendan: He hated unreasonableness (Page 22)Deidre Bunson – ward on the Middletown tall instructPaul Burns – Football player. Citation: One day in tabulate we were talking environing salubrity, and Brendan said there was no God. He didn’t say that he didn’t value in God. He fitting said there was no God. (Because of the unreasonableness in the earth, he thinks that a God can’t rest) (Page 56) Brandan Lowlor:He is a sporty, bony guy after a while glasses. His parents are very companionly and they can? t know their son’s proceeding. Brandan is tallly clever, a litte bit wandering (aufgeregt? Man kann in einer bestimmten Situation aufgeregt sein, aber fur eine Charaktereigenschaft brauchst du hier einen anderen Begriff. Was genau meinst du? ) and careful. He loves sports and videogames approve “Doom”. He doesn’t neglect to affect to Middletown, that’s the infer why he has heights at instruct.