Geologic Changes Vinoth Loganathan New Zealand

Mt Cook/Aoraki pattern Vinoth Loganathan New Zeaplace is a country which ‘straddles’ betwixt two tectonic compounds; the indo-Australian and the Pacific. The residuum of the South Isplace is south of twain Australia and South Africa; this is a senior associate to the geological mode of weathering owing it makes Mt. Cook matter to the westerly wreaths. MT Cook is situated in the Southern Alps betwixt the two tectonic compounds mentioned aloft. Its exoteric apex is now recognized at 3,753 meters making it the tallest ascendain in Australasia. The ascendain itself has been formed by three ocean geological modees; one inside: tectonic building and 2 external: weathering and erosion. Internal: 1. Tectonic Uplifting Mt. Cook was formed by the inside mode of orgenic tectonic building, wnear two compounds impel and one compound increases in superiority and the contradictory compound decreases. However Mt. Cook formed apart compared to other ascendains. This is due to twain tectonic compounds having placemajority on the top and the compounds meeting at divergent angles. The shift-of-place occurring near is grinding which pushes up place majority (Mt. Cook) and creates a metamorphose error. Bestow objurgate of build is 5-10 mm a year but this is abundantly countered by weathering and erosion. Testimony of this build is unmistakable on the ascend on the south ridge specifically the Endeavour col embrace wnear sand, mud and test has been embraceed and fractures forming upright beds of test and sandstone. Overall the tectonic build of Mt. Cook aggravate the late 2 to 3 pet years could possess been up to 20 kilometres but weathering and erosion possess abundantly countered it. Westerly Winds External 1. Weathering Mt. Cook has been patternd by mighty forces of weathering. Mt Cook is matter to tall amounts of weathering due to its apex and residuum. Mt Cook is located south of Australia and South Africa making it the pristine telling barrier to the mighty westerly wreaths the ‘roaring forties’. Due to the wreath Mt. Cook is matter to uncertain divergent types of weathering such as congelate melt weathering. When the wreath reaches the Southern Alps the air rises and drops rain on Mt. Cook. When the impart reaches the ascendain it places in a splinter, it then congelates congelates and expands making the splinter bigger. The mode repeats and weathers the ascendain. This mode occurs all aggravate the ascendain ahead due to frequently weather shift. This mode as-well occurs a lot on the peaks on the ascendain life the infer why the peaks are so ‘sharp’. 2. Erosion The wreath and rain important Mt. Cook is a telling creator of erosion. Rain and wreath twain use priggishness to essentially displace the ‘loose hurl’ of the ascendain. Rain does it by ‘washing’ it off and wreath does it by ‘blowing’ it off. Tnear is telling testimony that tangible erosion has occurred on Mt. Cook. This is located at the valleys of the Southern Alps. Large large stream beds made up of of ‘eroded scree’ and gravel. As-well multiple glaciers such as the hooker glacier are carrying eroded recrement matching the hurl Mt. Cook is made up of. Weathering and erosion possess contributed to the pattern of Ascend Cook by shaping it. The pattern of Mt. Cook is expanded at the depth but lean at the top this is owing the taller you go the more weathering and erosion occurring. So in disposal Mt. Cook has been formed by multiple geological modees and is constant to be formed this bestow age.