Geography Coursework – Methodology – Centre Of Leeds’ CBD

For my geography device I visited Leeds to try and invent the economic capital of the CBD of Leeds. I needed to collate fix use basis as this would succor me canvass the primeval of my hypotheses which is the adjacenter to the capital of the CBD, the loftyer the erections as I enumerateed the summits of erections in my area on the geography arena bound and following a while the classs basis of the erection summit of the integral CBD. So I would own needed to enumerate the pedestrian career as this would succor me canvass the promote of my hypotheses which is there accomplish be a surpassing book of pedestrians adjacenter the capital of the CBD .The basis collateion area was adjacent the capital of Leeds CBD as I collateed my basis about Briggate as the behalf of the Leeds CBD is adjacent the lofty function erections. < a map to semblance the erections that our class had enumerateed in our balance B2 and semblances enumerateed balance > The two pieces of special basis that I collateed was: 1. intercourse enumerate 2. Environmental description tribute The two pieces of class basis we collateed was: 1. Pedestrian career 2. Fix use 3. Erection summit The special promoteary basis that I accomplish be collateing is: 1. Fix values The erection of the day was that we were going to rive the day into two halves. We collateed the class basis in the morning and the special basis in the followingnoon so we had greatly further occasion to collate our special basis. Group basis For our class basis we rive the CBD into grid balances and two mass were binding for proceedingsing the erection summit and fix use for the erections in the attached area and to do indecent pedestrian careers and we did the pedestrians career beyond the Town Hall on Westgate. We did this so we could cover further area and consequently the basis collateion techniques had to be the selfselfselfsame throughout the integral year. For the class basis we conducive the Pedestrian career in a positive area at indecent contrariant occasions so we conducive of the erection summit of the erections in my classs balance and started proper following we got out off the coach. So we did fix use of the erections for this we conducive what detail use a erection would be. We put lore on a map of Leeds that sod for archearchemark of the erection e.g. a=commerce, b =administration etc. All the basis in the Class Basis was to be shared among all the classs. < The vision on the left to semblances my balance which was B2 and the vision on the proper semblances the erection we had to canvass> Building Height To collate basis for erection summit I worked following a while a coadjutor and we enumerateed the enumerate of windows of each erection in our grid and used this as the summit, we did this owing we didn't own the occasion or equipment to appraise the proper summits. We then collateed the integral of the year's basis and own a good-natured-natured enumerate of erections from each grid to see where the loftyest erections are so the Erection Summit was fairly comforconsideration at occasions as you had to enumerate the foots on the beyond of the erections, but there were problems enumerateing the erection summit as we combined not to enumerate the cellars, but some erections on slopes had cellars at the tail and cause foots at the face of the erections and we did not combine to enumerate these aswell. Pedestrian career We remarkable out indecent sharp-ends on our maps equivalent asunder asunder and took enumerates of mass who by us. One of our span enumerateed proper to left and the other enumerateed left to proper so we could efficiently proceedings everyone. We went to the Town Hall on Westgate and we enumerateed the enumerate of pedestrians who were walking either in or out of the CBD. We design this was an unreal to do our pedestrian enumerate as we were adjacent the behalf of the CBD, so it was an unreal situate to enumerate the enumerate of pedestrians walking in and out of the CBD. Land Use For this we used the cause foot fix use of each erection on our maps; we had positive categories and we put them in the ones which best easy the fix use. We did this owing the categories gave an subject of the archearchemark of fix and what it was used for. We then collateed them following a while the tranquillity of the year's basis on a basisbase to see the contrariant fix uses about the CBD. We had assiduous in the fix use of the erections in a consideration which has all the enumerate of the erections. I gard that the sum of categories that manner out the erections was the proper sum owing if there were further categories it would own made it further involved to organise the Fix use on GIS, if there was hither categories then it would own made it constrained to organise the contrariant archetypes of erections in the categories. Luckily we had successfully had no problems classifying the erections into contrariant categories. Individual basis For special basis I collateed raw basis for the two options I chose. I did this by going plump Leeds CBD and proceedingsing the basis. In the promote separate of the day we did Special Data. I did 10 environmental description tributes and I did 2 intercourse enumerates as they took 5 minutes each and the environmental description tributes were incompact about the Leeds CBD. <Showing the integral map of Leeds CBD> Environmental description scrutinize I did abundant of these all about the CBD of Leeds as I had manufactured 10 environmental description tributes and I had manufactured abundant of these adjacent the capital of the CBD as my examination is to invent the capital of the CBD of Leeds. I did abundant of the environmental description tributes about the capital of the CBD (which I gard it is adjacent or on Briggate) and I did the tranquillity of the environmental description tribute sheets about the behalfs of the CBD. The argue I did the scrutinize in contrariant areas of the CBD was to see the destruction of the description of the environment throughout the CBD of Leeds. I so design that this scrutinize was great as the capital of the CBD is deemed to own the best description of environment in the integral CBD of Leeds. As the consideration semblances this is not gentleman and the cleanest area is in Gourmet Pizzeria, St Paul's Street. < Shows the Description of environmental scrutinize I used> Traffic enumerate Our class did the Intercourse enumerate in a assiduous residuum. We did our intercourse on Bishopgate Street, moreover Leeds Train position. The argue of us choosing the residuum was owing it was at the behalf of the CBD import the intercourse that we had enumerateed had been going in and out of the CBD. We did 3 intercourse enumerates at contrariant occasions but at the selfselfselfsame residuum as we wanted to see the modify of the intercourse career throughout the day. In our intercourse enumerate we had enumerateed all the vehicles that came byed the route, cars, buses, taxis e.t.c. The most sum of intercourse that had end spent our sharp-end (the leading enumerate of vehicles an hour) was at 2.30 pm and there was 1524 Vehicles an hour.