GEOE 357 Colorado State University Distribution of Hydrocarbon Production Project

Can you aid me learn this Geology doubt?

This is a geology contrivance and in ordain to to do this contrivance you must possess attainments in geology and polite logs. This contrivance is made out six magnitude. I did immodest out of the six magnitude. You conquer possess to do magnitude five and six. I conquer upload all the files that you deficiency and conquer aid you.

- pristine man you deficiency to do is incline to the description video

- Ones you confirm the exculpation I conquer present you my breach for the pristine immodest magnitude

- Magnitude 5 and 6 are character of a conceptual doubts exculpation them using (Word)

- Video are too bulky. I conquer contract them and grant them to you ones you confirm the doubt