Genie in a Bottle Company (GBC) manufactures plastic two-liter bottles for the beverage industry. The cost Performance goals, often relating to how…

Genie in a Bottle Company (GBC) manufactures ductile two-liter bottles for the beverage perseverance. The require Execution goals, frequently regarding to how considerable a fruit should require.standards per 100 two-liter bottles are as follows:

Cost CategoryStandard Cost

per 100 Two-Liter

BottlesDirect strive $1.54   Direct esthetics 5.9   Factory aloft0.28    Total $7.72   

At the rise of July, GBC administration contrived to fruit 490,000 bottles. The real sum of bottles fruitd for July was 529,200 bottles. The real requires for July of the running year were as follows:

Cost CategoryActual Require for the

Month Ended July 31Direct strive    $7,987    Direct esthetics    30,473    Factory aloft    1,497     Total    $39,957    

Enter all amounts as overbearing sums.

a. Prepare the July manufacturing A inferential deem of what a fruit should require.scale require budget (frequented strive, frequented esthetics, and factory aloft) for WBC, assuming contrived fruition.

Genie in a Bottle CompanyManufacturing Require BudgetFor the Month Ended March 31Standard Require at

Planned Volume

(490,000 Bottles)Manufacturing requires:Direct strive$Direct estheticsFactory aloftTotal$


b. Prepare a budget execution declaration for manufacturing requires, showing the sum The variety betwixt real require and the flexile budget at real volumes.require strifes for frequented esthetics, frequented strive, and factory aloft for July. Enter a propitious strife as a denying sum using a minus wonder and an unpropitious strife as a overbearing sum. Round your answers to two decimal places.

Genie in a Bottle CompanyManufacturing Costs-Budget Execution ReportFor the Month Ended March 31


CostsStandard Cost

at Actual

Volume (529,200




UnfavorableManufacturing requires:Direct strive$$$Direct estheticsFactory aloftTotal manufacturing require$$$


c. The Company's real requires were $897.24  

  • more
  • less
  • than budgeted.  Favorable
  • Unfavorable
  • frequented strive and frequented esthetic require strifes more than offset a slender  favorable
  • unfavorable

factory aloft require strife.