General Biology Ii Study Guide (Online Class)

Is the gametophyte step dominant in Bryophytes? Yes or No Most inserts entertain vascular construction; these compose the ________ inserts. Vascular Seeds can lie sleeping for sundry years. True Bryophytes are narrow owing they stagnation ______. Vascular Tissue Leaves extension the demeanor area for photosynthesis. True Seeds comprehend _____ delayin of a shieldive delude. Nutrient give, rudiment Angiosperms profit seeds that are frequently enclosed by _____. Fruit _____ transports instil in vascular insert. Xylem Pollen is usually extensively by _____. Wind A ________________ is an rudiment and nutrients begirt by a shieldive delude. Seed Which phylum includes ferns? Phylum Pterophyta ________________ are organs that anchor vascular inserts. Roots What is the destruction in multifariousness among a blueberry bush and a sink tree? Sink trees do not profit blossoms and profit seeds that are not enclosed by outcome. Blueberry bushes profit blossoms and profit seeds enclosed by outcome. Seedless vascular inserts reprofit via spores comprehended delayin seeds. False Experiment 2 in lab showed that _____. Plants assume up carbon dioxide. Non-vascular inserts are often denominated ______. Bryophytes Which phylum are the moss in? Bryophyta Bryophytes demand _____ for fertilization to befall. Water A fern is a seedless vascular insert. True Lab trial 1 for this week explicitly showed that _____. Aquatic inserts succeed profit gas when laagered to unconsidered. Gymnosperms do not profit seeds. False _____ transports sugars in vascular inserts. Phloem Describe two things that are sole to angiosperms that succor them in multifariousness. They entertain blossoms and the ability of "double fertilization". A ______ is a passageway for oxygen and carbon dioxide. They are holes in the underside of a leaf. toma (pl. stomata) Vascular construction provision is undeviatingly combineed to the stem’s ability for _______________ enlargement. Secondary Trichomes can shield a insert from predation by herbivores. True The principle construction cells denominated _____ cells are the most niggardly feignness of insert cell and heave out photosynthesis. Parenchyma Which segregate of the origin would you contemplate in if you wanted to furnish a cell going through mitosis (cell multifariousness)? Zone of cell division Which feignness of vascular construction allows the move of instil and nutrients from the origins to the leaves? Xylem What texture shields the origin as it pushes its way through the begrime? Origin cap All insert cells comprehend subordinate cell walls. False _______________ meristems are located at the tips of stems and origins. Apical Which feignness of insert construction is for shieldion? Dermal Which feignness of vascular construction carries sugars to all segregates of the insert. Phloem The fluctuate result of leaf provision is the most niggardly of the three feignnesss of leaf provision. True What are insert cell walls made of? Cellulose Vascular inserts entertain a entertain a properized circulation scheme moored of [x] and [y]. X=Xylem, Y=Phloem Which insert organ is a beet? Root Guard cells are binding for delaydrawal and inauguration the lenticellular maculation. False The clearance of instil fog from a insert is denominated ____. Transpiration Some husks of inserts plea?e without incessantly making continuity delay the begrime. True Which insert organ succors to anchor them in the begrime and retain instil and minerals? Roots Explain why the complexion newfangled tints in Trial #2 in the Insert Circulation lab. The rule of instil melting through the vascular construction of the insert. As the instil moved through the blossom it carried the dye delay it. Lateral meristems are institute in inserts that teach ____ enlargement. Secondary The member scheme consists of the underprinciple deal-outicipation of the insert. False Secondary enlargement is an extension in the _____ of the insert. Width or girth _____ are members of the phylum _____ and plea?e by _____. Sea anemones ... Cnidaria ... using pungent cells to restrain narrow carnals that throw too suppress to them Planarians stagnation dedicated respiratory and circulatory schemes owing none of their cells are far suppressd from the gastrovascular conconcavity or from the exterior environment owing they are mawkish. Annelids _____. entertain a hole that is detached from the anus and segments A sponge's structural materials (spicules, spongin) are constrained by the Amoebocytes In sponges which cell restrains buttress? Choanocyte or collar cell In most insects, gas substitute is wellbred by _____. A tracheal scheme delay spiracles, trachea, and tracheoles A place snail, a clam, and an octopus all distribute Membership in Phylum Mollusca A ocean differention of arthropods is _____. A chitinous exoskeleton and jointed appendages In arthropods, molting is certain owing _____. The impenetrable exoskeleton cannot expand. Humans most frequently realize trichinosis (corruption by Trichinella spiralis) by Eating undercooked pork Which of the subjoined define(s) echinoderms? Tubefeet agree motility in most reputation Which clade in the phylum Cnidaria includes "jellies" delay rounded (as divergent to boxlike) medusae? Scyphozoa Sponges are most accurately defined as Aquatic leak plea?eers Sponges stagnation _____. All of the inventoryed responses are amend. Consider the subjoined inventory of carnals: monster squid, globeworm, largehole bass, snail, tapeworm, coral, and notabilityfish The two that appertain to the selfselfselfsame phylum are the _____, and their phylum is _____. monster squid and snail ... Mollusca Corals are most suppressly combineed to which collection? Sea anemones Which epistle is pointing to the segregate of the blossom that attracts insects? H Which epistle is pointing to the stamen? A An unidentified reputation of carnal displegend the subjoined differentions: bilateral proportion, a wellbred digestive scheme, an unconcealed circulatory scheme, different association segmentation, it has six jointed walking legs, and it molts when it expands. To which of the subjoined carnal phyla does this reputation most mitigated appertain? Arthropoda Jellies and corals are members of the selfselfselfsame _____, all members of which _____. phylum ... entertain proper pungent cells on their tentacles A mundane mollusc without a shell would be denominated a _____. Slug Leeches are members of the phylum _____. Annelida Tapeworms are extremely properized worms that fabricate their plantation as endoparasites. To which of the subjoined phyla do the tapeworms appertain? Phylum Platyhelminthes Sponges plea?e by _____. Filtering narrow segregateicles from instil Read besides Lab 2 Biology An locomotive marine predator is institute possessing these differentions: a luckion of tentacles (prospect of them qualified from the sordid) on its gathering, a extremely open laconic scheme, and execute eyes. To which of the subjoined carnal adjustes does this organism most mitigated appertain? Cephalopoda List the indecent key differentions of chordates. Notochord Dorsal smoothness strength method Sinewy column anal retainer Pharyngeal slits What is the sole sole differention that distinguishes forthcoming birds from other forthcoming vertebrates? Feathers Most reptiles are ______ which media they cannot methodize their own association sky. Cold-blooded and ectothermic How would you enumerate the destruction among a reptile egg and a bird egg? The reptile egg succeed entertain a supple leathery shell and the bird egg succeed entertain a impenetrable shell. A sea notability is an invertebrate. True If an carnal has hair, plea?es its childish abate, an legend eggs it is a ______. monotreme platypus echidna spiny anteater Why is the amniotic egg considered an weighty evolutionary breakthrough? It allows indication of eggs in a mundane environment. Turtles are reptiles. True What is the ocean destruction among the skeleton of a shark and a trout? The shark has a skeleton made of cartilage, occasion a trout has a skeleton made of nuisance. Sharks are adjustified in which adjust? Chondrichthyes Birds _____. Warm-blooded Chordates entertain ___________ proportion. Bilateral The gill flap, or operculum, was an weighty answerableness for fish owing it succors delay _____. Maintaining a give of action Which of these differentions assumed most to vertebrate luck in relatively dry environments? The shelled, amniotic egg A frog is an invertebrate. False Amphibians can lay their eggs on place without misgiving of them drying out owing they lay eggs delay a supple shell. False The opossum is an specimen of a(n) _____ mammal. Marsupial Which of the subjoined carnals is an amphibian? Caecilian A kangaroo or an opossum is a ______. Marsupial All mammals _____. Nourish their outafter through mammary glands The swim bladder of ray-finned fishes Provides for practice of liveliness. Habitat forfeiture, the circulate of a fungal indisposition, clime qualify, and dirt are causing exact population declines and annihilation in _____. Amphibians Pick the specimen of the invertebrate chordate from the inventory underneath. Lancelet Some sharks are viviparous, which media that _____. The childish educe delayin the female’s association. Which of the six ocean feignnesss of combineive construction has a stark matrix that comprehends collagen and calcium salts? Bone In vertebrates the interval among cells if industrious delay adjust. False Tissues are moored of cells, and constructions operationing concomitantly fabricate up Organs __________ carnals breed fever by metabolism. Endothermic Food ruleing, parching, and arrangement in your association are oceanly wellbred by the _____ schemes. Digestive and circulatory Do hormone signals operations faster than strength signals? No Ligaments are what husk of combineive construction? A feignness of refractory combineive construction Positive plea?etail differs from disclaiming plea?etail in that The decisive plea?eback's effector responses are in the selfselfselfsame line as the initiating motive rather than inconsistent to it. Food moves along the digestive charge as the remainder of contractions by Smooth muscle Fibroblasts hide Proteins for combineive fibers Hormones _____. All of the inventoryed responses are amend. __________ is the con-over of the biological operations an organism performs. Physiology Endothermy Is a differention of carnals that entertain a fairly firm association sky What covers the without of the association and lines the organs and cavities delayin the association? Epithelial construction _____ plea?etail most undeviatingly oceantains homeostasis owing it _____. Disclaiming ... tends to suppress a scheme at a expedient "set point" Which of the subjoined are combineive constructions? Adipose construction, cartilage, nuisance, and adjust The cells plaster the air sacs in the lungs fabricate up a Simple squamous epithelium. Explain what happened to your egg or nuisance in lab this week, why it happened, and what principled it. The egg shell or nuisance yielding and became supple owing the calcium salts were suppressd from the egg shell or nuisance by the vinegar (soft spirited). Tendons combine nuisances at joints. False If we could solely heave out digestion but not parching we would die. True List the three ocean feignnesss of adimpartial vessels. Arteries, veins, and capillaries When you quiver your sinewy scheme is _____. Producing fever Interstitial insinuatey unintermittently it has entered the lymphatic vessels is denominated ____. Lymph Which scheme eliminates nitrogenous wastes from the association? Urinary scheme Which feignness of muscle is succeeding? Skeletal Wprospect manner training succeed do what for the skeleton? Strengthen it The organs that profit sperm are the ovaries. False. When your association needs calcium for the adimpartial where does it after from pretentious the victuals is illmatched? The nuisances or skeletal scheme. The organ smooth of structural construction afters precedently the construction smooth of structural construction. False The integration and instruct courage of the association is the _____. Convenient laconic scheme Which pigment is most binding for ebon husk tint? Melanin One operation of the integumentary scheme is to fabricate vitamin _____. D The tube that carrys into the lungs is denominated the ____. Trachea Which feignness of adimpartial vessel carries adimpartial separate from the core? Arteries Which feignness of muscle would drive buttress through the digestive charge? Smooth Place the subjoined regions of the husk in the amend adimpartial from top (most palpable) to foot (deepest). Epidermis, dermis, hypodermis List the two components of the convenient laconic scheme. Brain and spinal method The digestive rule halts on _____. Enzymes The kidneys are segregate of which scheme? Urinary The association scheme that results the exterior association envelope is denominated the ____ scheme. Integumentary What husks of cells does the skeletal scheme fabricate? Adimpartial cells The scheme that yield interstitial insinuatey tail to the adimpartial is the ___ scheme. Lymphatic The plea?er is segregate of the digestive scheme. True 139. Mammary glands are properized exudation glands that profit abate. True How are humans modifying the carbon cycle? Burning fossil fuels The phosphorous cycle halts on the weathering of ____. Rock Herbivores eat ____. Plants The nitrogen cycle relies heavily on ____. Bacteria Fertilizer use succeed modify the nitrogen cycle pit. True The competitive deprivation substance states that two reputation cannot accompany in a nationality if their niches are same. True Deforestation and herbicide use succeed extension the forfeiture of nutrients from the begrime. True Which feignness of consumer preys on the profitrs? Primary consumer Acid rain succeed suppress calcium from the begrime impartial feign it suppressd calcium from the egg or nuisance in lab. True What drives the global instil cycle? Solar soul Competition may expression the enlargement of twain reputation compromised. True A ______ includes all the organisms inhabiting a segregateicular area. Community The feignness of symbiotic similarity where one organism benefits and the other is not significantly forced is denominated ____. Commensalism The regular colonization of anatomical rocks is denominated _____. Primary luckion ________ may befall when a distributed device is expressioned. Competition Which of the subjoined trophic smooths would entertain the smallest population largeness? Tertiary consumer What two rulees does the carbon cycle halt on? Cellular respiration and photosynthesis Energy flows into ecosystems in the result of _____ and exits in the result of ______. Unconsidered soul, fever Which pH did the radish seeds expand best at? The radish seeds would entertain expandn best at a pH adjacent unavowed (pH 7) Predation can carry to answerablenesss feign _______ and ________ such as poisons. Camouflage and chemical bulwarks Food associations intercombine resulting _____. Buttress webs What rule is requisite for recycling nutrients in an ecosystem? Decomposition How plenteous of the soul stored at each trophic smooth is available to the proximate smooth? 10% Thorns and poisons are a bulwark opposite ______. Herbivores List the three feignnesss of symbiotic similaritys. Parasitism, commensalism, mutualism. Dams modify ecosystems twain upstream and downstream. True Which feignness of device cannot be replenished? Non-renewable _______ is the medley of conduct on globe. Biodiversity Wetlands leak dirt and expression flooding. True Modern cultivation practices narrow the forfeiture of ____. Topsoil Alien reputation in an area can principle ____. Extinction Popcorn trees are an specimen of an irrelevant reputation. True Desertification suppresss the sordid of the buttress association. True Light dirt can feign ecosystems. True ______ ______ profit greenhouse gases. Fossil Fuels