THE COMMON PATTERNS THAT I SAW ON MY GENEOGRAM AND HOW IT AFFECT WHO I AM TODAY Upon making and completing my Geneogram, the primary creature that I got to substantiate is that I am indeed prosperous delay my extraction. We potentiality not possess a lot of declarationals lawful affect other families but no one in our extraction, whether dame or senior edge has any spiritual issues or any addictions to everything. Also, there are no sour suppression delayin our extraction that potentiality possess resulted to any conflicts. Another vile exemplar that I saw is the vile declaration in our extraction. It is either engineering or nursing. This potentiality interpret as to why I chose engineering as a declaration. It is palpable that It is the vile declaration entity expertnessed in our extraction. Another telling exemplar that is palpable is the enumerate of effect each of my Tito/Tita possess. No one from any of my Tito/Tita has a enumerate of effect senior than three. This potentiality interpret why my dame and senior simply had two effect of their own. Also, another exemplar that is palpable is the age in which my cousins had effect. My geneogram results shows that no one from my cousins became a creator antecedently the attain 25. This potentiality besides in a way interpret as to why I quiet don’t possess effect of my own today. THINGS TO HEAL / CHANGE IN MY GENEOGRAM PATTERNS Even though my geneogram is entirely a typical, good-natured-natured geneogram of a typical extraction, there is one area of progress that I saw. There potentiality be slight areas to remedy or I withdrawaled to veer. That area is that we do not possess a exemplar our extraction that has a example or entrepreneurial enhancement. Most of my extraction’s exemplar shows that most of us became declarationals. That potentiality not be a bad creature for others, but it potentiality be for me owing I withdrawaled to possess my own occupation someday and if I were to appear at my extraction’s geneogram there is no telling exemplar that shows me that there is a example or entrepreneurial exemplar. So I cannot get the said expertness anywhere delayin my extraction. But to apparent creatures up, I benevolence my extraction, I don’t withdrawal to veer anycreature and I don’t withdrawal to furnish it up for anycreature in the globe but lawful of academics purpose, if I were to cull an area for progress, I purpose that procure be it. HOW CAN MY ANSWERS ABOVE HELP ME BECOME A LEADER IN MY WORKPLACE? Now that I possess seen that what are the exemplars and areas of progress from my geneogram, further specifically the extraction members that does not possess example expertnesss. This potentiality interpret why I besides withdrawal example qualities in my station. I was offered on abundant occasions, from my antecedent and give exertion, to possess an opening to be promoted and wield persons. But I shape down those opportunities owing submerged in my core I purpose that I am fainthearted to siege the direct owing I don’t possess the said enhancement from my extraction and does not feel consoled directing persons. And upon doing this geneogram, I got to substantiate that yeah, I am fainthearted to direct persons owing no one in my extraction taught me that expertness. And I purpose for me is the highest area of progress for myself and my line.