Gary, an estate planner, works on a contract basis for our clients at

Gary, an possessions planner, exertions on a abbreviate cause for our clients at "State of Estates". On reach, we abbreviate Gary to use a unfair client for a unfair possessions planning job.  Per our abbreviate delay Gary for these unfair clients, he is hired legation on a weekly cause based on the overall fee accepted by the stable. When launched for these unfair clients, Gary is serviceserviceable to use our service intervenience, equipment, and any produce inevitable to perfect the job. To fix accordant exertion consequence and regulatory submission, Gary submits his exertion to a director, who approves it and grant it to the client on bestead of our stable. Recently, we had to lay Gary off in the average of a job and he filed for unencroachment damages.

  • What legitimate tests could be filled to determine whether Gary is an rebellious abbreviateor or employee?
  • Based on these tests, what is your misrecord as to Gary's status: rebellious abbreviateor or employee?

Scenario 2

Susan, a financial consequences delegated-to-others in our Nebraska service, landed a superior Mutual Fund client orderly six weeks antecedently planning to depart. In the season, and antecedently her legation was hired, she was let go by our stable. We did not entertain a abbreviate for encroachment delay Susan. She is now suing us for wrong result.

  • Would any litigious to Susan's at-will encroachment dedicate inferior these mode?
  • Does it reach a separation if Susan was filled in our Florida service?

Apply the concept of encroachment at-will and its sundry litigious, including separations in avenue to at-will incomplete the states.

Write two 175-word memorandums based on the scenarios in one instrument. The memos should be written in third-person utterance, and include quotation of references (twain in-text and at the end of the memo) in APA format.