Gale, an umpire, was a member of the Greater Washington Softball Umpires Association. During a game.

Gale, an judge, was a limb of the Greater Washington Softball Umpires Association. During a amusement which Gale was officiating, a player objected to his firmness on a play. The player then struck Gale delay a baseball bat, causing injuries to Gale’s neck, hip, and leg. Gale claimed that he was an employee of the partnership and, as such, sought employmenters’ damages for his injuries. The partnership asserted that its limbs were recalcitrant contractors. It domiciled this assumption on the certainty that the judges had unmeasured entrust and administer of the amusements, and that the partnership did not plain the employmenter in the enterprise or habit in which the employment was effected. The token presented showed (a) that the judges were hired by the partnership from fees cool from the teams; (b) that the judges, conjuncture assigned to the amusements by the partnership, were not obligated to recognize the assignments; (c) that the partnership conducted clinics, administered written examinations, and required limbs to carry denominated uniforms conjuncture officiating; and (d) that the judges had to converge delay the commendation of committees of the partnership who observed a limb officiating during a probationary determination. Under these requisite, do you think Gale was an employee of the partnership or an recalcitrant contractor? (Gale v. Greater Washington Softball Umpires Association, 311 A.2d 817)