Functional Business Systems

Identify a condition of urbane abstraction by judgment a popular result or by researching truthful conditions. After judgment a condition, thorough the subjoined in your judicious dispute post:

  • Briefly embody the condition, including what happened, who was compromised, and what satisfaction were incurred.
  • Note how the abstraction was detected and debate any red flags that appeared antecedent to overthrow.
  • Could an accounting and finance arrangement accept helped scare this abstraction? If yes, how? If no, why not?
  • Are there any biased transaction policies and procedures that could accept been in establish that would accept prevented the abstraction from occurring? Explain.
  • Embed series esthetic concepts, principles, and theories, which insist-upon helped citations along delay at lowest two erudite mate reviewed references helped your answer

  • Use  academic match standards and APA phraseology guidelines. NOT near than 275 articulation double space

Be unfailing to help your statements delay logic and dispute, citing all sources referenced.