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From dependence to independence Essay

From assurance to ability Essay

“A Taste Of Honey” is a twentieth aeon comedy set in the 1950s. It is accustomed as a “kitchen-sink” ball and was accounting by Shelagh Delaney at the age of 18 and was aboriginal performed in May 1958. A “kitchen-sink” ball originated in the abstract in the 1950s and 1960s. Its aim is to actualize a accurate account of the adamantine activity and troubles of the alive chic life.

In “A Taste Of Honey” the two capital characters are consistently falling out with anniversary alternative and the bodies about them.

The altitude they alive in are awkward and poor in bedsits or flats. An archetype of a “kitchen-sink” ball is in “Look Aback In Anger” by John Osborne and “Saturday Night And Sunday Morning” by Alan Sillitoe. Plays and dramas in the fifties were performed for the average and high classes but afresh came the admission “kitchen-sink” drama; “Look Aback In Anger”, which was aimed at the alive class. A “kitchen-sink” ball comedy uses accustomed accustomed accent to reflect the lives of the alive chic bodies portrayed.

“A Taste Of Honey” is set in Salford, Manchester. It is about the activity and accord amid a adolescent girl, Jo, and her mother, Helen. They move about a lot, and accept aloof confused into a bare one-bedroomed collapsed in Salford. Helen is a semi-whore who lives off money which has been accustomed to her by her men friends. Helen additionally drinks a lot. Jo is fifteen years old and she is actual accomplished in an aesthetic way and enjoys drawing, but she blames her mother, who she refers to as Helen, for abolition her education.

Helen and Jo move into a bare busy collapsed in Salford and it’s actual awkward and small. Jo isn’t blessed but Helen doesn’t mind. Jo tries to accomplish the collapsed attending and feel added liveable in by chief to bulb some bulbs. Helen’s not agitated though, and is blessed that at atomic they accept a roof over their heads. She has a “what you see is what you get” attitude appear activity and lives by a circadian basis.

Helen additionally uses a lot of sarcasm, for example, aback Jo is accusatory about the flat, Helen replies,

“Everything in it is falling apart, it’s true, and we’ve no heating- but there’s a admirable appearance of the gasworks.”

Helen is a distinct ancestor and there’s no acknowledgment of any ancestors throughout the play. Distinct ancestor families were not accustomed in the 1950s and if a brace wasn’t married, it was apparent as “living in sin” and frowned upon.

“A Taste Of Honey” is aimed at adults and earlier teenagers as there is a lot of awkward and abrupt humour and bad language, absorption their alive chic lives for example, Helen: “Take your blood-soaked money and get out.”

Peter: “Thank you.”

Helen: “You bedraggled bastard.”

Also, boyish pregnancies, chase and female were big issues in the fifties. Homosexuality was a bent offence, alike if the brace were of a accord age. Many homosexuals were bound up, and arrears sex was acerb frowned upon, and abortions were actual difficult to obtain. Women had to resort to back-street abortions, which were actual alarming and could be fatal, so that’s why there were a lot of boyish pregnancies.

In the fifties, there were actual few atramentous bodies and they were accustomed low paid jobs in the account industries and hospitals. These three issues are all allotment of the story. Jo has a boyish pregnancy, Jimmie is black, and Geof is homosexual. There were no according opportunities, for example, men got paid added than women in absolutely the aforementioned jobs. Housing altitude in Salford were poor. Best houses were small, awkward and dirty. Many busy bedsits or flats generally aggregate amenities like bathrooms and toilets, and this is the case in “A Taste Of Honey”.

“We allotment a ablution with the association and this wallpaper’s contemporary. What added do you want?”

In “A Taste Of Honey”, Jo doesn’t alarm her mother “mother”. She calls her Helen. This shows that she doesn’t accept abundant account for her mother and wishes to alive her own life, and not to be disqualified over by addition who is not a acceptable mother figure. I anticipate Jo is lonely, as she hasn’t acclimatized bottomward in a academy yet so she hasn’t had the adventitious to accomplish any friends. Helen additionally treats Jo as if she is aloof article that’s there. She refers to Jo as “she” and “her”.

“Wouldn’t she get on your nerves?”

Helen additionally drinks a lot, and alike admitting Jo isn’t advised as a absolute person, she still wishes her mother would stop.

“Drink, drink, drink, that’s all you’re fit for.”

With Jo absent Helen to stop drinking, I anticipate this shows that Jo is scared, that if the bubbler carries on and Helen gets ill or article happens to her, afresh Jo will be alone.

Helen’s favourite past-times, which Jo disapproves of, are her bubbler habits and sleeping around. Helen is not a acceptable mother and she knows this herself, “Have I anytime laid affirmation to actuality a able mother?”

Helen hardly knows her daughter. This is fabricated accessible aback Jo decides to accept a ablution in the morning because it’s aphotic outside, and Helen replies, “Are you abashed of the dark?” admitting in any accustomed family, the ancestor would apperceive if their adolescent was abashed of annihilation with active with them for fifteen years.

Jo hates school. She has been confused from academy to academy and never acclimatized in any of them, so she can’t be agitated with it, but she is actual accomplished in drawing. Aback Helen finds some of Jo’s drawings, her abandoned acknowledgment is, “I anticipation you weren’t acceptable at anything.” Helen starts to animate Jo by adage it’s actual good, but afresh her acrimony allotment aback she says, “I anticipate I’ll adhere this on the bank somewhere. Now, area will it be atomic noticeable?”

When we accommodated Peter, he enters with a cigar in his mouth. He seems actual “cocky” and seems the array of actuality who doesn’t absolutely affliction for alternative people, as he is self-centred. He keeps cogent Jo to go away, and tells Helen to “get rid of her”, because he aloof wants Helen for sex.

Jo doesn’t appetite to leave the two alone, and keeps arresting because she is abashed that Peter will get the absorption off Helen that Jo has consistently wanted. Also, Jo knows that Helen will spontaneity her and go off with new men she meets, as she has done it before.

When Helen goes out the allowance and Jo is larboard abandoned with Peter, she starts to catechism him. Jo sees some photographs in Peter’s wallet and demands to apperceive who they are of.

“Can I see the alternative photos?”

She afresh starts to ask why he’s marrying Helen and asks if he fancies her. “Do you adorned me?” I anticipate she asks this because she knows that her mother is beautiful, and she gets lots of absorption off men, so Jo wants to see if she could be aloof like her. Helen is somewhat an “idol” to Jo, because she consistently asks bodies if they anticipate Helen is beautiful, and she wants to be aloof like her… consistently accepting absorption from men. Jo, in a way, is anxious of Helen.

I anticipate Jo is adequately absolute for her age, as she is assertive about what she wants to do. She wants to leave academy and alpha alive as anon as she can. This shows that she acts earlier than she absolutely is and is complete for her age.

In arena 2, we are alien to Jo’s boyfriend. In this allotment of the play, we apperceive him as “Boy”, but afterwards on we acquisition out his name is Jimmie. He is a atramentous sailor in the fleet and he asks Jo to ally him. Boy is twenty-two, and Jo lies about her age and tells him she is eighteen. He questions her about what Helen will anticipate about him because he’s a coloured boy.

Boy: “She hasn’t apparent me.”

Jo: “And aback she does?”

Boy: “She’ll see a coloured boy.”

I anticipate Boy is afraid about affair Jo’s mother, as ancestral ageism was a big affair in the fifties. Jo tells him, though, that her mother is not ageism and will not mind, but at the end of the comedy aback Helen finds out that the babyish will be black, she starts to get mad. Aback she finds out, she says, “Oh don’t be asinine Jo. You’ll be giving yourself nightmares.”

She thinks Jo is affairs her leg but she is serious. Aback she assuredly realises that it is true, she doesn’t affliction what bodies will anticipate of Jo, but what bodies will anticipate of herself.

“Can you see me wheeling a pram with a… Oh my God, I’ll accept to accept a drink.”

Boy has to go abroad for six months, and he reassures her he’ll be back. I anticipate Jo ‘thinks’ she loves Boy, but doesn’t apprehend him to return, because aback he says he is going, Jo says her “Heart’s broke”. Boy offers abundance by saying; “You can lie in bed at night and apprehend my address casual bottomward the old canal.” But aback Boy starts to coquette with her in a annoying way, she says,

“I may as able-bodied be annoying while I’ve got the chance. I’ll apparently never see you again. I apperceive it.”

I don’t anticipate that it’s accurate adulation amid Jo and Boy, as Jo is adolescent and every time they say they adulation anniversary other, their replies to one addition is consistently “how”, and “why.”

Boy: “I adulation you.”

Jo: “How do you know?”

Whereas if they absolutely did adulation anniversary other, they wouldn’t ask for affidavit why.

Jo’s acquaintance Geof, is actual accommodating and caring. We accommodated Geof in Act 2, Arena 1 afterwards him and Jo accept been to the fairground. Geof is a homosexual and he has been kicked out of his collapsed by the feudatory because of this, so he’s been spending time at Jo’s. By this time, it is summer and Jo’s abundance is obvious. Helen has confused out afterwards marrying Peter and larboard Jo alone.

Geof comes into Jo’s collapsed afterwards the fair and is about to go but Jo absolutely begs him to stay.

“Geof, don’t go. Don’t go. Geof!”

I anticipate Jo is abashed to be alone, that she doesn’t apperceive what she would do abandoned with the bearing accepting nearer.

Geof starts attractive through Jo’s assets and criticises them by adage he doesn’t like charcoal and that the assets are absolutely like Jo, with “no design, accent or purpose.”

When Geof starts cogent Jo that a lot of money will be bare for the baby, she tries to avoid the actuality that she’s abundant and tells Geof to “shut up”, but Geof isn’t adage this to anguish her, but to get her able and face reality. He cares for her and because Helen doesn’t apperceive about the pregnancy, Geof thinks she has a appropriate to apperceive that she’s activity to be a grandmother but Jo objects.

Jo’s accord with Geof is a adulation agnate to that of a brother and sister, as he is added into attractive afterwards her. I anticipate Jo absolutely cares for him too, as she begs him to break over and she has a beam with him as able-bodied as actuality amorous at the aforementioned time.

Jo: “Do you like beer?”

Geof: “Yes.”

Jo: “Gin?”

Geof: “Yes. Accept you got some?”

Jo: “No, but if I had, I’d accord it all to you. I’d accord aggregate I had to you.”

When Jo and Geof go to bed, Geof questions Jo about Jimmie.

Geof: “A atramentous boy?”

Jo: “From darkest Africa! A Prince.” She exaggerates as admitting it was a dream, or a fairytale. Aloof afore they go to bed, Jo action and tells Geof, “You’re aloof like a big sister to me.”

A few months later, Jo and Geof are accepting accessible for the accession of the babyish and Geof’s authoritative a babyish clothes while Jo wanders about the room. It is not article that the admirers would apprehend a man or brother to be doing. It would added acceptable be a sister. I anticipate Jo is afraid because the bearing is actual abreast and she is restless. She is actual aflame aback the babyish kicks, and tells Geof. Jo consistently seems to coquette with Geof, playfully putting her accoutrements about him, but aback Geof is austere about him and Jo, she backs off.

Geof: “Let me kiss you.”

Jo: “Let go of me. Leave me alone.”

I anticipate this is area Jo becomes added complete and independent, as she knows what she wants.

“I anticipate I’ve had enough. I’m ailing of love.”

But afresh Jo realises that she can’t absolutely cope, that the babyish is conceivably added than she can handle and her hormones are accepting the bigger of her.

“I’ll back-bite its accuracy out. I’ll annihilate it. I don’t appetite this baby, Geof. I don’t appetite to be a mother.”

She realises that she wants Jimmie back, she misses him so much, and she wants the absolute ancestor to her baby. “Every Christmas Helen acclimated to go off with some admirer or alternative and leave me all on my own in some abject digs, but aftermost Christmas I had him.”

Geof thinks he is abandoned acceptable in Jo’s collapsed until she finds her abutting “Prince” and in my opinion, Geof is hurt.

When Helen comes to see Jo with Peter, Peter is biased adjoin Geof and calls him a “fruit block parcel.” He is bashed and wants to go to the pub with Helen, and so he starts authoritative his own fun by calling the collapsed Jo lives in, and calling Jo a “slut.”

Jo’s attitude appear Geof appear the end of the comedy changes for the better. From the way they both allocution to anniversary alternative you can see they accept both developed up. Jo is added accessible to Geof about her accord with Helen.

“You apperceive I acclimated to try and authority my mothers easily but she consistently acclimated to cull them abroad from me. She had so abundant adulation for anybody abroad but none for me.”

When Jo says that, it absolutely makes the admirers feel apologetic for her, and disgusted with Helen, because Jo didn’t accept a 18-carat mother figure. She additionally tells Geof about how Helen got abundant with her. She tells him about how she was affiliated to a Puritan, but capital some fun so she had a “frolic in a hay loft” one afternoon with a “daft” man.

This shows that she feels defended with Geof and added assured with him as she tells him aggregate that happened and wants him to feel apologetic for her and to accept her because she didn’t accept a acceptable childhood.

Jo starts to amount Geof, as she realises he cares added than Helen. At the end of the play, Helen tries to adumbration that she wants Geof to leave so she can move aback in. she thinks she could attending afterwards Jo bigger than Geof, alike afterwards the months she has missed.

“There wouldn’t be abundant allowance for two of us on the couch, would there?”

The abandoned adumbration of adulation from Helen for Jo throughout the comedy is aback Jo is accepting contractions and Helen acclamation her hair, adage aggregate will be all right. This is the abandoned time in the comedy aback Helen is apparent to be admiring of Jo.

It shows Jo is absolute and has matured, because aback Helen doesn’t apperceive how to use the stove, Jo tells her, admitting this time aftermost year, it was the alternative way around.

When Geof leaves, and Helen finds out about the babyish actuality black, she says she’s activity for a drink. This allotment reflects the beginning, aback Helen abandons Jo at Christmas. Unfortunately aloof aback Jo needs her mother the most, she leaves her yet again. Aback she’s out the door, Jo leans adjoin the doorpost, canonizing the acceptable times with Geof and animated to herself, as she recites a beat that Geof accomplished her.

This shows that she is now barnacle on herself, and knows she can cope by herself, because she was larboard abandoned the year before, and knows she can do it again.

Jo’s “Taste Of Honey” was aback she met Jimmie, but in my opinion, I anticipate her “Taste Of Honey” was the time she spent with Geof, because he accomplished her a lot of things in life, and throughout the comedy you can see how she has matured, and adopted a added austere attitude appear life.

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