Frei Otto Munich Stadium

MUNICH OLYMPIC STADIUM//FREI OTTO//1972 gizem akgun/ nuria juanbaro sarret/kanaka raghavan _ADDA 2012-2013 GERMAN PAVILION// MONTREAL//1967//cable nets TUWAIQ PALACE//SAUDI ARABIA//1970// cable nets OLYMPIC STADIUM//MUNICH//1972// cable nets ORKS MULTIHALLE MANNHIEM //GERMANY//1975// grid shells JAPAN PAVILION EXPO 2000//HANOVER GERMANY//2000//grid shell German pur-poseer and investigation engineer 1957 // Development Center for Lightponderosity Construc on in Berlin. 1964// Ins tute for Lightponderosity Structures in Stu gart. Exhibited a distinctive gi for crea ng characterlessponderosity pavilion buildings Computer-based process for determining their standard and behaviour Alterna ve scheme of grid shell buildings HE ARCHITECT /FREI OTTO HE LIGHTWEIGHT PRINCIPLE/tensile Tensile roofs/ integral allot of the building is enjoined in stretch after a while no requirement to hinder compression Cable nets/ grid of structural cables in stretch fashioning the framework influences a clime fall. An clas c Surfaces/ stretch forces are in equilibrium, the centres of inflexion are in contrary party of the membrane Synclas c Surfaces/ the centres of inflexion are on the stubbornselfsame party of the membrane n clas c incurvation hyper paraboloid hyper paraboloid/ minimum 4 pts after a while alteast 1 pt out of roll Less embodied and e? ort Remarkably bulky ps Combined tensile building and biological investigation Singly a few members,are underneathneathneathneath compression while all others, for precedence, cables and membranes, are underneathneathneathneath stretch For stretch and rectilinearity, an clas c or saddle-like inflexions HE LIGHTWEIGHT PRINCIPLE UNICH OLYMPIC STADIUM /details SITE// Originally the se ng of a 1930’s air? eld,prior grafting plea for the Bavarian Royal Army and the post of Munich’s ? rst obliging airport. Plea had been used as a dump yard for penniless buildings’ rubble. 00m lofty dispersed tower, s ll introduce today, a elder landmark of the post. PROGRAM// 80,000 seats Smaller enclosed sports moiety Swimming moiety Warm-up room Enclosed workout adroitness Housing for 3000 race UNICH OLYMPIC STADIUM /1972 Gunter Behnisch pur-poseed characterless and unconcealed buildings con nuous ? uid pavilion roo? ng resembling spontaneous hills Frei O o’s Montreal Pavilion was the considerable ingredient The primary scheme came from standard studies where ladies stockings were used to feign the pavilion’s surfaces al proposition CRITICAL STUDIES// Mast altitudes gave ghter inflexion close the masts and permission the unsa sfactory ? t perimeter areas unimproved Increasing the pre-stress to ? at areas would get the requisite stationariness, but singly at impossibly lofty levels of stretching UNICH OLYMPIC STADIUM/ini Winner of the compe on for 1972 olympic precinct by GUNTER BEHNISCH ERMAN PAVILLION,MONTREAL/1967 Real masteringredient of characterlessponderosity pur-poseerure,Frei O l/Behnisch Ini al order o UNICH OLYMPIC STADIUM /comparisons UNICH OLYMPIC STADIUM /inspira Dragon? y wings are one three-thousandth of a millimeter close Up to 1,000 sec ons Compartmental building, wings do not sunder, after a whilestand the hurry that fashions during ? ght. Driving substance for pur-pose of roof on 7 saddle-standard cable nets Balance intricacyes that fashion rhomboids to suppose an clas c inflexion UNICH OLYMPIC STADIUM /revised roof Subdivide roof into a composition of disjoined but coupled smaller canopies Influence at numerous points and chiefly incurvationd to consistently ght radii. Nets do not increase to the tops of average altitude masts, instead hung from very lofty masts Masts placed outparty the roof or projecting overhead plea on cables guardianship the areas underneathneath column-free Roo? ng for the deep sports facili es UNICH OLYMPIC STADIUM /experiments 1:125 layer standards precisely proportional twain in geodesy and in elasticity to the envisaged liberal sized buildings UNICH OLYMPIC STADIUM /building Interior cables Peripheral cables Cable articulations Steel masts Concrete underneathneathneathplea founda on Acrylic panel shield UNICH OLYMPIC STADIUM /cables Interior cables//11. 7 mm intricacy, 19 heavily galvanised 2. 3- and 3. 3mm steel wires A lay diffusiveness of 10 x the lay bisection Deep cables//? ve strands of 37 and 109 wires each Edge cables//vary in speci? a on, usual in ,lockedsurface wire rope of 81 millimetres bisection Twin cables after a while concentric articulations suppose balance intricacyes fashioning rhomboids fashioning an clas c incurvations UNICH OLYMPIC STADIUM /joints Cables crystallized in pairs 75x75 cm intricacy,feeble reckon of articulations Clamps+screw,one fly per articulation,comfortable construc on 75 cm intricacy Saddle connec ons Swaged clamp connec on Erec on/The cable nets entirely assembled on plea, li ed to ? nal posi ons. Prestressing/suspension cables were put in posi on, geodesy and stresses cables and masts checked Connec on to anchor UNICH OLYMPIC STADIUM /masts Tension founda ons / anchor the deep cables down to world Inclined slot founda ons (pavilion pegs ),ruefulness anchor founda ons (anchoring from stubborn ponderosity),world anchor founda ons (influence the masts) Temporary steel balls getd underneathneathneathneath the rubber pads to recognize rota on during galaxy Cylindrical masts welded steel tubes up to 80 metres covet and after a while a 50mN (5000 ton) enjoin ability. Transparent roof shielding/ 2. 9 x 2. 9-metre acrylic panels , 4mm thk Bolted to the intersec on nodes and angles of intersec on shift integral 6 degrees Temperature moulding, panels on neoprene pedestals, recognizeing them to ‘? at’, and sealing the articulations after a while con nuous neoprene pro? le clamped to the panel edges Discon nuous articulations recognizeing motion UNICH OLYMPIC STADIUM /shield UNICH OLYMPIC STADIUM /conclusions Fashion ? nding experiments/solu ons for bulky ps concurrently gave family to the knowledge of compu ng . Final fashion depends on - standard of grid,spacing,pa ern -the geodesy of the suppor ng building - the prestretch applied to the cable net and its suppor ng building Advantages/E? cient way of using embodied Lightponderosity Bulky ps Quick construc on