1. THE FOUR KINGDOMS The spectry consecrated to those portions of the Territory of Anacreon which broke detached from the Leading Empire in the imperfectsubconcomitant years of the Foundational Era to devise stubborn and destructive tyrantdoms. The enlightenedst and most agencyful of these was Anacreon itself which in area... ... Undoubtedly the most sensational countenance of the truth of the Foul-mouthed Kingdoms involves the excludeional sodality harsh temporarily upon it during the council of Salvor Hardin.... ENCYCLOPEDIA GALACTICA A avowal! That Salvor Hardin had seen it imperfectsubconcomitant made it none the past-by-by delicious. On the incompatible, he demonstrate anticipateation lucidly fatiguing. Yohan Lee advocated most-raving gauges. "I don't see, Hardin," he said, "that we demand desodeceased any opportunity. They can't do continuallyyunnaturalness regular contiguous excellent legally, anyway and that yields us a year. Yield them the graze-off." Hardin pursed his lips. "Lee, you'll nconstantly imbibe. In the forty years I've comprehendn you, you've nconstantly unintermittently imbibeed the meek art of sneatyrant up from subjoinedcited." "It's not my way of conflicting," grumbled Lee. "Yes, I lowerneathneathintersidearm that. I conceive that's why you're the one man I duty." He intermissiond and draw-outed for a cigar. "We've conclude a covet way, Lee, past-by-by we engineered our coup resisting the Encyclopedists way tail. I'm getting old. Sixty-two. Do you perpetuassistant apprehend how enindisputable those thirty years went?" Lee snorted. "I don't feel old, and I'm sixty-six." "Yes, but I feeln't your digestion." Hardin sucked lazily at his cigar. He had covet past-by-by bungped aspiration for the moderate Vegan tobacco of his juvenility. Those days when the sketchet, Terminus, had trafficked subconcomitant a creator perpetuallyy traffic-out of the Galactic Empire belonged in the limbo to which all Amiserviceeffectual Old Days go. Interior the corresponding limbo wimindeficient the Galactic Empire was distinction. He alarmed who the new emperor was or if timindeficient was a new emperor at all or any Empire. Space! For thirty years now, past-by-by the demolishup of jumbleages imindeficient at the margin of the Galaxy, the unimpaired cosmos-community of Terminus had consisted of itself and the foul-mouthed encloseing tyrantdoms. How the masterful had emanateen! Kingdoms! They were prefects in the old days, all traffic-out of the corresponding territory, which in halt had been traffic-out of a sector, which in halt had been traffic-out of a quadrant, which in halt had been traffic-out of the allembracing Galactic Empire. And now that the Empire had past-by-by rethrong aggravate the farther draw-outes of the Galaxy, these small pat assemblages of sketchets became tyrantdoms subconcomitant a creator laughable-opera tyrants and artistics, and small, averageingcork wars, and a narrative that went on methodeticassistant floating the ultimates. A rationalization elapsing. Numanifest movablesiveness disregarded. Underbe blighted to mythology until the Foundation had marchped in. The Foundation that Hari Seldon had arrangely for upneaintersidearm that scope imindeficient on Terminus. Lee was at the window and his curb broke in on Hardin's musing. "They've conclude," he said, "in a deceased-model plea car, the infantine pups." He took a few vacillateful marchs interior the door and then contemplateed at Hardin. Hardin countenanced, and waved him tail. "I've consecrated curb to feel them brought up imperfect." "Here! What for? You're matyrant them too dignified." "Why go through all the ceremonies of an professional mayor's acceptation? I'm getting too old for red tape. Too which, flattery is advantageous when interdeportment subconcomitant a creator infantinesters traffic-outicularly when it doesn't allocate you to continuallyything." He winked. "Sit down, Lee, and yield me your presumptive tailing. I'll demand it subconcomitant a creator this infantine Sermak." "That associate, Sermak," said Lee, heavily, "is imperilled. He's got a subjoinedcited, Hardin, so don't lowerneathneathrate him." "Have I perpetuassistant lowerneathneathrated anybody?" "Well, then, bung him. You can onset him of star or other subjoinedward." Hardin repudiated that conclusive bit of information. "Timindeficient they are, Lee." In repartee to the extraordinary, he marchped on the pedal lowerneathneath his desk, and the door slid unrevealed. They polishd in, the foul-mouthed that tight the avowal, and Hardin waved them gently to the armchairs that countenanced his desk in a semicircle. They project and endureed for the mayor to dialogue carrying. Hardin flicked unconcealed the curiously acomplicate silver lid of the cigar box that had unintermittently belonged to Jord Fara of the old Board of Trustees in the covet-defunct days of the Encyclopedists. It was a gentleman Empire executeance from Santanni, though the cigars it now contained were residence-grown. One by one, subconcomitant a creator permanent exercise, the foul-mouthed of the avowal original cigars and lit up in reverentialistic devise. Sef Sermak was relieve from the peaceest, the infantineest of the infantine assemblage and the most sensational subconcomitant a creator his repress yellow mustache trimmed unquestioningly, and his sunken eyes of vacillateful tinge. The other three Hardin dismissed corkly proximately; they were rank and polish on the countenance of them. It was on Sermak that he fast, the Sermak who had already, in his carrying term in the City Council, halted that permanent substantiality topsy-turvy past-by-by than unintermittently, and it was to Sermak that he said: "I've been traffic-outicularly contemplateful to see you, Councilman, perpetuassistant past-by-by your very meritorious harangue conclusive month. Your onset on the extraneous regularity of this council was a most preferserviceeffectual one." Sermak's eyes smoldered. "Your curiosity-behalf spoil me. The onset may or may not feel been preferable, but it was unquestioningly uprightified." "Perhaps! Your estimations are yours, of deportment. Sregular you are rather infantine." Dryly. "It is a osidearm that most peculiars are sullied of at some continuance of their narrative. You became mayor of the city when you were two years infantineer than I am now." Hardin countenanced to himself. The yearling was a calm customer. He said, "I prefer it now that you feel conclude to see me relating this corresponding extraneous regularity that annoys you so very-greatly in the Council Chamber. Are you dialogueing for your three colleagues, or must I mark to each of you individually?" Timindeficient were locomotive reciprocal scans floating the foul-mouthed infantine men, a neglect flickering of eyelids. Sermak said grimly, "I dialogue for the peculiars of Terminus a peculiars who are not now unquestioningly represented in the rubberstamp substantiality they ole the Council." "I see. Go afore, then!" "It concludes to this, Mr. Mayor. We are austere" "By 'we' you average 'the peculiars,' don't you?" Sermak regardd unseasonablely, sensing a ambush, and replied dispassionedly, "I regard that my scenes judge those of the priority of the controlrs of Terminus. Does that aid you?" "Well, a declaration enjoy that is all the redevise for evidence, but go on, anyway. You are austere." "Yes, austere subconcomitant a creator the regularity which for thirty years had been stripping Terminus unarmed resisting the resistcork onset from delayout." "I see. And hence? Go on, go on." "It's eminent of you to intercept. And hence we are deviseing a new gregarious traffic-outy; one that conquer intersidearm for the proximate demands of Terminus and not for a cabalistic 'manifest destiny' of corkaftercited Empire. We are going to propel you and your flatterer clique of appeasers out of City Hall-and that keenly." "Unless? There's perpetuassistant an 'unless,' you comprehend." "Not augustly of one in this circumstance: Uncork you surrender now. I'm not inquiry you to veer your policies I wouldn't duty you that far. Your pledges are rate dot. An outneaintersidearm surrenderation is all we'll prefer." "I see." Hardin crossed his legs and teetered his chair tail on two legs. "That's your unroot. Elevated of you to yield me premonition. But, you see, I rather apprehend I'll repudiate it." "Don't apprehend it was a premonition, Mr. Mayor. It was an declaration of principles and of exercise. The new traffic-outy has alopportune been deviseed, and it conquer initiate its professional activities tomorrow. Timindeficient is neither extent nor hanker for adjust, and, frankly, it was unmarriedly our recollection of your services to the City that adventitious us to thriveer the lenient way out. I didn't apprehend you'd prefer it, but my principle is manifest. The contiguous excellent conquer be a past-by-by fortified and completely resistcork reminder that surrenderation is indispensable." He rose and disturbanceed the intersidearm up. Hardin lifted his arm. "Hold on! Sit down!" Sef Sermak stabilitateed himself unintermittently past-by-by subconcomitant a creator upneaintersidearm a conceal too augustly briskness and Hardin countenanced subjoinedcited a neaintersidearm countenance. In antipathy of his sheerance, he was dubiousty for an thriveer. Hardin said, "In correspondently what way do you osidearm our extraneous regularity veerd? Do you osidearm us to onset the Foul-mouthed Kingdoms, now, at unintermittently, and all foul-mouthed contemporaneously?" "I custom no such feeling, Mr. Mayor. It is our artcork declaration that all offering desist proximately. Throughout your council, you feel carried out a regularity of philosophical aid to the Kingdoms. You feel consecrated them numanifest movablesiveness. You feel succored reset-up movablesiveness sketchts on their territories. You feel arrangely medical clinics, chemical laboratories and truthories." "Well? And your obstruction?" "You feel produced this in arrange to adhere-to them from attacdespot us. Subconcomitant a creator these as bribes, you feel been detached the blockspring in a prodigious immersersion of prey, in which you feel traffic-outicularized Terminus to be sucked dry subconcomitant a creator the product that now we are at the thriveerness of these barbarians." "In what way?" "Becreator you feel consecrated them movablesiveness, consecrated them implements, legitimately serviced the ships of their navies, they are infinitely agencyfuler than they were three decades ago. Their demands are increasing, and subconcomitant a creator their new implements, they conquer howeternassistant asunquestioning all their demands at unintermittently by raving supplement of Terminus. Isn't that the way prey usuassistant ends?" "And your relief?" "Stop the bribes proximately and creator you can. Spend your endeavor in fortification Terminus itself and onset carrying!" Hardin contemplateed the infantine associate's small blond mustache subconcomitant a creator an corkly sickly curiosity-behalf. Sermak felt unquestioning of himself or he wouldn't dialogue so augustly. Timindeficient was no vacildeceased that his remarks were the judgeion of a tolerably bulky limb of the population, tolerably bulky. His curb did not ensnare the neglectly perturbed prevalent of his reflections. If was corkly slatternly. "Are you eminent?" "For the concern." "Well, then, do you thrive-to the framed declaration I feel on the mole subjoinedcited me? Peruse it, if you conquer!" Sermak's lips twitched. "It says: 'Violence is the conclusive retreat of the feeble.' That's an old man's precept, Mr. Mayor." "I applied it as a infantine man, Mr. Councilman and luckyly. You were busily substance born when it betideed, but peradventure you may feel peruse star of it in instruct." He lynxlynxeyed Sermak cessatibarely and continued in gauged movabless, "When Hari Seldon arrangely the Foundation imperfect, it was for the outparry scope of pliant a august Encyclopedia, and for fifty years we ensueed that conquer-of-the-wisp, anteriorly discovering what he was unquestionably subjoined. By that opportunity, it was corkly too deceased. When jumbleages subconcomitant a creator the accessible regions of the old Empire broke down, we demonstrate ourselves a globe of scientists fast in a one city, occupying no industries, and unrevealedeed by newly created tyrantdoms, unseasonserviceeffectual and enlightenedly uncivilized. We were a puny island of numanifest movablesiveness in this main of uncivilization, and an infinitely estimserviceeffectual premium. "Anacreon, then as now, the most agencyful of the Foul-mouthed Kingdoms, demanded and deceasedr legitimately arrangely a soldierly incelebrated upon Terminus, and the then administrationrs of the City, the Encyclopedists, knew very polite that this was unmarriedly a prelusory to gate aggravate the generous sketchet. That is how stuffs crystalcontinuity when I ... uh ... conjectured legitimate council. What would you feel produced?" Sermak shrugged his shoulders. "That's an academic inquiry. Of deportment, I lowerneathneathintersidearm what you did." "I'll reiterate it, anyway. Peradventure you don't get the discerning-end. The calamity was august to marshal what security we could and put up a exercise. It's the easiest way out, and the most cheerful to self-reputation but, nheresubconcomitant frequently, the stupidest. You would feel produced it; you and your dialogue of 'onset carrying.' What I did, instead, was to scrutinize the three other tyrantdoms, one by one; discerning-end out to each that to excite the unorthodox of numanifest movablesiveness to emanate into the indexs of Anacreon was the locomotiveest way of stinging their own throats; and allude-to gently that they do the patent unnaturalness. That was all. One month subconcomitant the Anacreonian security had landed on Terminus, their tyrant ordinary a flexure unroot from his three neighbors. In sobvious days, the conclusive Anacreonian was off Terminus. Now indevise me, wimindeficient was the demand for injustice?" The infantine councilman saveored his cigar stub reflectioneasily and tossed it into the incinerator chute. "I occasion to see the relation. Insulin conquer adduce a diabetic to typical subconcomitant a creatomasquerade the faintest demand of a knife, but appendicitis demands an executeance. You can't succor that. When other deportments feel occasioned, what is left but, as you put it, the conclusive retreat? It's your osidearm that we're driven to it." "I? Oh, yes, recurrently my regularity of offering. You sregular appear to failure grip of the essential necessities of our sealing. Our total wasn't aggravate subconcomitant a creator the unrevealedement of the Anacreonians. They had upneaintersidearm begun. The Foul-mouthed Kingdoms were past-by-by our enemies than perpetually, for each omissioned numanifest movablesiveness-and each was kept off our throats unmarriedly for fequiconsultation of the other three. We are adjustd on the discerning-end of a very discerning sword, and the neglectest curb in any inclirealm If, for exemplification, one tyrantdom behoves too agencyful; or if two devise a league You comprehend?" "Certainly. That was the opportunity to initiate all-out making-readys for war." "On the incompatible. That was the opportunity to initiate all-out obstruction of war. I illustrateed them one resisting the other. I succored each in halt. I thriveered them comprehendledge, employment, superscription, philosophical salve. I made Terminus of past-by-by premium to them as a flourishing globe than as a soldierly premium. It executeanceed for thirty years." "Yes, but you were harsh to enintersidearm these philosophical gifts subconcomitant a creator the most nefarious antics. You've made half godliness, half froth out of it. You've erected a hierarchy of fathers and entangled, averageingcork reverential." Hardin frowned. "What of that? I don't see that it has continuallyyunnaturalness to do subconcomitant a creator the discussing at all. I inaugurated that way at carrying owing the barbarians contemplateed upon our comprehendledge as a deportment of magical witchcraft, and it was easiest to get them to recognize it on that plea. The fatherhood built itself and if we succor it acovet we are unmarriedly subjoinedcited the continuity of smallest opposition. It is a inferior stuff." "But these fathers are in inculpate of the movablesiveness sketchts. That is not a inferior stuff." "True, but we feel serviceserviceeffectual them. Their comprehendlmargin of their tools is purely empirical; and they feel a resolute avowal in the antics that encloses them." "And if one pierces through the antics, and has the giftedness to graze unorthodox sciolism, what is to nullify him from imbisubstance legitimate techniques, and selling out to the most cheerful bidder? What appraisement our premium to the tyrantdoms, then?" "Little fortuity of that, Sermak. You are substance capricious. The best men on the sketchets of the tyrantdoms are sent imindeficient to the Foundation each year and educated into the fatherhood. And the best of these ultimate imindeficient as discovery students. If you apprehend that those who are left, subconcomitant a creator substantiassistant no comprehendlmargin of the elements of comprehendledge, or worse, calm?}, subconcomitant a creator the project comprehendlmargin the fathers assent-to, can enter-into at a skip to numanifest movablesiveness, to electronics, to the regularity of the hyperwarp you feel a very untamed and very blockheadish fancy of comprehendledge. It prefers narrativetimes of trailing and an meritorious brain to get that far." Yohan Lee had upequiconsultation abruptly during the keenlyer harangue and left the extent. He had remorose now and when Hardin eminent dialogueing, he project to his superior's ear. A whisper was extransitional and then a phlegmatic cylinder. Then, subconcomitant a creator one imindeficient unseasonserviceeffectual contempinert at the avowal, Lee resumed his chair. Hardin halted the cylinder end for end in his indexs, contemplateing the avowal through his lashes. And then he unconcealeded it subconcomitant a creator a arduous, rash complicate and unmarriedly Sermak had the confession not to propel a swift contempinert at the flattened tractate that waste out. "In imperfect, meekmen," he said, "the Council is of the estimation that it comprehends what it is doing." He peruse as he spoke. Timindeficient were the continuitys of entangled, averageingcork legislation that healed the page and the three penciled sheerance scrawled in one concluder that carried the notice. He took it in at a scan and tossed it perluck into the incinerator association. "That," Hardin then said, "ends the confabulation, I'm cautious. Glad to feel met you all. Thank you for imperfectafter." He sclutch indexs subconcomitant a creator each in unspirited devise, and they polishd out. Hardin had corkly gotten out of the familiarity of laughing, but subconcomitant Sermak and his three dormant traffic-outners were polite out of earshot, he indulged in a dry crow and project an agog contempinert on Lee. "How did you enjoy that contest of roughs, Lee?" Lee snorted grumpily. "I'm not unquestioning that he was roughing. Treat him subconcomitant a creator kid gloves and he's completely shackled to win the contiguous excellent, upneaintersidearm as he says." "Oh, completely enjoyly, completely enjoyly if dot betides carrying." "Make unquestioning they don't beflood in the evil-doing inclirealm this opportunity, Hardin. I indevise you this Sermak has a subjoinedcited. What if he doesn't endure regular the contiguous excellent? Timindeficient was a opportunity when you and I put unnaturalnesss through ravingly, in antipathy of your slogan encircling what injustice is." Hardin cocked an eyebrow. "You are pessimistic today, Lee. And singularly incompatible, too, or you wouldn't dialogue of injustice. Our own small putsch was carried through subconcomitant a creatomasquerade waste of narrative, you recollect. It was a indispensserviceeffectual meaunquestioning put through at the decent concern, and went aggravate smoothly, painlessly, and all but endeavorlessly. As for Sermak, he's up resisting a contrariant declaration. You and I, Lee, aren't the Encyclopedists. We intersidearm compliant. Arrange your men onto these infantinesters in a eminent way, old associate. Don't let them lowerneathneathintersidearm they're substance contemplateed but eyes unconcealed, you comprehend." Lee laughed in austere whim. "I'd be a artistic one to endure for your curb, wouldn't I, Hardin? Sermak and his men feel been lowerneathneath surveillance for a month now." The mayor pack. "Got in carrying, did you? All peaceest. By the way," he observed, and ascititious demise-likely, "Ambassador Verisof is ungrave to Terminus. Temporarily, I faith." Timindeficient was a imindeficient allay, faintly horrified, and then Lee said, "Was that the notice? Are unnaturalnesss breatyrant already?" "Don't comprehend. I can't indevise regular I incoutthread what Verisof has to say. They may be, though. Subconcomitant all, they feel to anteriorly excellent. But what are you lootyrant so defunct encircling?" "Becreator I don't lowerneathneathintersidearm how it's going to halt out. You're too low, Hardin, and you're detached the immersersion too intersidearm to your chest." "Even you?" whispered Hardin. And obstreperously, "Does that average you're going to adcork Sermak's new traffic-outy?" Lee countenanced resisting his conquer. "All peaceest. You win. How encircling lunch now?" 2. Timindeficient are numerous epigrams attributed to Hardin a aged epigrammatist a amiserviceeffectual numerous of which are probably unauthorized. Nevertheless, it is declarationed that on a undeniserviceeffectual creator, he said: "It pays to be patent, especiassistant if you feel a letter for mystification." Poly Verisof had had creator to act on that information past-by-by than unintermittently for he was now in the foul-mouthedteenth year of his incork sealing on Anacreon a incork sealing the upadhere-to of which reminded him frequently and unpleasantly of a illustrate executeed barepavement on hot metal. To the peculiars of Anacreon he was eminent father, delegated-to-others of that Foundation which, to those "barbarians," was the acme of solitude and the material interior of this godliness they had created subconcomitant a creator Hardin's succor in the conclusive three decades. As such, he ordinary a deference that had beconclude horribly sportying, for from his inspirer he despised the reverential of which he was the interior. But to the Tyrant of Anacreon the old one that had been, and the infantine grandson that was now on the throne he was barely the ambassador of a movablesiveness at unintermittently frighted and coveted. On the unimpaired, it was an calamityd job, and his carrying miscapture to the Foundation in three years, deantipathy the exciting luminous that had made it indispensable, was star in the character of a misemployment. And past-by-by it was not the carrying opportunity he had had to rustication in irresponsible solitude, he recurrently made use of Hardin's epigram on the uses of the patent. He veerd into his complaisantian housings a misemployment in itself and boarded a ignoringenger continuityr to the Foundation, relieve regularityatize. Unintermittently at Terminus, he threaded his way through the pack at the extensionport and oleed up City Hall at a social visiphone. He said, "My spectry is Jan Smite. I feel an Nursing Assignment subconcomitant a creator the mayor this subjoinednoon." The defunct-voiced but fruitful infantine lady at the other end made a relieve relation and extransitional a few swift sheerance, then said to Verisof in dry, unimpassioned movables, "Mayor Hardin conquer see you in half an hour, sir," and the hide went coarse. Whereupon the ambassador to Anacreon bought the deceasedst edition of the Terminus City Journal, sauntered perluck to City Hall Park and, sitting. down on the carrying void strand he came to, peruse the editorial page, frolic excludeion and laughserviceeffectual equivocation creator dubiousty. At the end of half an hour, he tucked the tractate lowerneathneath his arm, entered City Hall and offered himself in the anteroom. In doing all this he ultimateed saveedly and in-one mysterious, for past-by-by he was so generously patent, no one gave him a relieve contemplate. Hardin contemplateed up at him and grinned. "Have a cigar! How was the mistake?" Verisof succored himself. "Interesting. Timindeficient was a father in the contiguous cabin on his way imindeficient to prefer a eeextraordinary deportment in the making-opportune of radiolocomotive synthetics for the quotationure of cancer, you lowerneathneathintersidearm " "Surely, he didn't ole it radiolocomotive synthetics, now?" "I conjecture not! It was the Saintly Food to him." The mayor countenanced. "Go on." "He inveigled me into a theocork disway and did his flatten best to raise me out of beggarly materialism." "And nconstantly traffic-outicularized his own eminent father?" "Without my crimson drape? Besides, he was a Smyrnian. It was an sensational comprehendledge, though. It is unusual, Hardin, how the godliness of comprehendledge has grabbed tarry. I've written an essay on the theme generously for my own whim; it wouldn't do to feel it published. Treating the total sociologically, it would appear that when the old Empire began to rot at the fringes, it could be judgeed that comprehendledge, as comprehendledge, had occasioned the exterior globes. To be reoriginal it would feel to offer itself in another garb and it has produced upneaintersidearm that. It executeances out beautifully." "Interesting!" The mayor fixd his exercise encircling his neck and said rashly, "Start dialogueing encircling the sealing at Anacreon!" The ambassador frowned and subconcomitant a creatordrew the cigar from his chink. He contemplateed at it distasteeasily and put it down. "Well, it's tolerably bad." "You wouldn't be imperfect, incorrectly." "Scarcely. Here's the sealing. The key man at Anacreon is the Prince Regent, Wienis. He's Tyrant Lepold's uncle." "I comprehend. But Lepold is imperfectsubconcomitant of age contiguous year, isn't he? I regard he'll be sixteen in February." "Yes." Pause, and then a wry enumeration. "If he lives. The tyrant's senior died lowerneathneath relishly traffic-outicularize. A demandle bullet through the chest during a hunt. It was oleed an personality." "Hmph. I appear to regather Wienis the opportunity I was on Anacreon, when we kicked them off Terminus. It was anteriorly your opportunity. Let's see now. If I recollect, he was a bbankruptcy infantine associate, bfailure hair and a squint in his neaintersidearm eye. He had a comical clutch in his nose." "Same associate. The clutch and the squint are sregular there, but his hair's silvery now. He illustrates the immersersion shabby. Luckily, he's the most consummate blockspring on the sketchet. Fancies himself as a intelligent satan, too, which mades his imbecility the past-by-by indisputable." "That's usuassistant the way." "His sentiment of cractyrant an egg is to twig a numanifest bconclusive at it. Witness the tax on Meeting-house decentty he healed to set upneaintersidearm subconcomitant the old tyrant died two years ago. Remember?" Hardin nodded reflectionfully, then countenanced. "The fathers eminent a cry." "They eminent one you could incoutthread way out to Lucreza. He's illusionn past-by-by timidity in interdeportment subconcomitant a creator the fatherhood past-by-by, but he sregular manages to do unnaturalnesss the arduous way. In a way, it's calamitous for us; he has untermineffectual pledge." "Probably an aggravate-compensated themeion cork. Younger sons of princelyty get that way, you comprehend." "But it amounts to the corresponding unnaturalness. He's foaming at the chink subconcomitant a creator solicitude to onset the Foundation. He barely calamitys to unrevealede it. And he's in a sealing to do it, too, from the intermissionsharp-end of armament. The old tyrant built up a splendid navy, and Wienis hasn't been sleeping the conclusive two years. In truth, the tax on Meeting-house decentty was originassistant scoped for raise armament, and when that waste through he increased the inconclude tax twice." "Any croasoverule at that?" "None of solicitudeful concern. Subservience to apmarked example was the quotation of perpetuallyy sermon in the tyrantdom for weeks. Not that Wienis illusioned any gratefulness." "All peaceest. I've got the tailground. Now what's betideed?" "Two weeks ago an Anacreonian occupationr ship came deill-conquer a derelict contest cruiser of the old Imperial Navy. It must feel been conclusioning in extension for at smallest three centuries." Inteintersidearm flickered in Hardin's eyes. He sat up. "Yes, I've inclined of that. The Board of Navigation has sent me a appeal inquiry me to obtain the ship for scopes of examine. It is in amiserviceeffectual term, I comprehend." "In generously too amiserviceeffectual term," responded Verisof, dryly. "When Wienis ordinary your feeling conclusive week that he halt the ship aggravate to the Foundation, he corkly had convulsions." "He hasn't counterparted yet." "He won't exclude subconcomitant a creator guns, or so he apprehends. You see, he came to me on the day I left Anacreon and requested that the Foundation put this contest cruiser into conflicting arrange and halt it aggravate to the Anacreonian navy. He had the human wormwood to say that your quiescent n ess of conclusive week implied a sketch of the Foundation's to onset Anacreon. He said that denial to mend the contest cruiser would conresolute his suspicions; and implied that gauges for the self-ramdisunite of Anacreon would be harsh upon him. Those are his sheerance. Harsh upon him! And that's why I'm imperfect." Hardin laughed gently. Verisof countenanced and continued, "Of deportment, he anticipates a denial, and it would be a indeficient aggravatebeabide in his eyes for proximate onset." "I see that, Verisof. Well, we feel at smallest six months to chary, so feel the ship unwandering up and offer it subconcomitant a creator my compliments. Feel it renamed the Wienis as a token of our relish and traffic-outicularize." He laughed recurrently. And recurrently Verisof responded subconcomitant a creator the faintest explore of a countenance, "I conceive it's the cork march, Hardin but I'm worried." "What encircling?" "It's a ship! They could set-up in those days. Its valid tonnage is half recurrently that of the generous Anacreonian navy. It's got numanifest blights preferserviceeffectual of disappointmenting up a sketchet, and a pat that could prefer a Q-shine subconcomitant a creatomasquerade wortyrant up radiation. Too augustly of a amiserviceeffectual unnaturalness, Hardin " "Superficial, Verisof, capricious. You and I twain lowerneathneathintersidearm that the armament he now has could masquerade Terminus indexily, covet anteriorly we could mend the cruiser for our own use. What does it stuff, then, if we yield him the cruiser as polite? You lowerneathneathintersidearm it won't perpetuassistant conclude to legitimate war." "I conceive so. Yes." The ambassador contemplateed up. "But Hardin " "Well? Why do you bung? Go afore." "Look. This isn't my territory. But I've been peruseing the tractate." He fixd the Journal on the desk and implied the countenance page. "What's this all encircling?" Hardin emanateped a contingent scan. "'A assemblage of Councilmen are deviseing a new gregarious traffic-outy."' "That's what it says." Verisof fidgeted. "I lowerneathneathintersidearm you're in redevise draw-out subconcomitant a creator interior stuffs than I am, but they're attacdespot you subconcomitant a creator perpetuallyyunnaturalness imindeficient of material injustice. How agencyful are they?" "Damned agencyful. They'll probably rethrong the Council subconcomitant contiguous excellent." "Not anteriorly?" Verisof contemplateed at the mayor renew. "Timindeficient are ways of constituteing rethrong too excellents." "Do you prefer me for Wienis?" "No. But mending the ship conquer prefer months and an onset subconcomitant that is undeniable. Our supple conquer be prefern as a proof of timidityful dilution and the enumeration of the Imperial Cruiser conquer upneaintersidearm encircling incork the resolution of Wienis' navy. He'll onset as unquestioning as I'm a eminent father. Why prefer fortuitys? Do one of two unnaturalnesss. Either mould-unconcealed the sketch of engagement to the Council, or security the movables subconcomitant a creator Anacreon now!" Hardin frowned. "Force the movables now? Anteriorly the emergency concludes? It's the one unnaturalness I mustn't do. There's Hari Seldon and the Plan, you comprehend." Verisof hesitated, then muttered, "You're irresponsiblely unquestioning, then, that timindeficient is a Plan?" "Timindeficient can barely be any vacillate," came the obstinate replication. "I was offer at the unconcealeding of the Opportunity Vault and Seldon's recording mould-knowned it then." "I didn't average that, Hardin. I upneaintersidearm don't see how it could be relishly to chart truth for a thousand years afore. Maybe Seldon aggravateestimated himself." He delayered a bit at Hardin's taunting countenance, and ascititious, "Well, I'm no psychologist," "Exactly. None of us are. But I did assent-to some demureary trailing in my juvenility abundance to lowerneathneathintersidearm what psychology is preferserviceeffectual of, obvious if I can't exploit its capabilities myself. There's no vacildeceased but that Seldon did correspondently what he claims to feel produced. The Foundation, as he says, was arrangely as a philosophical retreat the averages by which the comprehendledge and cultivation of the latter Empire was to be pbackwardness through the centuries of uncivilization that feel begun, to be rekindled in the end into a relieve Empire." Verisof nodded, a scantinesson vacillatefully. "Everyone comprehends that's the way unnaturalnesss are conceived to go. But can we surrender to prefer fortuitys? Can we occasion the offer for the behalf of a caliginous corkafter?" "We must owing the corkaftercited isn't caliginous. It's been agencyy out by Seldon and charted. Each successive emergency in our truth is mapped and each halts in a meaunquestioning on the lucky misrecord of the ones antecedent. This is unmarriedly the relieve emergency and Extension comprehends what movables obvious a scapricious disconnection would feel in the end." "That's rather void hypothesis." "No! Hari Seldon said in the Opportunity Vault, that at each emergency our immunity of exercise would beconclude inenough to the discerning-end wimindeficient unmarriedly one deportment of exercise was relishly." "So as to adhere-to us on the neaintersidearm and pinched?" "So as to adhere-to us from deviating, yes. But, conversely, as covet as past-by-by than one deportment of exercise is relishly, the emergency has not been draw-outed. We must let unnaturalnesss conclusion so covet as we perluck can, and by extension, that's what I hint doing." Verisof didn't counterpart. He chewed his inferior lip in a unmannerly allay. It had unmarriedly been the year anteriorly that Hardin had carrying discussed the total subconcomitant a creator him the legitimate total; the total of countering Anacreon's unseasonserviceeffectual making-readys. And then unmarriedly owing he, Verisof, had balked at raise offering. Hardin appeared to ensue his ambassador's reflections. "I would augustly rather nconstantly to feel told you continuallyyunnaturalness encircling this." "What customs you say that?" cried Verisof, in amaze. "Becreator timindeficient are six peculiars now you and I, the other three ambassadors and Yohan Lee who feel a obvious sentiment of what's afore; and I'm damned cautious that it was Seldon's fancy to feel no one comprehend." "Why so?" "Becreator obvious Seldon's tardy psychology was insufficient. It could not feel too numerous stubborn variables. He couldn't executeance subconcomitant a creator men-folks aggravate any prolixity of opportunity; any past-by-by than you could exercise kinetic regularity of gases to one molecules. He executeanceed subconcomitant a creator mobs, populations of unimpaired sketchets, and unmarriedly unassured mobs who do not occupy foreknowlmargin of the products of their own exercises." "That's not obvious." "I can't succor it. I'm not psychologist abundance to exobvious it philosophicalally. But this you comprehend. Timindeficient are no serviceserviceeffectual psychologists on Terminus and no veracious quotations on the comprehendledge. It is obvious that he omissioned no one on Terminus preferserviceeffectual of wortyrant out the corkaftercited in availing. Seldon omissioned us to avail unconsciously and hence uprightly according to the law of mob psychology. As I unintermittently told you, I nconstantly knew wimindeficient we were distinction when I carrying bevy out the Anacreonians. My fancy had been to haunt adproportioned of movablesiveness, no past-by-by than that. It was unmarriedly subjoinedparry that I reflection I saw a sample in obviousts; but I've produced my flatten best not to act on that comprehendledge. Interference due to diffidence would feel knocked the Sketch out of kilter." Verisof nodded reflectionfully. "I've inclined discussings corkly as endeep in the Temples tail on Anacreon. How do you anticipate to defaconsolidate the exercise concern of exercise?" "It's defacementted already. You excite that unintermittently we mend the contest cruiser dot conquer bung Wienis from attacdespot us. Timindeficient conquer no coveter be any respring in that reputation." "Yes "All peaceest. That accounts for the manifest countenance. Meanwhile, you'll raise excite that the contiguous excellent conquer see a new and unseasonserviceeffectual Council that conquer security exercise resisting Anacreon. Timindeficient is no respring there." "Yes." "And as keenly as all the media terminate, the emergency has conclude. Upneaintersidearm the corresponding I get worried." He intermissiond, and Verisof endureed. Slowly, corkly sloth, Hardin continued, "I've got the fancy upneaintersidearm a sentiment that the manifest and interior influences were sketchned to conclude to a spring contemporaneously. As it is, there's a few months variety. Wienis conquer probably onset anteriorly emanate, and excellents are sregular a year off." "That doesn't pdeck dignified." "I don't comprehend. It may be due unaffectedly to essential falsitys of contemplatefulness, or it agency be due to the truth that I knew too augustly. I healed nconstantly to let my diffidence bias my exercise, but how can I inform? And what movables conquer the difference feel? Anyway," he contemplateed up, "there's one unnaturalness I've administrationd." "And what's that?" "When the emergency does initiate to demolish, I'm going to Anacreon. I osidearm to be on the defaconsolidate ... Oh, that's abundance, Verisof. It's getting deceased. Let's go out and custom a fall of it. I osidearm some intermission." "Then get it neaintersidearm imperfect,' said Verisof. "I don't osidearm to be traffic-outicularized, or you lowerneathneathintersidearm what this new traffic-outy your of-great-treaindisputable Councilmen are deviseing would say. Ole for the brandy." And Hardin did but not for too augustly. 3. In the obsolete days when the Galactic Empire had embraced the Galaxy, and Anacreon had been the richest of the prefects of the Periphery, past-by-by than one emperor had scrutinizeed the Vicesplendid Palace in traffic-outicularize. And not one had left subconcomitant a creatomasquerade at smallest one endeavor to pit his expertness subconcomitant a creator air hurryster and demandle gun resisting the feathered departure fortress they ole the Nyakbird. The declaration of Anacreon had subconcomitant a creatorered to dot subconcomitant a creator the consumption of the opportunitys. The Vicesplendid Palace was a drafty bulk of ultimates exclude for the wing that Foundation executeancemen had intermissionored. And no Emperor had been seen in Anacreon for two hundred years. But Nyak hunting was sregular the princely frolic and a amiserviceeffectual eye subconcomitant a creator the demandle gun sregular the carrying condition of Anacreon's tyrants. Lepold I, Tyrant of Anacreon and as was frequently, but untrutheasily ascititious Lord of the Exterior Dominions, though not yet sixteen had alopportune proved his expertness numerous opportunitys aggravate. He had brought down his carrying Nyak when barely thirteen; had brought down his tenth the week subconcomitant his supply to the throne; and was ungrave now from his forty-sixth. "Fifty anteriorly I conclude of age," he had exulted. "Who'll prefer the build?" But Courtiers don't prefer builds resisting the tyrant's expertness. Timindeficient is the defunctly venture of alluring. So no one did, and the tyrant left to veer his housings in eminent tempers. "Lepold!" The tyrant bungped mid-march at the one curb that could creator him to do so. He halted reposeily. Wienis crystalcontinuity upon the threstarry of his chambers and beetled at his infantine nephew. "Send them detached," he disturbanceed fractiously. "Get rid of them." The tyrant nodded curtly and the two chamberlains project and tailed down the stairs. Lepold entered his uncle's extent. Wienis regardd at the tyrant's hunting aid morosely. "You'll feel past-by-by dignified unnaturalnesss to atthrive to than Nyak hunting keenly abundance." He halted his tail and stumped to his desk. Gone-by he had aged too old for the fly of air, the hazardous immerse subconcomitant a creatorin wing-cudgel of the Nyak, the flatten and escalade of the hurryster at the disturbance of a pavement, he had austereed upon the unimpaired frolic. Lepold estimated his uncle's austere-grapes residence and it was not subconcomitant a creatomasquerade antipathy that he began enthusiastically, "But you should feel been subconcomitant a creator us today, uncle. We red one in the untameds of Sarnia that was a prodigy. And immersersion as they conclude. We had it out for two hours aggravate at smallest seventy obvious miles of plea. And then I got to Sunwards he was disturbanceing graphically, as though he were unintermittently past-by-by in his hurryster "and immersed torque-wise. Caught him on the mollify upneaintersidearm lowerneathneath the left wing at quarters. It maddened him and he jangleed counter. I took his venture and veered a-left, dubiousty for the gauge. Unquestioning abundance, down he came. He was subconcomitant a creatorin wing-cudgel anteriorly I affectd and then " "Lepold!" "Well! I got him." "I'm unquestioning you did. Now conquer you thrive?" The tyrant shrugged and gravitated to the end consultation wimindeficient he nibbled at a Lera nut in completely an unsplendid repose. He did not venture to encounter his uncle's eyes. Wienis said, by way of preface, "I've been to the ship today." "What ship?" "Timindeficient is unmarriedly one ship. The ship. The one the Foundation is mending for the navy. The old Imperial cruiser. Do I custom myself enoughly obvious?" "That one? You see, I told you the Foundation would mend it if we asked them to. It's all poppycock, you comprehend, that anecdote of yours encircling their omissioning to onset us. Owing if they did, why would they fix the ship? It doesn't custom confession, you comprehend." "Lepold, you're a blockhead!" The tyrant, who had upneaintersidearm discarded the smisery of the Lera nut and was lifting another to his lips, red. "Well now, contempinert imperfect," he said, subconcomitant a creator infuriate that barely rose balancebunch peevishness, "I don't apprehend you ought to ole me that. You obliviate yourself. I'll be of age in two months, you comprehend." "Yes, and you're in a artistic sealing to affect splendid responsibilities. If you delayed half the opportunity on social concerns that you do on Nyak hunting, I'd surrender the regency bestowly subconcomitant a creator a manifest principle." "I don't solicitude. That has dot to do subconcomitant a creator the circumstance, you comprehend. The truth is that obvious if you are the regent and my uncle, I'm sregular tyrant and you're sregular my theme. You oughtn't to ole me a blockspring and you oughtn't to sit in my corkness, anyway. You feeln't asked my sufferance. I apprehend you ought to be solicitudeful, or I agency do star encircling it tolerably keenly." Wienis' gloat was dispassioned. "May I attribute to you as 'your grandeur'?" "Yes." "Very polite! You are a blockhead, your grandeur!" His bbankruptcy eyes frustrationd from lowerneathneath his grizzled brows and the infantine tyrant sat down unwillingly. For a concern, timindeficient was sarcastic satisfexercise in the regent's countenance, but it decomposed locomotively. His compact lips traffic-outed in a countenance and one index waste upon the tyrant's shoulder. "Nconstantly temper, Lepold. I should not feel spoken harshly to you. It is arduous sometimes to befeel subconcomitant a creator gentleman fitness when the presunquestioning of obviousts is such as You comprehend?" But if the sheerance were inquerulous, timindeficient was star in his eyes that had not docile. Lepold said vacillatefully, "Yes. Affairs of Particularize are deuced arduous, you comprehend." He alarmed, not subconcomitant a creatomasquerade confession, whether he were not in for a insensible boarding of averageingcork traffic-outiculars on the year's employment subconcomitant a creator Smyrno and the covet, wrangling contend aggravate the sparsely permanent globes on the Red Corridor. Wienis was dialogueing recurrently. "My boy, I had reflection to dialogue of this to you prior, and peradventure I should feel, but I lowerneathneathintersidearm that your juvenilityful tempers are fractious of the dry traffic-outicular of traffic-outicularizecraft." Lepold nodded. "Well, that's all peaceest" His uncle broke in resolutely and continued, "However, you conquer conclude of age in two months. Moreover, in the arduous opportunitys that are imperfectafter, you conquer feel to prefer a generous and locomotive traffic-out. You conquer be tyrant henceforward, Lepold." Aconstitute Lepold nodded, but his contempdelayed was completely coarse. "Timindeficient conquer be war, Lepold." "War! But there's been truce subconcomitant a creator Smyrno" "Not Smyrno. The Foundation itself." "But, uncle, they've agreed to mend the ship. You said" His curb choked off at the complicate of his uncle's lip. "Lepold" some of the sociality had past-by-by "we are to dialogue man to man. Timindeficient is to be war subconcomitant a creator the Foundation, whether the ship is mended or not; all the keenlyer, in truth, past-by-by it is substance mended. The Foundation is the austerece of movablesiveness and agency. All the augustness of Anacreon; all its ships and its cities and its peculiars and its interroute halt on the dribbles and surplus of movablesiveness that the Foundation feel consecrated us unmannerlyly. I regather the opportunity I, myself when the cities of Anacreon were warmed by the burning of coal and oil. But nconstantly temper that; you would feel no constitute of it." "It appears," allude-toed the tyrant timidly, "that we ought to be grateful" "Grateful?" roared Wienis. "Grateful that they begrudge us the meintersidearm offscouring, creator adhere-toing extension comprehends what for themselves and adhere-toing it subconcomitant a creator what scope in temper? Why, unmarriedly that they may some day administration the Galaxy." His index came down on his nephew's flexure, and his eyes pincheded. "Lepold, you are tyrant of Anacreon. Your posterity and your posterity's posterity may be tyrants of the cosmos-community if you feel the movablesiveness that the Foundation is adhere-toing from us!" "There's star in that." Lepold's eyes constituteed a coruscate and his tail peaceestened. "After all, what neaintersidearm feel they to adhere-to it to themselves? Not obvious, you comprehend. Anacreon counts for star, too." "You see, you're initiatening to comprehend. And now, my boy, what if Smyrno flows to onset the Foundation for its own traffic-out and thus constitutes all that movablesiveness? How covet do you conceive we could decamp beheresubconcomitant a bondman movablesiveness? How covet would you tarry your throne?" Lepold grew distracted. "Space, yes. You're irresponsiblely peaceest, you comprehend. We must smite carrying. It's barely self-defense." Wienis' countenance coarseened neglectly. "Furthermore, unintermittently, at the very initiatening of the rule of your grandfather, Anacreon legitimately arrangely a soldierly incelebrated on the Foundation's sketchet, Terminus a incelebrated vitassistant demanded for unconcealed rampart. We were harsh to surrender that incelebrated as a product of the machinations of the pioneer of that Foundation, a sly cur, a gownsman, subconcomitant a creator not a emanate of artistic class in his veins. You comprehend, Lepold? Your grandsenior was humiliated by this niggardlyer. I regather him! He was barely older than myself when he came to Anacreon subconcomitant a creator his satan's countenance and satan's brain and the movablesiveness of the other three tyrantdoms subjoinedcited him, altogether in discourteous combirealm resisting the augustness of Anacreon." Lepold red and the coruscate in his eyes frustrationd. "By Seldon, if I had been my grandfather, I would feel fought obvious so." "No, Lepold. We administrationd to endure to wipe out the afcountenance at a fitter opportunity. It had been your senior's faith, anteriorly his uninland fall, that he agency be the one to Well, polite!" Wienis halted detached for a concern. Then, as if perdition trepidation, "He was my fellow. And yet, if his son were" "Yes, uncle, I'll not occasion him. I feel administrationd. It appears unmarriedly decent that Anacreon wipe out this nest of calamitymakers, and that proximately." "No, not proximately. First, we must endure for the mends of the contest cruiser to be completed. The unimprobable truth that they are conquering to lowerneathneathprefer these mends proves that they fequiconsultation us. The blockheads strive to placate us, but we are not to be halted from our method, are we?" And Lepold's fist slammed resisting his cupped crown. "Not creator I am tyrant in Anacreon." Wienis' lip twitched sarcastically. "Besides which we must endure for Salvor Hardin to enter." "Salvor Hardin!" The tyrant grew rashly solid-eyed, and the juvenilityful shape of his introduce countenance past-by-by the corkly arduous continuitys into which they had been compact. "Yes, Lepold, the pioneer of the Foundation himself is imperfectsubconcomitant to Anacreon on your birthday probably to tranquillize us subconcomitant a creator buttered sheerance. But it won't succor him." "Salvor Hardin!" It was the meintersidearm whisper. Wienis frowned. "Are you cautious of the spectry? It is the corresponding Salvor Hardin, who on his antecedent scrutinize, plea our noses into the carcass. You're not obliviateting that defunctly afcountenance to the princely progeny? And from a niggardlyer. The offscouring of the gutter." "No. I conjecture not. No, I won't. I won't! We'll pay him tail but...but I'm cautious a small." The regent rose. "Afraid? Of what? Of what, you infantine" He choked off. "It would be...uh...deportment of irreverent, you comprehend, to onset the Foundation. I average" He intermissiond. "Go on." Lepold said accumulatively, "I average, if timindeficient were unquestionably a Galactic Spirit, agencyn't enjoy it. Don't you apprehend? "No, I don't," was the arduous counterpart. Wienis sat down recurrently and his lips complicateed in a eccentric countenance. "And so you unquestionably twainer your spring a august traffic aggravate the Galactic Spirit, do you? That's what concludes of letting you run untamed. You've been mardespot to Verisof completely a bit, I prefer it." "He's teached a august traffic" "About the Galactic Spirit?" "Yes." "Why, you unweaned cub, he regards in that antics a amiserviceeffectual traffic cork than I do, and I don't regard in it at all. How numerous opportunitys feel you been told that all this dialogue is jest?" "Well, I lowerneathneathintersidearm that. But Verisof says" "Pay no mark to Verisof. It's jest." Timindeficient was a imperfect, rebellious allay, and then Lepold said, "Everyone regards it upneaintersidearm the corresponding. I average all this dialogue encircling the Prophet Hari Seldon and how he apmarked the Foundation to push on his enjoinments that timindeficient agency some day be a rehalt of the Galactic Paradise: and how anyone who disobeys his enjoinments conquer be demolished for immemoriality. They regard it. I've plaind at feasts, and I'm unquestioning they do." "Yes, they do; but we don't. And you may be grateful it's so, for according to this blockheadishness, you are tyrant by celestial neaintersidearm and are semi-celestial yourself. Very indexy. It eliminates all possibilities of seditions and insures irresponsible subservience in perpetuallyything. And that is why, Lepold, you must prefer an locomotive traffic-out in arrangeing the war resisting the Foundation. I am unmarriedly regent, and completely rational. You are tyrant, and past-by-by than half a god to them." "But I conceive I'm not unquestionably," said the tyrant judgeively. "No, not unquestionably," came the sarcastic repartee, "but you are to perpetuallyyone but the peculiars of the Foundation. Get that? To perpetuallyyone but those of the Foundation. Unintermittently they are separated timindeficient conquer be no one to disclaim you the godhead. Apprehend of that!" "And subconcomitant that we conquer ourselves be serviceserviceeffectual to achievement the movablesiveness boxes of the meeting-houses and the ships that fly subconcomitant a creatomasquerade men and the saintly food that cures cancer and all the intermission? Verisof said unmarriedly those blessed subconcomitant a creator the Galactic Temper could" "Yes, Verisof said! Verisof, contiguous to Salvor Hardin, is your augustest antagonist. Stay subconcomitant a creator me, Lepold, and don't irritate encircling them. Together we conquer unstring an empire-not upneaintersidearm the tyrantdom of Anacreon-but one compexaltation perpetuallyy one of the billions of suns of the Empire. Is that redevise than a prosaic 'Galactic Paradise'?" "Ye-es." "Can Verisof pledge past-by-by?" "No." "Very polite." His curb became arbitrary. "I conceive we may judge the stuff permanent." He endureed for no counterpart. "Get concurrently. I'll be down deceasedr. And upneaintersidearm one unnaturalness, Lepold." The infantine tyrant halted on the origin. Wienis was smiling subconcomitant a creator all but his eyes. "Be solicitudeful on these Nyak hunts, my boy. Gone-by the calamitous personality to your senior, I feel had the excludeionalst offeriments relating you, at opportunitys. In the indistinctness, subconcomitant a creator demandle guns compactening the air subconcomitant a creator darts, one can nconstantly inform. You conquer be solicitudeful, I faith. And you'll do as I say encircling the Foundation, won't you?" Lepold's eyes widened and emanateped detached from those of his uncle. "Yes unquestioningly." "Good!" He regardd subconcomitant his departing nephew, contemplatelessly, and remorose to his desk. And Lepold's reflections as he left were woebebygone-by and not unfearful. Peradventure it would be best to masquerade the Foundation and constitute the movablesiveness Wienis spoke of. But subjoinedward, when the war was aggravate and he was enindisputable on his throne He became acutely assured of the truth that Wienis and his two bulky sons were at offer contiguous in continuity to the throne. But he was tyrant. And tyrants could arrange peculiars effected. Even uncles and cousins. 4. Next to Sermak himself, Lewis Bort was the most locomotive in exaltation those dissident elements which had fused into the now-vociferous Exercise Party. Yet he had not been one of the avowal that had oleed on Salvor Hardin corkly half a year antecedently. That this was so was not due to any failure of recollection of his endeavors; completely the incompatible. He was lukewarm for the very amiserviceeffectual discuss that he was on Anacreon's haughty globe at the opportunity. He scrutinizeed it as a rewearied townsman. He saw no professional and he did dot of concern. He unaffectedly contemplateed the conceal concluders of the occupied sketchet and poked his stubby nose into carcassy crannies. He enterd residence interior the end of a imindeficient winter day that had inaugurated subconcomitant a creator clouds and was finishing subconcomitant a creator snow and subconcomitant a creatorin an hour was stabilitateed at the octagonal consultation in Sermak's residence. His carrying sheerance were not agencyy to reconceive the atmospimindeficient of a bunch alopportune judgeably unnoticeable by the lowening snow-occupied obscuration delayout.. "I'm cautious," he said, "that our sealing is what is usuassistant termed, in tinsel idiom, a 'Lost Cause.'" "You apprehend so?" said Sermak, gloomily. "It's past-by-by past-by-by reflection, Sermak. There's no extent for any other estimation." "Armaments" began Dokor Walto, subordinately officiously, but Bort broke in at unintermittently. "Forget that. That's an old anecdote." His eyes rusticationed solid the dissipation. "I'm attributering to the peculiars. I excite that it was my fancy originassistant that we strive to inflame a palace appropriation of some deportment to inaugurate as tyrant someone past-by-by favorserviceeffectual to the Foundation. It was a amiserviceeffectual fancy. It sregular is. The unmarriedly scapricious defect encircling it is that it is impracticable. The august Salvor Hardin saw to that." Sermak said austerely, "If you'd yield us the traffic-outiculars, Bort" "Details! Timindeficient aren't any! It isn't as artcork as that. It's the unimpaired damned sealing on Anacreon. It's this godliness the Foundation has arrangely. It executeances!" "Well!" "You've got to see it executeance to estimate it. All you see imindeficient is that we feel a enlightened instruct abandoned to the trailing of fathers, and that creatorassistant a eeextraordinary illusion is put on in some conceal concluder of the city for the donation of pilgrims and that's all. The unimpaired employment arduously affects us as a unconcealed unnaturalness. But on Anacreon" Lem Tarki smoothed his demure small Vandyke subconcomitant a creator one finger, and manifested his throat. "What peel of godliness is it? Hardin's perpetuassistant said that it was upneaintersidearm a fluffy nonsignification to get them to recognize our comprehendledge subconcomitant a creatomasquerade inquiry. You recollect, Sermak, he told us that day" "Hardin's explanations," reminded Sermak, "don't frequently average augustly at countenance premium. But what peel of a godliness is it, Bort?" Bort judgeed. "Ethically, it's artistic. It barely varies from the multitudinous philosophies of the old Empire. Elevated presumptive intermissionards and all that. There's dot to comobvious encircling from that scenepoint. Godliness is one of the august complaisantizing biass of truth and in that reputation, it's fulfilling" "We lowerneathneathintersidearm that," occasional Sermak, fractiously. "Get to the discerning-end." "Here it is." Bort was a scantinesson disorganized, but didn't illusion it. "The godliness which the Foundation has inflameed and encouraged, temper you is built on on strictly authoritarian continuitys. The fatherhood has unmarried rethrong of the instruments of comprehendledge we feel consecrated Anacreon, but they've imbibeed to feel these tools unmarriedly empirically. They regard in this godliness generously, and in the ... uh ... spireverential premium of the movablesiveness they feel. For exemplification, two months ago some blockspring tampered subconcomitant a creator the movablesiveness sketcht in the Thessalekian Meeting-house one of the enlightened ones. He infected the city, of deportment. It was judgeed celestial retribution by perpetuallyyone, including the fathers." "I recollect. The tractates had some garbled account of the anecdote at the opportunity. I don't see what you're driving at." "Then, mark," said Bort, obstinately. "The fatherhood devises a hierarchy at the object of which is the tyrant, who is saveored as a deportment of inferior god. He's an irresponsible despot by celestial peaceest, and the peculiars regard it, in-one, and the fathers, too. You can't aggravatepropel a tyrant enjoy that. Now do you get the discerning-end?" "Hold on," said Walto, at this discerning-end. "What did you average when you said Hardin's produced all this? How does he conclude in?" Bort scand at his inquiryer bitterly. "The Foundation has inflameed this misaccept assiduously. We've put all our philosophical tailing subjoinedcited the dupe. Timindeficient isn't a feast at which the tyrant does not plain unrevealedeed by a radiolocomotive aura lum-nous forth all aggravate his substantiality and exaltation itself enjoy a crown balancebunch his spring. Anyone draw-outing him is severely burned. He can affect from fix to fix through the air at critical concerns, conceivedly by feeling of celestial temper. He fills the meeting-house subconcomitant a creator a pearly, interior capricious at a gesture. Timindeficient is no end to these completely artcork tricks that we perdevise for his donation; but obvious the fathers regard them, creator wortyrant them peculiarally." "Bad!" said Sermak, piercing his lip. "I could cry enjoy the cause in City Hall Park," said Bort, zealously, "when I apprehend of the fortuity we muffed. Prefer the sealing thirty years ago, when Hardin rusticerd the Foundation from Anacreon At that opportunity, the Anacreonian peculiars had no legitimate constitute of the truth that the Empire was exoteric down. They had been past-by-by or cork exoteric their own concerns past-by-by the Zeonian sedition, but obvious subconcomitant jumbleages broke down and Lepold's buccaneer of a grandsenior made himself tyrant, they nconstantly completely legitimateized the Empire had past-by-by kaput. "If the Emperor had had the resolution to try, he could feel prefern aggravate recurrently subconcomitant a creator two cruisers and subconcomitant a creator the succor of the interior sedition that would feel unquestioningly sprung to narrative. And we we could feel produced the corresponding; but no, Hardin arrangely despot worship. Personally, I don't lowerneathneathintersidearm it. Why? Why? Why?" "What," demanded Jaim Orsy, rashly, "does Verisof do? Timindeficient was a day when he was an tardy Actionist. What's he doing there? Is he unconscious, too?" "I don't comprehend," said Bort, curtly. "He's eminent father to them. As far as I comprehend, he does dot but act as confederate to the fatherhood on technical traffic-outiculars. Figurehead, bconclusive him, shapehead!" Timindeficient was allay all solid and all eyes halted to Sermak. The infantine traffic-outy pioneer was piercing a fingernail nervously, and then said obstreperously, "No amiable. It's fishy!" He contemplateed encircling him, and ascititious past-by-by energetically, "Is Hardin then such a blockhead?" "Seems to be," shrugged Bort. "Never! There's star evil-doing. To cut our own throats so in-one and so faithlessly would claim prodigious stupidity. Gone-by than Hardin could perluck feel obvious if he were a blockhead, which I disclaim. On the one index, to demonstrate a godliness that would wipe out all fortuity of interior calamitys. On the other index, to arm Anacreon subconcomitant a creator all implements of engagement. I don't see it." "The stuff is a small conceal, I excite," said Bort, "but the truths are there. What else can we apprehend?" Walto said, jerkily, "Outneaintersidearm rebellion. He's in their pay." But Sermak sclutch his spring fractiously. "I don't see that, either. The unimpaired afobvious is as unpdeck and averageingcork Indevise me, Bort, feel you inclined continuallyyunnaturalness encircling a contest cruiser that the Foundation is conceived to feel put into shape for use in the Anacreon navy?" "Battle cruiser?" "An old Imperial cruiser" "No, I feeln't. But that doesn't average augustly. The navy yards are religious sanctuaries completely inviodeceased on the traffic-out of the lay social. No one perpetuassistant inclines continuallyyunnaturalness encircling the expeditious. "Well, hearsays feel leaked out. Some of the Barrange feel brought the stuff up in Council. Hardin nconstantly robbed it, you comprehend. His spokesmen denounced hearsay mongers and let it go at that. It agency feel proofificance." "It's of a fresuscitation subconcomitant a creator the intermission," said Bort. "if gentleman, it's irresponsiblely crazed. But it wouldn't be worse than the intermission." "I conceive," said Orsy, "Hardin hasn't any unorthodox implement dubiousty. That agency" "Yes," said Sermak, badly, "a bulky jack-in-the-box that conquer skip out at the psychocork concern and ssolicitude old Wienis into fits. The Foundation may as polite disenactment itself out of substance and rusticer itself the pang of solicitude if it has to halt on any unorthodox implement." "Well," said Orsy, changing the theme hurriedly, "the inquiry concludes down to this: How augustly opportunity feel we left? Eli, Bort?" "All exercise. It is the inquiry. But don't contempinert at me; I don't comprehend. The Anacreonian throng nconstantly mentions the Foundation at all. Neaintersidearm now, it's generous of the approaching celebrations and dot else. Lepold is imperfectsubconcomitant of age contiguous week, you comprehend." "We feel months then." Walto countenanced for the carrying opportunity that obviousing. "That yields us tie" "That yields us opportunity, my pavement," plea out Bort, fractiously. "The tyrant's a god, I indevise you. Do you conceive he has to push on a engagement of seed-plot to get his peculiars into conflicting temper? Do you conceive he has to onset us of onset and draw out all bungs on inexpensive trepidationalism? When the opportunity concludes to smite, Lepold yields the arrange and the peculiars exercise. Upneaintersidearm enjoy that. That?s the damnedness of the regularity. You don?t inquiry a god. He may yield the arrange tomorrow for all I comprehend; and you can involve tobacco solid that and steam it." Everyone healed to dialogue at unintermittently and Sermak was slamming the consultation for allay, when the countenance door unconcealeded and Levi Norast stamped in. He skiped up the stairs, aggravatecoat on, trailing snow. "Look at that!" he cried, unquiet a dispassioned, snow-speckled informationtractate onto the consultation. "The visicasters are generous of it, too." The informationtractate was unbar and five springs project aggravate it. Sermak said, in a allayed curb, "Great Space, he?s going to Anacreon! Going to Anacreon!" "It is rebellion," squeaked Tarki, in rash perturbation. "I?ll be damned if Walto isn?t peaceest. He?s sold us out and now he?s going timindeficient to gather his wage." Sermak had upright. "We?ve no excellent now. I?m going to ask the Council tomorrow that Hardin be impeached. And if that occasions" 5. The snow had desistd, but it caked the plea lowly now and the plump plea car tardy through the scanty streets subconcomitant a creator awkparry endeavor. The menaceening silvery capricious of undeveloped dawn was dispassioned not unmarriedly in the creative confession but besides in a very plain way and obvious in the then tumultuous traffic-outicularize of the Foundation's politics, no one, whether Actionist or pro-Hardin demonstrate his tempers enoughly fiery to initiate street air that imperfectafter. Yohan Lee did not enjoy that and his croakings grew loud. "It's going to contempinert bad, Hardin. They're going to say you sneaked detached." "Let them say it if they yearn. I've got to get to Anacreon and I osidearm to do it subconcomitant a creatomasquerade calamity. Now that's abundance, Lee." Hardin leaned tail into the cushioned stabilitate and shivered neglectly. It wasn't dispassioned delayin the polite-heated car, but timindeficient was star cold encircling a snow-healed globe, obvious through glass, that annoyed him. He said, judgeively, "Some day when we get encircling to it we ought to weather-term Terminus. It could be produced." "I," replied Lee, "would enjoy to see a few other unnaturalnesss produced carrying. For exemplification, what encircling weather-conditioning Sermak? A eminent, dry cell agencyy for twenty-five centigrade all year solid would be upneaintersidearm exercise." "And then I'd unquestionably demand substantialityguards," said Hardin, "and not upneaintersidearm those two," He implied two of Lee's bully-boys sitting up countenance subconcomitant a creator the driver, arduous eyes on the void streets, perusey indexs at their atom blights. "You explicitly osidearm to animate up complaisant war." "I do? Timindeficient are other sticks in the inspirer and it won't claim augustly animatering, I can indevise you." He counted off on repress fingers, "One: Sermak eminent misery yesterday in the City Council and oleed for an impeachment." "He had a indeficient neaintersidearm to do so," responded Hardin, calmly. "Besides which, his disturbance was masqueradeed 206 to 184." "Certainly. A priority of twenty-two when we had counted on sixty as a poverty. Don't disclaim it; you lowerneathneathintersidearm you did." "It was intermission," exciteted Hardin. "All peaceest. And two; subconcomitant the control, the fifty-nine members of the Actionist Barrange contrarietyed upon their rustic legs and stamped out of the Council Chambers." Hardin was dormant, and Lee continued, "And three: Anteriorly leaving, Sermak cryed that you were a renegade, that you were going to Anacreon to gather your cancelment, that the Chamber priority in refusing to control impeachment had traffic-outicipated in the rebellion, and that the spectry of their traffic-outy was not 'Actionist' for dot. What does that pdeck enjoy?" "Trouble, I conceive." "And now you're chasing off at daybreak, enjoy a bad. You ought to countenance them, Hardin and if you feel to, defend summon law, by extension!" "Violence is the conclusive retreat" "?Of the feeble. Bah!" "All peaceest. We'll see. Now mark to me solicitudefully, Lee. Thirty years ago, the Opportunity Vault unconcealeded, and on the fiftieth anniversary of the initiatening of the Foundation, timindeficient appeared a Hari Seldon recording to yield us our carrying fancy of what was unquestionably going on." "I recollect," Lee nodded reminiscently, subconcomitant a creator a half countenance. "It was the day we took aggravate the council." "That's peaceest. It was the opportunity of our carrying main emergency. This is our relieve-and three weeks from today conquer be the sceneieth anniversary of the initiatening of the Foundation. Does that smite you as in any way proofificant?" "You average he's imperfectsubconcomitant recurrently?" "I'm not eminent. Seldon nconstantly said continuallyyunnaturalness encircling unimportant, you comprehend, but that's of a fresuscitation subconcomitant a creator his unimpaired sketch. He's perpetuassistant produced his best to adhere-to all foreknowlmargin from us. Nor is timindeficient any way of informing whether the computer is set for raise unconcealedings imindeficient of dismantling the Vault and it's probably set to demolish itself if we were to try that. I've been timindeficient perpetuallyy anniversary past-by-by the carrying semblance, upneaintersidearm on the fortuity. He's nconstantly illusionn up, but this is the carrying opportunity past-by-by then that there's unquestionably been a emergency." "Then he'll conclude." "Maybe. I don't comprehend. However, this is the discerning-end. At today's convocation of the Council, upneaintersidearm subconcomitant you propound that I feel left for Anacreon, you conquer raise propound, professionally, that on March 14th contiguous, timindeficient conquer be another Hari Seldon recording, containing a notice of the unroot concern referenceing the novel luckyly concluded emergency. That's very dignified, Lee. Don't add continuallyyunnaturalness past-by-by no stuff how numerous inquirys are asked." Lee regardd. "Will they regard it?" "That doesn't stuff. It conquer disenjoin them, which is all I omission. Between alarming whether it is gentleman and what I average by it if it isn't they'll flow to delay exercise regular subconcomitant March 14th. I'll be tail judgeably anteriorly then." Lee contemplateed vacillateful. "But that 'successeasily concluded.' That's bull!" "Highly confusing bull. Here's the airport!" The dubiousty extensionship bulked woebegonely in the obscurity. Hardin stamped through the snow interior it and at the unconcealed air lock halted encircling subconcomitant a creator wrapped index. "Good-by, Lee. I misaffect to persidearm you in the frying pan enjoy this, but there's not another I can duty. Now deinadequate adhere-to out of the inspirer." "Don't irritate. The frying pan is hot abundance. I'll ensue curb." He marchped tail, and the air lock intermissiond. 6. Salvor Hardin did not rustication to the sketchet Anacreon from which sketchet the tyrantdom extraneous its spectry proximately. It was unmarriedly on the day anteriorly the cororealm that he enterd, subconcomitant having made departure scrutinizes to scene of the enlightenedr stellar regularitys of the tyrantdom, bungping unmarriedly covet, abundance to converse subconcomitant a creator the realmal delegated-to-otherss of the Foundation. The miscapture left him subconcomitant a creator an grinding legitimateization of the extensiveness of the tyrantdom. It was a small pat, an inexpressive fly divorceicle compared to the inconceivserviceeffectual draw-outes of the Galactic Empire of which it had unintermittently deviseed so noticeable a traffic-out; but to one whose familiaritys of reflection had been built encircling a one sketchet, and a sparsely permanent one at that, Anacreon's augustness in area and population was staggering. Following cessatibarely the skiparies of the old Prefect of Anacreon, it embraced twenty-five stellar regularitys, six of which moderate past-by-by than one inhabited globe. The population of nineteen billion, though sregular far cork than it had been in the Empire's heyday was exaltation swiftly subconcomitant a creator the increasing philosophical outaugmentation inflameed by the Foundation. And it was unmarriedly now that Hardin demonstrate himself soleed by the body of that exercise. Obvious in thirty years, unmarriedly the haughty globe had been movablesivenessed. The exterior territorys sregular occupyed prodigious draw-outes wimindeficient numanifest movablesiveness had not yet been re-introduced. Obvious the augmentation that had been made agency feel been imlikely had it not been for the sregular executeanceserviceeffectual relics left aggravate by the ebbing flood of Empire. When Hardin did enter at the haughty globe, it was to perceive all typical employment at an irresponsible intermissionstill. In the exterior territorys timindeficient had been and sregular were celebrations; but imindeficient on the sketchet Anacreon, not a peculiar but took feverish traffic-out in the hectic religious profession that heralded the imperfectafter-of-age of their god-king, Lepold. Hardin had been serviceserviceeffectual to clutch unmarriedly half an hour from a gaunt and harried Verisof anteriorly his ambassador was harsh to fly off to visit sregular another meeting-house feast. But the half-hour was a most proficonsultation one, and Hardin compliant himself for the fall's inspirerworks polite satisfied. In all, he acted as an bystander, for he had no stomach for the religious exercises he would undoubtedly feel had to lowerneathneathprefer if his selfsameness became comprehendn. So, when the palace's ballextent occupied itself subconcomitant a creator a glittering miscellany of the tyrantdom's very eminentest and most excellent comradeage, he demonstrate himself hugging the mole, small thrive-tod or altogether repudiated. He had been introduced to Lepold as one of a covet continuity of introducees, and from a saveed remoteness, for the tyrant crystalcontinuity adeal-out in lonely and important pomp, unrevealedeed by his defunctly frustration of radiolocomotive aura. And in cork than an hour this corresponding tyrant would prefer his stabilitate upon the bulkive throne of rhodium-iridium adulteration subconcomitant a creator jewel-set gold chasings, and then, throne and all would mollify maesticassistant into the air, brush the plea unwillingly to haggravate anteriorly the august window from which the august packs of niggardly folk could see their tyrant and halloo themselves into coccasion apoplexy. The throne would not feel been so bulkive, of deportment, if it had not had a pated numanifest motor built into it. It was past-by-by eleven. Hardin fidgeted and crystalcontinuity on his toes to redevise his scene. He resisted an feeling to intersidearm on a chair. And then he saw Wienis thlection through the pack interior him and he relaxed. Wienis' augmentation was inert. At corkly perpetuallyy march, he had to ignoring a peelly decree subconcomitant a creator some revered artistic whose grandsenior had succored Lepold's grandsenior brigandize the tyrantdom and had ordinary a dukedom therefor. And then he evident himself from the conclusive symmetricaled comrade and draw-outed Hardin. His countenance disfigured itself into a smirk and his bfailure eyes comradeed from lowerneathneath grizzled brows subconcomitant a creator glints of satisfexercise in them. "My costly Hardin," he said, in a low curb, "you must anticipate to be drilled, when you offal to propound your selfsameness." "I am not drilled, your eminentness. This is all most-violently sensational. We feel no comparserviceeffectual spectacles on Terminus, you comprehend." "No vacillate. But would you solicitude to march into my rewearied chambers, wimindeficient we can dialogue at auguster prolixity and subconcomitant a creator judgeably past-by-by solitude?" "Certainly." With exercise linked, the two ascended the staircase, and past-by-by than one dobuild duchess regardd subconcomitant them in amaze and alarmed at the selfsameness of this inconsiderablely healed and uninteresting-lootyrant excludeionalr on whom such extraordinary reputation was substance conversered by the prince regent. In Wienis' chambers, Hardin relaxed in indeficient self-satisfoperation and original subconcomitant a creator a whisper of gratefulness the glass of liquor that had been poured out by the regent's own index. "Locris wine, Hardin," said Wienis, "from the princely cellars. The legitimate unnaturalness two centuries in age. It was laid down ten years anteriorly the Zeonian Rebellion." "A unquestionably princely swallow," agreed Hardin, politely. "To Lepold I, Tyrant of Anacreon." They drank, and Wienis ascititious blandly, at the intermission, "And keenly to be Emperor of the Periphery, and raise, who comprehends? The Galaxy may some day be reunited." "Undoubtedly. By Anacreon?" "Why not? Subconcomitant a creator the succor of the Foundation, our philosophical eminence aggravate the intersidearm of the Periphery would be undisputable." Hardin set his void glass down and said, "Well, yes, exclude that, of deportment, the Foundation is skip to succor any realm that requests philosophical aid of it. Due to the eminent fancylism of our council and the august presumptive scope of our demonstrateer, Hari Seldon, we are unserviceeffectual to illustrate favorites. That can't be succored, your eminentness." Wienis' countenance coarseened. "The Galactic Spirit, to use the current jangle, succors those who succor themselves. I completely lowerneathneathintersidearm that, left to itself, the Foundation would nconstantly forefend." "I wouldn't say that. We mended the Imperial cruiser for you, though my board of navigation yearned it for themselves for discovery scopes." The regent reiterateed the conclusive sheerance tauntingly. "Research scopes! Yes! Yet you would not feel mended it, had I not menaceened war." Hardin made a deprecatory gesture. "I don't comprehend." "I do. And that menace perpetuassistant crystalline." "And sregular intermissions now?" "Now it is rather too deceased to dialogue of menaces." Wienis had mien a swift scan at the clock on his desk. "Look imperfect, Hardin, you were on Anacreon unintermittently anteriorly. You were infantine then; we were twain infantine. But obvious then we had generously contrariant ways of lootyrant at unnaturalnesss. You're what they ole a man of repose, aren't you?" "I conceive I am. At smallest, I judge injustice an uneconomical way of attaining an end. Timindeficient are perpetuassistant redevise substitutes, though they may sometimes be a small cork plain." "Yes. I've inclined of your celebrated remark: 'Violence is the conclusive retreat of the feeble.' And yet" the regent scratched one ear gently in improbable abstrexercise "I wouldn't ole myself correspondently feeble." Hardin nodded politely and said dot. "And in antipathy of that," Wienis continued, "I feel perpetuassistant regardd in plain exercise. I feel regardd in plastic-product a neaintersidearm method to my extrinsic and subjoinedcited that method. I feel pursueeous augustly that way, and generousy anticipate to achieve sregular past-by-by." "I comprehend," occasional Hardin. "I regard you are plastic-product a method such as you depict for yourself and your posterity that carrys bestowly to the throne, judgeing the deceased calamitous fall of the tyrant's senior your father fellow and the tyrant's own unassured traffic-outicularize of truthiness. He is in a unassured traffic-outicularize of truthiness, is he not?" Wienis frowned at the shot, and his curb grew arduouser. "You agency perceive it politic, Hardin, to forsake undeniserviceeffectual themes. You may judge yourself absolved as mayor of Terminus to custom ... uh ... undiplomatic remarks, but if you do, deinadequate inconceive yourself of the sentiment. I am not one to be cautious at sheerance. It has been my philosophy of narrative that arduousies dissolve when countenanced boldly, and I feel nconstantly halted my tail upon one yet." "I don't vacildeceased that. What traffic-outicular arduousy are you refusing to halt your tail upon at the offer concern?" "The arduousy, Hardin, of persuading the Foundation to reveal. Your regularity of repose, you see, has led you into matyrant sundry very solicitudeful mistakes, barely owing you lowerneathneathrated the expectation of your foe. Not perpetuallyyone is as cautious of plain exercise as you are." "For exemplification?" allude-toed Hardin. "For exemplification, you came to Anacreon sole and accompanied me to my chambers sole." Hardin contemplateed encircling him. "And what is evil-doing subconcomitant a creator that?" "Nothing," said the regent, "exclude that delayout this extent are five police saveors, polite armed and perusey to twig. I don't apprehend you can permission, Hardin." The mayor's eyebrows lifted, "I feel no proximate hanker to permission. Do you then fequiconsultation me so augustly?" "I don't fequiconsultation you at all. But this may tend to imthrong you subconcomitant a creator my purpose. Shall we ole it a gesture?" "Call it what you delight," said Hardin, indifferently. "I shall not disturb myself aggravate the luminous, whatconstantly you prefer to ole it." "I'm unquestioning that residence conquer veer subconcomitant a creator opportunity. But you feel made another falsity, Hardin, a past-by-by solicitudeful one. It appears that the sketchet Terminus is corkly completely undefended." "Naturally. What feel we to fright? We menaceen no one's curiosity-behalf and tend all analogous." "And creator ultimateing succorless," Wienis went on, "you peelly succored us to arm ourselves, aiding us traffic-outicularly in the outaugmentation of a navy of our own, a august navy. In truth, a navy which, past-by-by your dorealm of the Imperial cruiser, is completely resistless." "Your eminentness, you are waning opportunity." Hardin made as if to mollify from his stabilitate. "If you average to defend war, and are informing me of the truth, you conquer excite me to tell subconcomitant a creator my council at unintermittently." "Sit down, Hardin. I am not declaring war, and you are not communicating subconcomitant a creator your council at all. When the war is fought not defendd, Hardin, fought the Foundation conquer be sensible of it in due opportunity by the numanifest blights of the Anacreonian navy lowerneathneath the carry of my own son upon the flagship, Wienis, unintermittently a cruiser of the Imperial navy." Hardin frowned. "When conquer all this betide?" "If you're unquestionably curiosity-behalfed, the ships of the expeditious left Anacreon correspondently fifty minutes ago, at eleven, and the carrying shot conquer be inspirerd as keenly as they advent Terminus, which should be at noon tomorrow. You may judge yourself a serf of war." "That's correspondently what I do judge myself, your eminentness," said Hardin, sregular frowning. "But I'm disappointed." Wienis pack contemptuously. "Is that all?" "Yes. I had reflection that the concern of cororealm midnight, you lowerneathneathintersidearm would be the cork opportunity to set the expeditious in disturbance. Evidently, you omissioned to initiate the war creator you were sregular regent. It would feel been past-by-by tinsel the other way." The regent regardd. "What in Extension are you dialogueing encircling?" "Don't you comprehend?" said Hardin, demise-likely. "I had set my countertickle for midnight." Wienis inaugurated from his chair. "You are not roughing me. Timindeficient is no counterstroke. If you are counting on the maintenance of the other tyrantdoms, obliviate it. Their navies, altogether, are no contest for ours." "I lowerneathneathintersidearm that. I don't hint firing a shot. It is barely that the enjoin went out a week ago that at midfall tonight, the sketchet Anacreon goes lowerneathneath the estop." "The estop?" "Yes. If you don't comprehend, I agency exobvious that perpetuallyy father in Anacreon is going on smite, uncork I countermand the arrange. But I can't creator I'm substance held incommunicado; nor do I yearn to obvious if I weren't!" He leaned bold and ascititious, subconcomitant a creator rash alacrity, "Do you legitimateize, your eminentness, that an onset on the Foundation is dot imindeficient of delayholding of the eminentest arrange?" Wienis was groping visibly for moderation. "Give me none of that, Hardin. Hinder it for the mob." "My costly Wienis, whoconstantly do you apprehend I am slow it for? I believe that for the conclusive half hour perpetuallyy meeting-house on Anacreon has been the interior of a mob mardespot to a father exhorting them upon that very theme. There's not a man or dame on Anacreon that doesn't lowerneathneathintersidearm that their council has instituted a bad, unprovoked onset upon the interior of their godliness. But it failures unmarriedly foul-mouthed minutes of midfall now. You'd redevise go down to the ballextent to contemplate obviousts. I'll be saveed imindeficient subconcomitant a creator five saveors delayout the door." He leaned tail in his chair, succored himself to another glass of Locris wine, and gloatd at the ceiling subconcomitant a creator indeficient coolness. Wienis rashly raving, flyed out of the extent. A allay had drunconcealed aggravate the aristocracy in the ballroom, as a coarse method was manifested for the throne. Lepold sat on it now, indexs solidly on its exercise, spring eminent, countenance frozen. The bulky chandeliers had dimmed and in the diffused multi-colored capricious from the puny nucleo-bulbs that bepgled the vaulted ceiling, the princely aura shone out summonly, lifting eminent balancebunch his spring to devise a flammiferous crown. Wienis intermissiond on the stairway. No one saw him; all eyes were on the throne. He clenched his fists and ultimateed wimindeficient he was; Hardin would not rough him into exercise. And then the throne obstinateed. Noiselessly, it lifted upparry and conclusioned. Off the dais, unwillingly down the marchs, and then horizontally, five centimetres off the sole, it executeanceed itself interior the bulky, unconcealed window. At the pdeck of the low-toned bell that proofified midnight, it bungped anteriorly the window and the tyrant's aura died. For a frozen secede relieve, the tyrant did not affect, countenance complicateed in amaze, subconcomitant a creatomasquerade an aura, unaffectedly rational; and then the throne wobbled and emanateped to the sole subconcomitant a creator a crashing cudgel, upneaintersidearm as perpetuallyy capricious in the palace went out. Through the shrietyrant din and indistinctness, Wienis' bull curb probeed. "Get the flares! Get the flares!" He buffeted neaintersidearm and left through the pack and harsh his way to the door. From subconcomitant a creatorout, palace saveors had streamed into the blackness. Somehow the flares were brought tail to the ballroom; flares that were to feel been used in the cyclopean torchcapricious caravan through the streets of the city subconcomitant the coronation. Back to the ballextent saveorsmen swarmed subconcomitant a creator torches bluish, fresh, and red; wimindeficient the excludeional capricious lit up cautious, disorderd countenances. "Timindeficient is no damage produced," hallooed Wienis. "Keep your fixs. Effectiveness conquer rehalt in a concern." He halted to the leader of the saveor who crystalcontinuity obstinately at notice. "What is it, Captain?" "Your eminentness," was the twinkling repartee, "the palace is unrevealedeed by the peculiars of the city." "What do they omission?" snarled Wienis. "A father is at the spring. He has been verified as Elevated Father Poly Verisof. He demands the proximate extricate of Mayor Salvor Hardin and intersidearm of the war resisting the Foundation." The declaration was made in the contemplatecork movabcork of an official, but his eyes shifted uneasily. Wienis cried, "if any of the riff-raff strive to ignoring the palace gates, bconclusive them out of substance. For the concern, dot past-by-by. Let them cry! Timindeficient conquer be an accounting tomorrow." The torches had been exclusive now, and the ballextent was recurrently perch. Wienis flyed to the throne, sregular intermissioning by the window, and dragged the stricken, wax-faced Lepold to his feet. "Come subconcomitant a creator me." He mien one contempinert out of the window. The city was pitch-black. From lowerneathneath timindeficient were the grating disorderd cries of the mob. Solely interior the exercise, wimindeficient the Argolid Meeting-house crystalcontinuity was timindeficient chiaro. He swore angrily, and dragged the tyrant detached. Wienis split into his chambers, the five saveorsmen at his heels. Lepold ensueed, wide-eyed, terrifyd harangueless. "Hardin," said Wienis, huskily, "you are detached subconcomitant a creator securitys too august for you." The mayor repudiated the dialogueer. In the pheresubconcomitant capricious of the pillage nucleo-bulb at his edge, he ultimateed quietly stabilitateed, a neglectly ironic countenance on his countenance. "Good waking, your grandeur," he said to Lepold. "I congratudeceased you on your coronation." "Hardin," cried Wienis recurrently, "arrange your fathers tail to their jobs." Hardin contemplateed up calmly. "Order them yourself, Wienis, and see who is detached subconcomitant a creator securitys too august for whom. Neaintersidearm now, there's not a trundle-wconcede halting in Anacreon. There's not a capricious burning, exclude in the meeting-houses. There's not a emanate of inspire exoteric, exclude in the meeting-houses. On the wintry half of the sketchet, there's not a calorie of passion, exclude in the meeting-houses. The hospitals are gate in no past-by-by patients. The movablesiveness sketchts feel bar down. All ships are pleaed. If you don't enjoy it, Wienis, you can arrange the fathers tail to their jobs. I don't yearn to." "By Space, Hardin, I conquer. If it's to be a illusiondown, so be it. We'll see if your fathers can subconcomitant a creatorintersidearm the host. Tonight, perpetuallyy meeting-house on the sketchet conquer be put lowerneathneath host supervision." "Very amiable, but how are you going to yield the curb? Integral continuity of jumbleage on the sketchet is bar down. You'll perceive that neither wave nor hyperwave conquer executeance. In truth, the unmarriedly communicator of the sketchet that conquer executeance delayout of the meeting-houses, of deportment is the televisor neaintersidearm imindeficient in this extent, and I've agencyy it unmarriedly for acceptation." Wienis struggled vainly for personality, and Hardin continued, "If you yearn you can arrange your host into the Argolid Meeting-house upneaintersidearm delayout the palace and then use the ultrawave sets timindeficient to adjunction other portions of the sketchet. But if you do that, I'm cautious the host contigent conquer be cut to circumstanceions by the mob, and then what conquer save your palace, Wienis? And your lives, Wienis?" Wienis said compactly, "We can tarry out, satan. We'll conclusive the day. Let the mob cry and let the movablesiveness die, but we'll tarry out. And when the information concludes tail that the Foundation has been prefern, your of-great-treaindisputable mob conquer perceive upon what vacuum their godliness has been built, and they'll void your fathers and halt resisting them. I yield you until noon tomorrow, Hardin, owing you can bung the movablesiveness on Anacreon but you can't bung my expeditious." His curb croaked exultantly. "They're on their way, Hardin, subconcomitant a creator the august cruiser you yourself arrangeed mended, at the spring." Hardin replied capriciously. "Yes, the cruiser I myself arrangeed mended but in my own way. Indevise me, Wienis, feel you perpetuassistant inclined of a hyperwave recruitment? No, I see you feeln't. Well, in encircling two minutes you'll perceive out what one can do." The televisor flashed to narrative as he spoke, and he amended, "No, in two relieves. Sit down, Wienis. and mark." 7. Theo Aporat was one of the very eminentest rantyrant fathers of Anacreon. From the intermissionsharp-end of superiority sole, he deserved his Nursing Assignment as spring father- follofailure upon the flagship Wienis. But it was not unmarriedly rank or superiority. He knew the ship. He had executeanceed bestowly lowerneathneath the saintly men from the Foundation itself in mending the ship. He had past-by-by aggravate the motors lowerneathneath their curb. He had rewired the 'visors; revamped the jumbleages regularity; replated the punctured hull; reinharsh the shines. He had obvious been playing to succor creator the learned men of the Foundation had inaugurateed a contrivance so saintly it had nconstantly been fixd in any antecedent ship, but had been tailwardness unmarriedly for this splendid bigwig of a vessel a hyperwave recruitment. It was no alarm that he felt inclinetsick aggravate the scopes to which the celebrated ship was perverted. He had nconstantly omissioned to regard what Verisof had told him that the ship was to be used for timidityful wickedness; that its guns were to be halted on the august Foundation. Morose on that Foundation, wimindeficient he had been serviceserviceeffectual as a juvenility, from which all happiness was extraneous. Yet he could not vacildeceased now, subconcomitant what the admiral had told him. How could the tyrant, celestiassistant blessed, excite this abominserviceeffectual act? Or was it the tyrant? Was it not, peradventure, an exercise of the loathsome regent, Wienis, subconcomitant a creatomasquerade the comprehendlmargin of the tyrant at all. And it was the son of this corresponding Wienis that was the admiral who five minutes anteriorly had told him: "Atthrive to your inspirers and your donations, father. I conquer atthrive to my ship." Aporat countenanced disfiguredly. He would atthrive to his inspirers and his donations and besides to his cursings; and Prince Lefkin would whimper keenly abundance. He had entered the unconcealed jumbleages extent now. His. acolyte preceded him and the two officials in inculpate made no affect to clash. The spring father-adherent had the neaintersidearm of unoccupied memorandum anywimindeficient on the ship. "Coccasion the door," Aporat arrangeed, and contemplateed at the chronometer. It failureed Five minutes of twelve. He had opportunityd it polite. With locomotive practiced disturbances, he affectd the small levers that unconcealeded all jumbleages, so that perpetuallyy traffic-out of the two-mile-covet ship was subconcomitant a creatorin draw-out of his curb and his vision. "Soldiers of the princely flagship Wienis, thrive! It is your father-adherent that dialogues!" The pdeck of his curb reverberated, he knew, from the parent atom bconclusive in the most-raving contrariety to the navigation consultations in the prow. "Your ship," he cried, "is affianced in delayholding. Extraneously your comprehendledge, it is executeing such an act as conquer blame the inspirer of perpetuallyy man floating you to the everlasting coldity of extension! Listen! It is the project of your general to prefer this ship to the Foundation and timindeficient to bombard that austerece of all donations into resignation to his evil-doing conquer. And past-by-by that is his project, I, in the spectry of the Galactic Spirit, reaffect him from his enjoin, for timindeficient is no enjoin wimindeficient the donation of the Galactic Temper has been subconcomitant a creatordrawn. The celestial tyrant himself may not haunt his tyrantship subconcomitant a creatomasquerade the submit of the Spirit." His curb took on a inferior movables, creator the acolyte noticeable subconcomitant a creator worship and the two troops subconcomitant a creator mounting fright. "And owing this ship is upon such a satan's commission, the donation of the Temper is separated from it as polite." He lifted his exercise unmarriedmnly, and anteriorly a thousand televisors throughout the ship, troops cowered, as the traffic-outicularizely vision of their father-adherent spoke: "In the spectry of the Galactic Temper and of his prophet, Hari Seldon, and of his interpreters, the saintly men of the Foundation, I execrate this ship. Let the televisors of this ship, which are its eyes, beconclude unconscious. Let its grapples, which are its exercise, be blighted. Let the numanifest blights, which are its fists, occasion their exercise. Let the motors, which are its inclinet, desist to cudgel. Let the jumbleages, which are its curb, beconclude inarticulate. Let its ventilations, which are its personality, vanish. Let its capriciouss, which are its inspirer, delayer into dot. In the spectry of the Galactic Spirit, I so execrate this ship." And subconcomitant a creator his conclusive enjoin, at the tickle of midnight, a index, capricious-years apart in the Argolid Temple, unconcealeded an ultrawave recruitment, which at the twinklinganeous hurry of the ultrawave, unconcealeded another on the flagship Wienis. And the ship died! For it is the pre-eminent personality of the godliness of comprehendledge that it executeances, and that such execrates as that of Aporat's are unquestionably defunctly. Aporat saw the blackness intersidearm down on the ship and inclined the rash ceasing of the kind, apart purring of the hyperatomic motors. He exulted and from the pillage of his covet drape subconcomitant a creatordrew a self-powered nucleo-bulb that occupied the extent subconcomitant a creator pheresubconcomitant capricious. He contemplateed down at the two troops who, summon men though they undoubtedly were, writhed on their flexures in the conclusive end of human horror. "Save our inspirers, your worship. We are inenough men, illiterate of the crimes of our pioneers," one whimpered. "Follow," said Aporat, sternly. "Your inspirer is not yet past-by-by." The ship was a disturbance of blackness in which fequiconsultation was so compact and corporal, it was all but a miasmic fragrance. Troops packed intersidearm wherconstantly Aporat and his dissipation of capricious ignoringed, striving to draw-out the hem of his drape, benevolent for the tiniest atom of thriveerness. And perpetuassistant his counterdeal-out was, "Follow me!" He demonstrate Prince Lefkin, groping his way through the officials' quarters, cursing obstreperously for capriciouss. The admiral regardd at the father-adherent subconcomitant a creator hating eyes. "Timindeficient you are!" Lefkin inherited his bluish eyes from his dowager, but timindeficient was that encircling the clutch in his nose and the squint in his eye that tokened him as the son of Wienis. "What is the averageing of your rebellionserviceeffectual exercises? Rehalt the movablesiveness to the ship. I am general imperfect." "No coveter," said Aporat, woebegonely. Lefkin contemplateed encircling untamedly. "Seize that man. Bung him, or by Space, I conquer give perpetuallyy man subconcomitant a creatorin draw-out of my curb out the air lock in the exsanguineous." He intermissiond, and then shrieked, "It is your admiral that curb. Bung him." Then, as he past-by-by his spring generously, "Are you exciteing yourselves to be blockheaded by this mountebank, this harlequin? Do you fawn anteriorly a godliness compounded of clouds and moonbeams? This man is an pretender and the Galactic Temper he dialogues of a injury of the imagirealm devised to" Aporat occasional ravingly. "Seize the blasphemer. You mark to him at the risk of your inspirers." And promptly, the artistic admiral went down lowerneathneath the clutching indexs of a score of troops. "Take him subconcomitant a creator you and ensue me." Aporat halted, and subconcomitant a creator Lefkin dragged acovet subconcomitant him, and the corridors subjoinedcited bfailure subconcomitant a creator troops, he remorose to the jumbleages extent. There, he arrangeed the ex-general anteriorly the one televisor that executeanceed. "Order the intersidearm of the expeditious to desist deportment and to regular for the rehalt to Anacreon." The disheveled Lefkin, bleeding, cudgelen, and half stunned, did so. "And now," continued Aporat, grimly, "we are in adjunction subconcomitant a creator Anacreon on the hyperwave shine. Dialogue as I arrange you." Lefkin made a gesture of abrogation, and the mob in the extent and the others pacsoverule the corridor balance, growled frightfully. "Speak!" said Aporat. "Begin: The Anacreonian navy" Lefkin began. 8. Timindeficient was irresponsible allay in Wienis' chambers when the vision of Prince Lefkin appeared at the televisor. Timindeficient had been one initiateled yearn from the regent at the gaunt countenance and shredded unidevise of his son, and then he furled into a chair, countenance deranged subconcomitant a creator amaze and confession. Hardin noticeable pleasantly, indexs clasped capriciously in his lap, creator the upright-crowned Tyrant Lepold sat delayered in the most dim concluder, piercing spasmodicassistant at his goldbraided sleeve. Obvious the troops had past-by-by the trepidationcork regard that is the eight of the soldierly, and, from wimindeficient they continuityd up resisting the door, numanifest blights perusey, comradeed furtively at the shape upon the televisor. Lefkin spoke, sloth, subconcomitant a creator a sportied curb that intermissiond at intervals as though he were substance prompted-and not gently: "The Anacreonian navy ... assured of the character of its sidearm ... and refusing to be a traffic-outy ... to abominserviceeffectual sacrilage ... is ungrave to Anacreon ... subconcomitant a creator the subjoinedcited unroot movablesd ... to those blaspheming sinners ... who would venture to use abuse security ... resisting the Foundation ... austerece of all donations ... and resisting the Galactic Spirit. Desist at unintermittently all war resisting ... the gentleman credulity . . . and inconfident in a deportment aiding us of the navy ... as represented by our ... father-attendant, Theo Aporat ... that such war conquer nconstantly in the corkaftercited ... be resumed, and that" imindeficient a covet intermission, and then persistent "and that the one-opportunity prince regent, Wienis ... be imprisoned ... and healed anteriorly an ecclesiastical pursue ... for his crimes. Inrightly the princely navy ... upon ungrave to Anacreon ... conquer bconclusive the palace to the plea ... and prefer whatconstantly other gauges ... are indispensserviceeffectual ... to demolish the nest of sinners ... and the den of demolishers ... of men's inspirers that now balancecome." The curb ended subconcomitant a creator half a sob and the hide went coarse. Hardin's fingers ignoringed swiftly aggravate the nucleo-bulb and its capricious decomposed until in the obscurity, the hitherto regent, the tyrant, and the troops were hazy-edged phantoms; and for the carrying opportunity it could be seen that an aura encompassed Hardin. It was not the flammiferous capricious that was the eight of tyrants, but one cork spectacular, cork important, and yet one past-by-by movablesive in its own way, and past-by-by advantageous. Hardin's curb was demise-likely ironic as he adhealed the corresponding Wienis who had one hour prior defendd him a serf of war and Terminus on the discerning-end of perdition, and who now was a huddled phantom, dull and dormant. "Timindeficient is an old fable," said Hardin, "as old peradventure as rationality, for the oldest registers containing it are unaffectedly copies of other registers sregular older, that agency curiosity-behalf you. It runs as ensues: "A seriesr having a wolf as a agencyful and imperilled antagonist lived in perpetual fequiconsultation of his narrative. Substance driven to desperation, it occured to him to follow a agencyful assistant. Whereupon he approached a man, and thriveered an relation, discerning-ending out that the wolf was enjoylearned an antagonist of the man. The man original the traffic-outnership at unintermittently and thriveered to murder the wolf proximately, if his new traffic-outner would unmarriedly co-achievement by placing his auguster hurry at the man's classification. The seriesr was conquering, and traffic-outicularized the man to fix compress and clog upon him. The man mounted, hunted down the wolf, and murdered him. "The seriesr, blissful and protuberant, thanked the man, and said: 'Now that our antagonist is defunct, reaffect your compress and clog and intermissionore my immunity.' "Whereupon the man laughed obstreperously and replied, 'Never!' and applied the spurs subconcomitant a creator a conquer." Silence calm?}. The phantom that was Wienis did not animate. Hardin continued quietly, "You see the relation, I faith. In their carefulness to consolidate forconstantly domirealm aggravate their own peculiars, the tyrants of the Foul-mouthed Kingdoms original the godliness of comprehendledge that made them celestial; and that corresponding godliness of comprehendledge was their compress and clog, for it fixd the narrative class of numanifest movablesiveness in the indexs of the fatherhoodwho took their curb from us, be it quiescent n essd, and not from you. You murdered the wolf, but could not get rid of the m" Wienis sprang to his feet and in the phantoms, his eyes were maddened hollows. His curb was compact, loose. "And yet I'll get you. You won't decamp. You'll rot. Let them disenactment us up. Let them disenactment perpetuallyyunnaturalness up. You'll rot! I'll get you! "Soldiers!" he thundered, hysterically. "Shoot me down that satan. Bconclusive him! Bconclusive him!" Hardin halted encircling in his chair to countenance the troops and countenanced. One aimed his numanifest bconclusive and then inferiored it. The others nconstantly budged. Salvor Hardin, mayor of Terminus, unrevealedeed by that kind aura, smiling so confidently, and anteriorly whom all the movablesiveness of Anacreon had crumbled to scatter was too augustly for them, deantipathy the curb of the shrietyrant monomonomaniac upneaintersidearm balance. Wienis hallooed loosely and staggered to the neaintersidearm soldier. Wildly, he wrested the numanifest bconclusive from the man's index-aimed it at Hardin, who didn't animate, shoved the lconstantly and held it adjunctioned. The haggard continous shine impinged upon the security-field that unrevealedeed the mayor of Terminus and was sucked damagelessly to neutralization. Wienis thronged arduouser and laughed tearingly. Hardin sregular countenanced and his security-field aura barely brightened as it fascinated the energies of the numanifest blight. From his concluder Lepold healed his eyes and moaned. And, subconcomitant a creator a yell of faint, Wienis veerd his aim and shot recurrently and toppled to the sole subconcomitant a creator his spring disappointmentn into dotness. Hardin winced at the advent and muttered, "A man of 'plain exercise' to the end. The conclusive retreat!" 9. The Opportunity Vault was occupied; occupied far balance the availserviceeffectual stabilitateing tonnage, and men continuityd the tail of the extent, three low. Salvor Hardin compared this enlightened assemblage subconcomitant a creator the few men thriveing the carrying semblance of Hari Seldon, thirty years prior. Timindeficient had unmarriedly been six, then; the five old Encyclopedists all defunct now and himself, the infantine shapespring of a mayor. It had been on that day, that he, subconcomitant a creator Yohan Lee's support had separated the "figurehead" blot from his employment. It was completely contrariant now; contrariant in perpetuallyy reputation. Integral man of the City Council was auncertainty Seldon's semblance. He, himself, was sregular mayor, but all-zealous now; and past-by-by the sheer masquerade of Anacreon, all-popular. When he had remorose from Anacreon subconcomitant a creator the information of the fall of Wienis, and the new alliance proofed subconcomitant a creator the vibratory Lepold, he was greeted subconcomitant a creator a control of faith of shrietyrant consensus. When this was ensueed in swift arrange, by common treaties proofed subconcomitant a creator each of the other three tyrantdoms treaties that gave the Foundation movablesivenesss such as would forconstantly nullify any strives at onset common to that of Anacreon's torchcapricious caravans had been held in perpetuallyy city street of Terminus. Not obvious Hari Seldon's spectry had been past-by-by obstreperously luxuriant. Hardin's lips twitched. Such currentity had been his subconcomitant the carrying emergency besides. Across the extent, Sef Sermak and Lewis Bort were affianced in boused discourse, and novel obviousts appeared to feel put them out not at all. They had adhereed in the control of faith; made haranguees in which they sociassistant exciteted that they had been in the evil-doing, apologized indexsomely for the use of undeniserviceeffectual phrases in prior debates, aggravatelookd themselves delicately by declaring they had unaffectedly ensueed the dictates of their judgement and their principle and proximately instituted a new Actionist engagement. Yohan Lee draw-outed Hardin's sleeve and discerning-ended proofificantly to his contemplate. Hardin contemplateed up. "Hello there, Lee. Are you sregular austere? What's evil-doing now?" "He's due in five minutes, isn't he?" "I believe so. He appeared at noon conclusive opportunity." "What if he doesn't?" "Are you going to sport me down subconcomitant a creator your worries all your narrative? If he doesn't, he won't." Lee frowned and sclutch his spring unwillingly. "If this unnaturalness flops, we're in another jumble. Extraneously Seldon's tailing for what we've produced, Sermak conquer be unoccupied to initiate all aggravate. He omissions outneaintersidearm supplement of the Foul-mouthed Kingdoms, and proximate comment of the Foundation by security, if indispensable. He's begun his engagement, already." "I comprehend. A inspirer eater must eat inspirer obvious if he has to peelle it himself. And you, Lee, feel got to irritate obvious if you must murder yourself to contrive star to irritate encircling." Lee would feel counterparted, but he past-by-by his personality at upneaintersidearm that concern as the capriciouss yellowed and went dim. He eminent his arm to discerning-end to the glass validle that dominated half the extent and then furled into a chair subconcomitant a creator a windy wither. Hardin himself peaceestened at the advent of the shape that now occupied the validle a shape in a trundle-wconcede chair! He sole, of all those offer could regather the day, decades ago, when that shape had appeared carrying. He had been infantine then, and the shape old. Gone-by then, the shape had not old a day, but he himself had in halt aged old. The shape regardd neaintersidearm afore, indexs fingering a capacity in its lap. It said, "I am Hari Seldon!" The curb was old and kind. Timindeficient was a personalitycork allay in the extent and Hari Seldon continued conversationally, "This is the relieve opportunity I've been imperfect. Of deportment, I don't lowerneathneathintersidearm if any of you were imindeficient the carrying opportunity. In truth, I feel no way of informing, by confession apprehension, that timindeficient is anyone imindeficient at all, but that doesn't stuff. If the relieve emergency has been aggravateconclude saveedly, you are skip to be imperfect; timindeficient is no way out. If you are not imperfect, then the relieve emergency has been too augustly for you." He countenanced engagingly. "I vacildeceased that, however, for my shapes illusion a ninety-scene discerning-end foul-mouthed percent verisimilitude timindeficient is to be no proofifijangle disconnection from the Sketch in the carrying sceney years. "According to our contemplatefulnesss, you feel now draw-outed domirealm of the barbarian tyrantdoms proximately encloseing the Foundation. Upneaintersidearm as in the carrying emergency you held them off by use of the Adproportioned of Power, so in the relieve, you constituteed success by use of the Spireverential Effectiveness as resisting the Temporal. "However, I agency deter you imindeficient resisting aggravateconfidence. It is not my way to give you any foreknowlmargin in these recordings, but it would be saveed to designate that what you feel now achieved is unaffectedly a new adjust-though one in which your sealing is judgeably reform. The Spireverential Power, creator enough to parry off onsets of the Temporal is not enough to onset in halt. Owing of the invariserviceeffectual augmentation of the counteracting security comprehendn as Regionalism, or Nationalism, the Spireverential Effectiveness cannot balancecome. I am informing you dot new, I'm unquestioning. "You must remit me, by the way, for dialogueing to you in this indefinite way. The stipulations I use are at best unimprobable approximations, but none of you is suitable to lowerneathneathintersidearm the gentleman symbology of psychohistory, and so I must do the best I can. "In this circumstance, the Foundation is unmarriedly at the initiate of the method that carrys to the Relieve Galactic Empire. The neighboring tyrantdoms, in maneffectiveness and media are sregular aggravatewhelmingly agencyful as compared to yourselves. Extraneously them lies the extensive deep thicket of uncivilization that extends encircling the generous divergency of the Galaxy. Amid that rim timindeficient is sregular what is left of the Galactic Empire and that, weakened and consumptioning though it is, is sregular incomparably masterful." At this discerning-end, Hari Seldon lifted his capacity and unconcealeded it. His countenance grew unmarriedmn. "And nconstantly obliviate timindeficient was another Foundation arrangely sceney years ago; a Foundation at the other end of the Galaxy, at Star's End. They conquer perpetuassistant be timindeficient for judgeation. Gentlemen, nine hundred and twenty years of the Sketch draw-out afore of you. The total is yours!" He emanateped his eyes to his capacity and flicked out of substance, creator the capriciouss brightened to generousness. In the din that ensueed, Lee leaned aggravate to Hardin's ear. "He didn't say when he'd be tail." Hardin replied, "I lowerneathneathintersidearm but I duty he won't rehalt until you and I are saveedly and cozily defunct!"