Ford motor | Business & Finance homework help

 a purpose to criticise ford motor company's financial requires me to bestow,review,and criticise the organization's published annual narrations and kindred footnotes for the latest 2 years.Specifically,the Nursing essay allure cloak the subjoined:

(1)Discuss orders used to statement for property,liabilities,and shareholder equity,and expound how the company's catalogue valuation order affects narrationed results.

(2)Explain the company's appropinquation to inside controls,and assess it's consent after a while sarbanes-Oxley.

(3)adapt and decipher the results of tame and perpendicular analyses of the financial statements.

(4)adapt and decipher the results of at definite 5 ratios,1 from each of the subjoined categories:profit ratios,claim ratios, pliancy ratios, equity ratios,liquidity ratios,assess the company's overall financial accomplishment and the honesty of its inside controls.Discuss how different stakeholders-inside and external-use instruction contained in the financial statements for sentence making.conceive the latest 2 years of published financial statements as appendices to the narration. do not conceive the solid annual narrations. 5-6 pages,plus regard page

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