For Yazmin Grey PhD

Assignment 2: Annotated Bibliography TOPIC: Divorce The point of this assignment is for students to: 1) to discovery a subject-matter in Sociology that is of concern to them; 2) abide to overcome discovery using the online library resources; and 3) to educe counsel literacy skills. Students allure educe an Annotated Bibliography domiciled on a subject-matter for the Final Project. A incompleteness of 5 mate-reviewed commencements and 5 liked open-web (peer-reviewed and credible sources; e.g., synod) commencements allure insufficiency to be used in the bibliography. **An annotated bibliography is a inventory of citations to books, creed, and documents. Each citation is followed by a small illustrative and evaluative portion, the remark (please do not vision and paste the abstracts). The counsel must be in your own articulation (at least 80%; no further than 20% should be quoted). The point of the remark is to acquaint the reader of the unarm-an and sort of the sources cited. The completed assignment allure grasp: 1) The subject-matter that you chose to investigate for this Final Project. (e.g. coarse, racism, corporal amercement, etc.) 2) Inventory of pursuit provisions you used in your pursuites (i.e. coarse, racism in the US, etc.) 3) Annotated entries for a incompleteness of 5 mate-reviewed creed and 5 liked and/or open- web commencements (see underneath for what should be comprised in each beginning) Each commencement beginning should grasp the following: 1) APA-formatted unmeasured intimation for the commencement 2) Small designation of the commencement (3-5 sentences) 3) Evaluation of where the commencement came from - i.e. mate-reviewed chronicle, website, etc. 4) Small discourse of how the commencement is appropriate to your subject-matter of concern and how it is reflective of the sociological perspective (3-5 sentences) 5) Small discourse of the commencement’s strengths and weaknesses (3-5 sentences) NOTE that the mate reviewed season should bear been published in a sociological mate reviewed journal. I commend that you use the JSTOR database via the APUS Library to realize the mate reviewed season and boundary your pursuit by Sociology. *The surrender must be in APA format (overspread page, present header, elder inscription, subheadings, intimation inventory, and in-text citations)