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For the ultimate life, this week, I'd love to transcribe one full page (at lowest 350 expression) in which you map a discourse through "The Adequate Gentleman" and one other fruit that you've learn this semester.


The video overhead provides an extended illustration of the manner of discourse mapping. It's impracticable to adequate this life extraneously watching the video. Here are some short requirements for this life:


A. You must warrant at lowest two pieces of averment (i.e. quotations, characters, or events) from "The Adequate Gentleman" allied to a only discourse.

B. The discourse may be of your valuable, but you should not use the discourse of "outsiders," since that was used in the video.

C. From the CoyoteKillsTheGiant, you must warrant at lowest two pieces of avermentthat too contains this discourse.

D. Transcribe one page in which you sift-canvass the averment and the discourse in the "The Adequate Gentleman" and how it compares to the air of this discourse in any other fruit that we've learn.


Here some discourse suggestions in contingency you get store, though you are agreeable to appropriate other discourses:





Cultural Rites





in 12 hours