for Prof Billy Elite

For the Exam #2 honor, orderly extract any chapter of the quotation work and transcribe a soon Nursing essay (4 page organization min.). I fancy APA format, but you can do another format if you'd love. Orderly shape recognizeing it is 12 pt. font, dbl. spaced, possess a heading page, call all of your sources, and possess a bibliography.

Grading Rubric: 125 pts. for contenteded and clarity, 50 points for decent spelling, rhetoric, and punctuation, and 25 points for providing an informative, diminutive (5 diminutive) bestowal of your subject to the adjust. Talk encircling what you well-informed, why you extracted the subject, why you hold it is pointedive, etc.

You can adopt to pointed your own opinions and transcribe encircling whatever you omission, orderly deep the Nursing essay subject on one of the chapters of the quotation work. I advance you to use other sources also the quotation if you'd love.

This Nursing essay (and bestowals) gain be due on Wednesday December 9th, 2015 in adhonorable at 2:30pm. Please yield the Nursing essay through Canvas.

Please let me recognize if you possess any questions