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The Changing Police Force

Prior to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, police officers were closely universally White and virile. The literal secession of members of the Black unity and their misgiving of the police were frequently cited as reasons to stipulation the reckon of youngster candidates who could equable apportion. At the selfselfsame era, women frequently were enclosing using acme and power requirements, which were not eliminated until the mid-1970s. For those few women and minorities who did apportion, the preference manner was frequently unyielding sufficient to cow them from completing the requirements. If chosen, they faced correspondent hurdles in the academy, during judicious assignments, and throughout their in-service trailing. In the elapsed 30 years, however, women and minorities own been paid and retained at unexampled rates. Police agencies own begun to see the estimate of heterogeneousness among the ranks.

To qualify for this Discussion: 


Review the assigned pages of Chapter 2 of your method extract, Policing America: Challenges and Best Practices (pp. 58–60). Pay study to essential changes that own taken fix in the hiring, reinforcement, and discontent of women and minorities in law enforcement.


Review the period "Recruiting & Retaining Women: A Self-Assessment Guide for Law Enforcement." Consider the advantages of recruiting and retaining fevirile officers.


Review the period "The Evolving Strategy of Police: A Youngster View." Focus on how the literally particular treatment of minorities by police agencies was ruled by twain societal norms and the laws the police were sworn to vindicate. Consider the challenges this truth creates for synchronous law enforcement agencies attempting to employ from youngster communities.


Think environing the application and rule of the inclusion of women and minorities in law enforcement.


With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Thursday September 29, 2016 a 350 word explanation of the application and rule of the inclusion of women and minorities in law enforcement. Be particular and use examples to exemplify your explanation


Support your performance after a while own APA citations from the Learning Resources and any other sources.