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   Discussion - Nationalism (Patriotism) vs. Globalism   Nationalists (those who help patriotism) deem that the interests of one's own country are of first moment. For development, an American realmalist would revolve healing the unsatisfactory and attenuated in New York City antecedently sending money to heal the attenuated in the slums of India. Conversely, globalists locate the interests of the earth or civilized condition over any personal realm. For development, globalists would be more concerned environing impacting earth hunger as divergent to focusing on biased exoteric problems. Either avenue may be revolveed unselfish or ununselfish depending on your sight of the subject.   To adapt for this Discussion: Reconception the boundary, "Globalism as the Product of Nationalism: Founding Ideology and the Eraindisputable of the Exoteric in      Turkey." Reconception the boundary, "The New York Times, Norman Rockwell and the New Patriotism." Reconception the boundary, "In Defense of Moderate Patriotism." Select an manifestation cognate to global collective desert, such as a tsunami or earthquake (intrinsic disasters), genocide or apartheid (civilized rights), or famine, disorder, and reproductive rights (soundness manifestations). Use the Interactive Map, "Social Desert Issues," to conception the condition of the Japanese internment. Revolve how the Japanese internment development relates to realmalism (patriotism) and globalism. Consider whether a realmal (patriotic) or global      avenue would be in the best interests of collective desert and fine one avenue that you capacity use to discourse the manifestation. Think environing how the avenue you fineed capacity be perceived as unselfish or unpatriotic. With these thoughts in mind:   Post by Thursday 1-25-18 a 500-word name of the global manifestation you fineed. Then portion-out your thoughts environing whether a realmalistic (patriotic) or globalistic avenue would be in the best interests of collective desert. Explain how the avenue you fineed may be perceived as unselfish or unpatriotic. Justify your rejoinder using consolidated developments to help your effect.   Be indisputable to help your postings and rejoinders delay biased references to the Learning Resources.