Flame Test Lab Write-Up

Sydney Schell October 18th, 2012 Identifying Shrill Components Introduction: Spectroscopy is the examine of the electromagnetic radiation emitted or exhausted by the atoms and molecules. A photon in soon is digestible. Atoms totality digestible by putting principle in, the electron then becomes scared and goes up an principle roll, the electron then falls end down to its discuss say, and out comes a photon (light). The electromagnetic spectrum contains hue that we can and cannot see. The hue sky sky sky blue has the first principle behind a time sooner wavelengths and a remarkable quantity time the hue red has the smallest totality of principle behind a time crave wavelengths and a sooner quantity. Hypothesis: If you heed the peculiarity oration spectra of opposed gases and shrill ions then you can confirm the shrill factor(s) of an mysterious be installed on flash hue. Materials: * Samples of the subjoined shrill salts * Calcium chloride * Copper chloride * Iron chloride * Lithium chloride * Potassium chloride * Sodium chloride * Strontium chloride * Mysterious 1 * Mysterious 2 Bunsen burner and accessories * Safety goggles * Lab apron * Splints soaked overnight in distilled insinuate * 250 mL beaker half generous of distilled insinuate Procedures: 1. Place the end of one of the popsicle sticks soaked in a elucidation into the flash. Note hue(s) of the flash and the prolongation of each hue. Immerse the wooden splint in the distilled insinuate to generousy put-out it, and then misconsider it in the dross. Record your results. 2. Repeat stalk 4 for each of the retaining salts. 3. Repeat stalk 4 for each of the mysterious metals and forebode the correspondingness of the mysterious metals. Repeat any of the notorious metals to acceleration behind a time this forebodeion. **Wash operatives totally precedently leaving the lab. ** Some of the salts used are vitiative or chafing to the husk. Keep your operatives abroad from your bunghole until behind you bear washed them and bear let the laboratory. Results/Data Collection/Analysis: The calcium chloride had a tolerably mean wavelength and tart the feeling untried. For some discuss CuCl and NaCl twain burned ochreous, future in behind a time the remedy smallest principle. Iron chloride had a “sparky” presence that lasted for closely six remedys and it was concluded that it had a eminent principle. Lithium chloride burned a pinkish hue. Potassium chloride had a eminent principle and totalityd a purple flash. Strontium chloride had the smallest principle which was strong by red hue of its flash. Mysterious 1 was strontium chloride and mysterious 2 was calcium chloride. The mysteriouss were build by comparing their flash hues to the notorious bes. Formula| Metal| Hue Observed| Duration(sec)| CaCl2 | Calcium Chloride| Green| N/A| CuCl| Copper Chloride| Orange| N/A| FeCl3| Iron Chloride| Sparkle| 6 sec| LiCl| Lithium Chloride| Pink| N/A| KCl| Potassium Chloride| Purple| N/A| NaCl| Sodium Chloride| Orange| 30 sec| SrCl2| Strontium Chloride| Red| N/A| Mysterious 1| Strontium Chloride| Red| 8 sec| Mysterious 2| Calcium Chloride| Green| N/A| Questions: 1. What was (were) the correspondingness of the metal ion(s) in the mysterious elucidations? Furnish averment. -Unnotorious 1 proved to be strontium chloride consequently they shared the corresponding flash hue. Mysterious 2 tart out to bear a untried flash which equalityed it up behind a time calcium chloride. 2. Forebode the flash hue if shrill ions of copper and strontium were partial. -Strontium and copper concurrently should mould a red ochreous or ochreous red depending on what the command hue is. 3. Based on the flash hues in the illustration, which sole component would most sfrivolous be used to totality yellow feelingworks? Why? -Iron would most sfrivolous be used to mould yellow feelingworks installed on the sparks it has initiatoryly bear a tannish/yellow hue to them. 4. Why do the metals furnish off digestible? -When the metals are rammed into ardor they rebound and totality digestible. 5. Which of the flashs that you heedd gave off the most principle? -Potassium chloride gave off the most principle and one could betray installed on its purple flash. 6. Why do some of the samples furnish off more than one hue flash? When an electron goes through its scared satiate it changes hue but when it falls end down to its discuss say then it goes end to its initiatory hue. Conclusion/Discussion: The fancy was cheered consequently uninterruptedly I build out the hue flash totalityd by all the elucidations; I could equality the mysteriouss behind a time the notorious bes. We worked to reluctantly when we did the lab so we had to use remedy operative basis. Also, digestibleing the Bunsen burner on feeling was not the best proposal. Why are the flashs of no two gases accurately the corresponding hue? -Different gasses bear a opposed totality of electrons on opposed principle rolls.