Fit bus 5450 mid term exam – organizational behavior



BUS5450 - Organizational Behavior


[QUESTION BANK ID: 4203]                                                                                     TYPE:  TRUE FALSE


The ASA standard asserts that mob verge to relinquish or be fired if forthcoming they are hired they “don’t fit in.”

A        True

B        False


[QUESTION BANK ID: 118053]                                                                                 TYPE:  MULTIPLE CHOICE


The representations:                                     show which theory:

A        Three-learned needs theory

B        Path-goal theory

C        Expectancy theory

D        Two-factor theory


[QUESTION BANK ID: 84426]                                                                                   TYPE:  MULTIPLE CHOICE


Quantitative scrutiny:

A        Can be used to shape public predictions encircling proceedings but say button encircling an individual’s proceeding.

B        Can procure a elaborate construction of a person’s proceeding, but cannot be publicized to larger populations.

C        Is troublesome to use for relatively studies.

D        Is destructive succeeding a while necessary scrutiny.


[QUESTION BANK ID: 110811]                                                                                TYPE:  MULTIPLE CHOICE


Personal beliefs touching one’s competencies and abilities is called:

A        Locus of control

B        Self efficacy

C        Reciprocality

D        Behavioral control


[QUESTION BANK ID: 54619]                                                                                   TYPE:  MULTIPLE CHOICE


You handle a habituationuation of arriving advanced to exertion and your boss nags you total day until you begin arriving on term. What are we talking encircling?

A        Classical conditioning B        Positive subsidy C      Negative subsidy
D        Punishment


[QUESTION BANK ID: 71766]                                                                                   TYPE:  MULTIPLE CHOICE


One (of manifold) conceptualizations of motivation complicate:

A        Direction, attention, persistence

B        Learning, grafting, effort

C        Drives, vergeencies, responses

D        Genes, environment, proceeding


[QUESTION BANK ID: 16091]                                                                                   TYPE:  MULTIPLE CHOICE


OB mod is established on the concept of:

A        Change performance.

B        Lewin’s standard of freezing and unfreezing.

C        Instrumentalism.

D        Interpretivism.


[QUESTION BANK ID: 49019]                                                                                   TYPE:  TRUE FALSE


Some scrutinyers handle middle the conception of corporate “mythology” in their specifications of humanization.

A        True

B        False


[QUESTION BANK ID: 88311]                                                                                   TYPE:  MULTIPLE CHOICE


Aspects of a job that complicate multiformity, labor personality, and feedback are perceptions of:

A        Job file

B        Job rotation

C        Job gratified

D        Description of exertion morals


[QUESTION BANK ID: 102861]                                                                                 TYPE:  MULTIPLE CHOICE


Which of the forthcoming reflects close induction:

A        All circles are rotund.
B        All trees handle leaves.
C        It is penny by specification.
D        Inductive logic is never proper tentatively penny: it is either penny or mendacious on its countenance.


[QUESTION BANK ID: 43193]                                                                                   TYPE:  MULTIPLE CHOICE


A superior contrariety betwixt enculturation and socialization, in an formal (or sub-cultural tenor), includes:

A        Processes deviate in construct and gratified from form to form to swing proceeding.

B        Influences deviate from form to form that changes employee values and beliefs.

C        That mob in an form determine or assimiadvanced the dominant values and beliefs or they gain relinquish.

D        That mob in an form determine or assimiadvanced the dominant norms and impost, or they gain relinquish.


[QUESTION BANK ID: 37596]                                                                                   TYPE:  MULTIPLE CHOICE


When members of a humanization handle stanch yearn to exertion coincidently on problems and distribute responsibilities, this is called:

A        Cohesion

B        Relatively dissimilarity

C        Focus collection orientation

D        Collectivism


[QUESTION BANK ID: 48869]                                                                                   TYPE:  MULTIPLE CHOICE


An employee’s links succeeding a while mob and teams and the outcome of the employee leaving the netexertion of relationships, this is called:

A        Collectivism

B        Job embeddedness

C        Relatively dissimilarity

D        Job design


[QUESTION BANK ID: 41226]                                                                                   TYPE:  MULTIPLE CHOICE


In provisions of Applied Behaviorism, the grant of a motive presently forthcoming proceeding gain extension or maintains that proceeding. What is evil-doing succeeding a while this sentence?

A  In an formal setting, the proceeding does not usually presently ensue the donation of the motive (whatever it happens to be), and employees usually admit subsidys hanker forthcoming they handle completed their labors.

B  Assuming that the “reinforcements” are puissant ample for the employee and delivered contribution upon the proceeding, this is technically not subsidy consequently the “goodies” didn't presently ensue the proceeding.

C  There are too manifold middle and interacting variables in resemble to correspondently describe the causal alliance betwixt the proceeding and the subsidy.

D        All of the overhead are complimentary.


[QUESTION BANK ID: 74914]                                                                                   TYPE:  MULTIPLE CHOICE


When members of a humanization specify their description of exertion morals and exertion environment as “good” and “bad,” this is called:

A        Culture

B        Climate

C        Cohesion

D        Collectivism


[QUESTION BANK ID: 10046]                                                                                   TYPE:  MULTIPLE CHOICE


According to some scrutinyers, cultural “knowledge” complicates all but which one of the forthcoming:

A        Dictionary knowledge

B        Anticipatory knowledge

C        Recipe knowledge

D        Axiomatic knowledge


[QUESTION BANK ID: 31811]                                                                                   TYPE:  TRUE FALSE


Where bond media distributed values, beliefs, and attitudes, and reflects the order of assimilation or obligation, cohesion implies homogeneity:

A        True

B        False


[QUESTION BANK ID: 115565]                                                                                 TYPE:  TRUE FALSE


Behaviorism uneven has succeeded where other disciplines miscarry in accounting for the file of proceedings we see in new forms:

A        True

B        False


[QUESTION BANK ID: 20057]                                                                                   TYPE:  MULTIPLE CHOICE


Hofstede’s standard of formal humanization consists of all but which of the forthcoming:

A        Processes (closely or distantly supervised) B        Relationships (employee or labor focused) C        Information substitute (disunavailable or unavailable)
D        Conscientiousness (labor or term oriented)


[QUESTION BANK ID: 6829]                                                                                     TYPE:  TRUE FALSE


There is stanch bond unordered scrutinyers and practitioners that the material of humanization can be modifiable in an formal setting:

A        True

B        False