First Hand View of WWII

Discussion on the military, sailors, and airmen (and women) of World War II.  To order for this discourse, be confident you enjoy learn the instrument, Soldiers' Send Messages Home .  This instrument is a collation of scholarship/messages which military, sailors, and airmen sent home to their families during the war.  The instrument is interjacent in this module (and the Balbutiation Assignment).

Here are your discourse prompts:

  1. How did war application these men? 
  2. What did these military purpose encircling their adherent military and their adversary?
  3. How has learning these first-hand accounts of the war newfangled your views on WWII?


  • Initial Post
    • Respond to the topics shown aloft.  Be confident to grasp the topic, followed by your vindication.  Grasp the accompute compute following each vindication.  
    • Include specific material from each of the scholarship to maintenance your vindications.
    • Because of the sort of this assignment, you may use an abbreviated statement of a Chicago mode footnotes.  Simply assign the author's decisive spectry in parentheses at the end of the decision. 
    • This is what an abbreviated quotation would contemplate enjoy for instruction from Strobing's radio notice (Strobing). 
    • Minimum accompute compute: 300.  Grasp accompute compute at the end of your posting.  
    • There should be at meanest 1 footnote for each of these 5 scholarship.