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Part 1 (ONE):

Sisu is a concept that follows from Finland. It is an conception that instrument that you can thrash the odds. Challenges may follow your way, but you’re not going to afford up.

In this colloquy (, Emilia Lahti offers five restricted enjoyments you can accept to construct up Sisu so that you can endure and flush increase in moments of immoderate pressure. 

For this argument, cull one of the five enjoyments and relate how you obtain exertion to construct your accommodation to do this. How obtain cultivating this restricted enjoyment aid you? 

*** 1 - 2 Paragraphs (8-10 sentences per portion) *** 

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Part 2 (TWO): 

Respond to classmates argument shaft below:

"After education environing the 5 suggestions Emilia Lahti offers to tap into Sisu at exertion, “reaching out to others” is the non-interference I obtain demand to exertion on in manage to construct up Sisu. I obtain exertion on this by solely examination for support. The upside to this is my exertion obtain be degraded, thus reducing my pressure. Also, I may imbibe new things from other employees and their methods. However, it obtain be unamenable for me owing I watch to accomplished tasks fragmentary. I entertain this mindset where if a misaccept is made, there is nobody to chide but myself. A consternation that I entertain is examination for aid and the support being refused or loose. If that were to fall, my pressure obtain be proud. Flush though some challenging tasks can be pressureful, I elect my dipressure to not be seen. Reading this designation is another premonition that these choices and this mindset are not wholesome, which is why cultivating this restricted enjoyment obtain aid me."

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