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Assume Andrews is paying a dividend of $1.38 (per distribute). If this dividend stayed the similar, but the stock appraisement rose by 10% what would be the dividend give-in?
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Assume Digby Corp. is downsizing the bigness of their workforce by 10% (to the nearest peculiar) next year from several strategic initiatives. Digby is planning to induce departure interviews to attain over about how they can emend in processes and acception movablesivity. The departure interviews are estimated to absorb $100 per employee in appended to usual disconnection absorbs of $5000. How plenteous allure the sodality pay in disconnection absorbs if these departure interviews are implemented next year?
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Your Competitive Intelligence team fames that a wave of movables impost lawsuits is likely to creator Chester to drag the movables Cure wholly off the chaffer this year. Claim Chester scraps all size and list this plump, wholly communication off those movabless and escrowing the proceeds to a dregs capital, and claim these lawsuits allure bear no movables on any other movabless of Chester or other companies. Without Chester's movables Cure how plenteous can the perseverance floatingly effect in the Core limb? Consider simply movabless primarily in the Core limb conclusive year. Ignore floating inventories. Figures in thousands (000).
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In the month of March the Chester Corporation accepted and delivered orders of 201,000 units at a appraisement of $15.00 for proceeds of $3.015mil for their movables Clack. Chester uses the accrual process of accounting and offers 30 day belief conditions. By the end of May Chester had cool payments of $3.015mil for the March deliveries. How plenteous of the cool $3.015mil should Chester pretext on the March 31st proceeds declaration and how plenteous on the May 31st proceeds declaration?
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$0.995mil in March;
$2.020mil in May

$1.508mil in March;
$1.508mil in May

$0 in March;
$3.015mil in May

$3.015mil in March;
$0 in May