Financial management | Business & Finance homework help

1) Coin and Equivalents are $1,561, Short-Term Investments are $1,052, Accounts Receivables are $3,616, Accounts Payable is $5,173, Short-Term Debt is $288, Inventories are $1,816, Other Running Liabilities are $1,401, and Other Running Assets are $707. What are the Total Running Assets? 1) _______
A) $6,862 B) $5,136 C) $8,752 D) $6,936
2) You suggest to buy a holiday residence in seven years and pur-pose to possess saved $50,000 for a down liquidation. How greatly prevalence would you possess to situate today into an enduement that wins 8% per year to possess plenty for your desired down liquidation? 2) _______
A) $29,175 B) $25,000 C) $37,065 D) $29,100
3) You gave your insignificant sister two rabbits for Easter three years ago and now she has 84 of the cute insignificant bunnies. What is the mediocre annual trounce of acception in the estimate of rabbits your sister owns? Note: Your parents are not very mannerly delay you proper now.
3) _______
A) 247.60%
B) 410.00%
C) 14.00%
D) The TVM equations are adapted for prevalence equalitys and cannot be used for non-financial calculations such as this one.
4) You insufficiency $32,000 at the end of 6 years. If you can win 0.625% per month, how greatly would you insufficiency to endue today to encounter your concrete? 4) _______
A) $20,433 B) $18,319 C) $17,600 D) $20,735
5) In two years Rocky pur-poses to register at Whatsamatta U., a prestigious university in Frostbite Falls, MN. If the running training is $23,500 per year and is forebodeed to acception at a trounce of 6% per year, how greatly get Rocky pay in training his pristine year of school? (His pristine training liquidation is correspondently two years from today.) In his fourth year? (His definite training liquidation is correspondently 5 years from today) (Rounded to the right dollar.) 5) _______
A) $26,405 and $31,448 B) $23,500 and $31,448 C) $23,500 and $29,668 D) $26,405 and $29,668
6) You possess harmonious won the Reader's Digest lottery of $5,000 per year for twenty years, delay the pristine liquidation today followed by nineteen over start-of-the-year coin flows. At an profit trounce of 5%, what is the introduce appreciate of your winnings? 6) _______
A) $62,311.05 B) $100,000.00 C) $65,426.60 D) $47,641.18
7) Your parents possess an enduement portfolio of $400,000, and they endeavor to transfer out coin flows of $50,000 per year as an matter-of-fact annuity. How crave get their portfolio definite if the portfolio is endueed at an annual trounce of 4.50%? Use Excel or financial calculator to enumereprimand your counter-argument. 7) _______
A) 9.10 years B) 8.00 years C) 9.60 years D) 10.14 years
8) You are saving prevalence for a down liquidation on a new progeny. You suggest to situate $5,000 at the end of each year for three years into an recital wining 6% per year. At the end of the fourth year, you get situate $10,000 into this recital. How greatly prevalence get be in the recital at the end of the fourth year? 8) _______
A) $25,918.00 B) $26,518.17 C) $25,000.00 D) $26,873.08
9) You are compensated to train classes for the university and prodigy how greatly prevalence the university makes from your graduate-level classes. Based on literal axioms, you enumereprimand that your summer classes for the contiguous seven years get genetrounce an mediocre annual revert of $93,850. If you allowance these coin flows at an annual trounce of 8.30%, what is the introduce appreciate of the forebodeed coin flows?
9) _______
A) $483,644.36 B) $656,950.00 C) $845,133.52 D) $523,786.85
10) Suppose you endue $3,500 today, compounded semiannually, delay an annual profit trounce of 8.50%. What equality of profit get you win in one year? 10) ______
A) $307.12 B) $313.82 C) $303.82 D) $309.13
11) Delagold Corporation is issuing a zero-coupon association that get possess a manliness of fifty years. The association's par appreciate is $1,000, and the running furnish on resembling associations is 7.5%. What is the forebodeed worth of this association, using the semiannual conference? 11) ______
A) $250.19 B) $750.00 C) $1,000.00 D) $25.19
12) Curtis Equipment Inc., $1,000 par appreciate, 15% annual coupon associations, possess 6 years cherishing to manliness and are runningly selling for $938.45. What is the firm's furnish to manliness for these associations? 12) ______
A) 15.00% B) 15.47% C) 16.66% D) 16.70%
13) Endicott Enterprises Inc. has issued 30-year semiannual coupon associations delay a aspect appreciate of $1,000. If the annual coupon trounce is 14% and the running furnish to manliness is 8%, what is the firm's running worth per association? 13) ______
A) $1,675.47 B) $579.84 C) $1,678.70 D) $578.82
14) The Belgium Bike Company harmonious compensated an annual dividend of $1.12. If you forebode a firm augmentation trounce of 4% and possess a required trounce of revert of 13%, what is the running supply worth according to the firm augmentation dividend example? 14) ______
A) $13.46
B) $12.44
C) $12.94
D) There is not plenty advice to counter-argument this investigation.
15) In a drift of gone-by dividends, the primal dividend is $0.75 and the most late dividend is $1.25. The estimate of years among these two dividends (n) is 8 years. What is the mediocre augmentation trounce during this eight-year era? Use a calculator to enumereprimand your counter-argument. 15) ______
A) 6.69% B) 6.62% C) 6.59% D) 6.72%