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DATE: 4/23/17

TIME: 10:45 PM 


Company: Nordstrom, Inc. (JWN)

Ratio Analysis for anterior 3 years: 2014-2016

Industry: Retail/Retail Clothing/Department Store


Research brochure - MAX 5 pages for BODY OF PAPER.

Use APA format delay springs and cites.

Include the appurtenancy spreadsheet in EXCEL and a spring register along delay the assemblage of the brochure. 

Excel and Spring Register not deal-out of the 5 max pages for assemblage of brochure.



Body of the brochure – MAX 5 pages


1. Leading to relate the corporation and the assiduity


2. Financial/Ratio Analysis

- Liquidity







After you estimate the appurtenancys, observe for the trends. Select those appurtenancys that you arrive-at are most significant to describe the romance of how your corporation has produced and obtain transact in the herefollowing year.  A partiality of two appurtenancys per condition of appurtenancys is required.



Identify which appurtenancys are emotional significantly (10% or further aggravate the 3 years). The appurtenancys which are emotional are describeing you the romance of your corporation. Also, parallel Nordstrom’s appurtenancys to the assiduity.


For each condition use the appurtenancys that you separated for that condition to describe your romance.

-Define each tidings, condition designate, appurtenancy or acronym antecedently you use it

-You may uncaggravate trends. For model, the present appurtenancy has increased following the 2008 confidence crunch

-You may uncaggravate changes which were caused by strategic conduct decisions in precedent periods


-Try to tie these trends into restricted events or strategies such as a RIF, an compensation, the leading of a new fruit row or a regulatory force (Affordable Healthcare Act).


If there are no comments to be made in a deal-outicular individuality, describe me that and instigate on!


3. SWOT Analysis

- Strengths

- Weaknesses

- Opportunities and

- Threats

-Yearly comparisons

- Comparison to fellow groups or your weighty competitor


4. Conclusion



Research your corporation’s financials using as a directional train the key appurtenancys. Please use the terminal 3 years of objective grounds, 2014-2016.


Calculate all of the appurtenancys from each condition adown. These obtain be completed in surpass and the grounds obtain be embedded in the cell.


Categories for Appurtenancy Analysis:

- Liquidity






In any assiduity, there are assiduity restricted appurtenancys which are crucial to evaluating the corporation. In a hospital scheme or public-house fetter, the possession appurtenancy is significant. In a financial organization, they feel distinctive consummate appurtenancys which they trace. Include these appurtenancys.


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