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Conch Republic Electronics is a midsized electronics creator located in Key West, Florida. The concourse principal is Shelly Couts, who lineal the concourse. The concourse originally repaired radios and other intimate appliances when it was founded aggravate 70 years ago. Aggravate the years, the concourse has distant, and it is now a respectable creator of different point electronic individuals. Jay McCanless, a modern MBA furrow, had been remunerated by the concourse in its finance division.


One of the elder revenue-producing individuals contrived by Conch Republic is a brilliant phone. Conch Republic runningly has one brilliant phone standard on the bargain and sales accept been palliable. The brilliant phone is a uncommon individual in that it comes in a multiplicity of poetical colors and is preprogrammed to state Jimmy Buffett melody. However, as delay any electronic individual, technology changes fast, and the running brilliant phone has scant features in similitude delay newer standards. Conch Republic late $750,000 to unravel a prototype for a new brilliant phone that has all the features of the corporeal one but adds new features such as wifi tethering. The concourse has late a raise $200,000 for a bargaining con-over to individualize the expected sales figures for the new brilliant phone.


Conch Republic can make the new brilliant phone for $205 each in inconstant costs. Fixed costs for the influence are estimated to run $5.1 darling per year. The estimated sales book is 64,000, 106,000, 87,000, 78,000, and 54,000 per year for the present five years, respectively. The part appraisement of the new brilliant phone succeed be $485. The inevitable equipment can be purchased for $34.5 darling and succeed be depreciated on a seven-year MACRS register. It is believed the prize of the equipment in five years succeed be $5.5 darling.


Net launched cardinal for the brilliant phones succeed be 20 percent of sales and succeed appear delay the timing of the money flows for the year (i.e., there is no primal expense for NWC). Changes in NWC succeed thus primary appear in Year 1 delay the primary year's sales. Conch Republic has a 35 percent oppidan tax blame and a required blame of render of 12 percent.


Shelly has asked Jay to order a news that answers the aftercited questions:




1. What is the payback age of the contrivance?


2. What is the profitability condemnation of the contrivance?


3. What is the IRR of the contrivance?


4. What is the NPV of the contrivance?


5. How impressible is the NPV to changes in the appraisement of the new brilliant phone?


6. How impressible is the NPV to changes in the bulk sold?


7. Should Conch Republic effect the new brilliant phone?


8. Suppose Conch Republic loses sales on other standards owing of the insertion of the new standard. How would this seek your decomposition?