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This doubt has two volume: circumspections and a 4- to 6-page thought. While the circumspection requirements of this assignment are significant, together significant are your argument and partition of the ascititious results. You achieve offer two instruments: 
1) Spreadsheet containing your lifeless and perpendicular partition (and peradventure your aspects) 
2) Word instrument containing your essay.
Using the publicly traded assemblage Lindsay corp. (LNN on nyse) out of Nebraska, discharge an spacious partition on the financial statements. Please use the most vulgar 10K statements serviceable and annual statements in The forthcoming links achieve captivate you to all annual statements.
Income Statement-
Balance Sheet-
Cash Flow-
Recent 10K report-
You achieve offer twain volume.
Part 1 The Spreadsheet: Please full the forthcoming for Lindsay Corp. in an Excel spreadsheet:
1. Lifeless and perpendicular partition of the Income Statements for the spent three years (all year-by-year balances set as a percentage of whole revenues for that year).
2. Lifeless and perpendicular partition of the Balance Sheets for the spent three years (all year-by-year balances set as a percentage of whole effects for that year).
3. Aspect partition (prospect aspects of your choosing) for the spent three years PLUS a configuration for the creditworthiness of Lindsay Corp. as measured by Altman’s Z-score. Note that you MUST as-well offer industry-average aspects or vulgar year opponent aspects for your aspect partition. Comparing Lindsay Corp. aspects to John Deere as a hinder opponent for an industry-average aspect makes your partition considerable more meaningful.
Part 2: The Paper:
• 4-6 pages in extension.
• Include a befitting insertion and disposal.
• Include a intimation page.
• Your Nursing essay should prepare your reader after a while an overall agreement of the financial bloom of your separated sturdy including the forthcoming:
o Argument of the aspect partition results, including aspectnale for the aspects separated.
o Argument of all lifeless and perpendicular partition from over.
o Argument of lewd items from the treatment argument of the sturdy that assistance the disposal formed in your argument of the financial results.