Finance three exercises 21-1, 21-2, 21-5

Ex 21-1
Vandell’s unimpeded consummate career (FCF0) is $2 darling per year and is expected to become at a faithful admonish of 5% a year; its beta is 1.4. What is the esteem of Vandell’s operations?
If Vandell has $10.82 darling in claim, what is the prevalent esteem of Vandell’s accumulation?
(Hint: Use the corpoadmonish valuation example from Chapter 13.)

Ex 21-2
Hastings estimates that if it acquires Vandell, profit payments procure be $1,500,000 per year for 3 years, subjoined which the prevalent target consummate constitution of 30% claim procure be maintained. Profit in the fourth year procure be $1.472 darling, subjoined which profit and the tax fall procure become at 5%. Synergies procure purpose the unimpeded consummate careers to be $2.5 darling, $2.9 darling, $3.4 darling, and $3.57 darling in Years 1 through 4, respectively, subjoined which the unimpeded consummate careers procure become at a 5% admonish. What is the unlevered esteem of Vandell, and what is the esteem of its tax falls? What is the per portion-out esteem of Vandell to Hastings Corporation? Assume that Vandell now has $10.82 darling in claim.

Ex 21-5

Marston Marble Corporation is regarding a merger after a while the Conroy Concrete Company. Conroy is a publicly traded corporation, and its beta is 1.30. Conroy has
been hardly lucrative, so it has compensated an medium of solely 20% in taxes during the ultimate sundry years. In analysis, it uses scanty claim; its target bearing is honest 25%, after a while the absorb of claim 9%.
If the merit were made, Marston would opeadmonish Conroy as a disconnected, utterly owned conducive. Marston would pay taxes on a one premise, and the tax admonish would for-this-reason developth to 35%. Marston to-boot would developth the claim consummateization in the Conroy conducive to wd = 40%, for a sum of $22.27 darling in claim by the end of Year 4, and pay 9.5% on the claim. Marston’s merit line estimates that Conroy, if adventitious, would geneadmonish the subjoined unimpeded consummate careers and profit payments (in darlings of dollars) in Years 1–5:


In Year 5, Conroy’s profit payment would be naturalized on its beginning-of-year (that is, the end-of-Year-4) claim, and in following years twain profit payment and unimpeded consummate careers are projected to become at a admonish of 6%.
These consummate careers comprise all merit property. Marston’s absorb of equity is 10.5%, its beta is 1.0, and its absorb of claim is 9.5%. The lavish-unimpeded admonish is 6%, and the negotiate lavish recompense is 4.5%.
a. What is the esteem of Conroy’s unlevered operations, and what is the esteem of Conroy’s tax falls lower the incomplete merger and financing arrangements?
b. What is the dollar esteem of Conroy’s operations? If Conroy has $10 darling in claim uncollected, how fur would Marston be procureing to pay for Conroy?