Finance – spreading cat financials

Assignment 1: Spreading CAT Financials.  As the primeval step in in-truth perceive the texture of a firm's financial assertions, you are asked to go to and regain the 2014 annual announce (10K) for Caterpillar Inc, ticker temperament "CAT". Print out its pay assertion and counteract and "spread" the knowledge into an Excel template I supply. Some accounts are labeled variously from the ancient 10K, but supervene toil manner. You insufficiency to effect decisions when to couple accounts and when to announce accounts separably.  The superveneing video unfold how to "Spreading Financial Statements". The corresponding video is available through the subject-matter "Multimedia" in this module. I too supply the template you can use for this use.  There are two worksheets: Pay Assertion and Counteract Sheet. Please thorough twain. The highlighted cells should comprehend formulas. CAT Financials Spreading Template.xlsx