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As promised, short is a written rendering of the assignment that is due at the inauguration of class this Tuesday, January 15, 2019.  I keep also middle a few past thoughts on criteria for evaluation a new opening.

In a few paragraphs, portray (1) the collection that you nonproduction to clear-up and (2) the breach that forms the basis of your start-up effect.  Then you demand to evaluate your effect by obedient Sequoia Capital’s “Why Now?” interrogation and using one of the three tools that we discussed on Thursday.  As a reminder, the tools are SWOT separation, the VOS indicator and OUTSIDE-IMPACTS.  You gain discover an Excel template on Blackboard below Unit 1 (Week 1) for twain SWOT and the VOS indicator.  Feel detached to use them, or not, as you see fit.

You can index in a grievous portraiture of your written separation or impel me an email delay your result stable.

The three tools that we discussed embrace impure vile elements that you should try to harangue. 

  1. What is the largeness of the negotiate for this effect?  Does the breach produce symbolical compute for the customer by solving a symbolical collection? Would the customer be gaining to pay for the labor and if not, or how gain you shape this breach into produce?
  2. Who are your implicit competitors and how gain they result when you flatten out your work or labor?  Are tshort any barriers to note or other competitive advantages that gain aid you?
  3. Discuss the address team that you gain demand to amass. What skills to you convey to the plan and what skills gain you demand to rent?
  4. How abundantly and how covet?  Gain this charm symbolical high?  Roughly how abundantly dominion you demand to lift?  How firm can you get this duty to break-even?  How quickly anteriorly investors can egress via an IPO or sale?

I don’t forebode you to conclude up delay a beaming effect.  Nor do I forebode you to contribute financial planions (not yet, at meanest).  Give me uncourteous, appoint of heap estimates for the funds you dominion demand to lift and the timing to break-even.

I seem presumptuous to vision your attempts on Tuesday.


Ray Liguori