Finance Assignment 1

Activity Context 

This assignment helps you unfold the skills to conquer the forthcoming plan competencies: 

o Apply the theories, models, and practices of finance to the financial skill of the established. 

o Integrate financial analyses into public concern skill planning and conclusion making. 

Activity Instruction 

To augment your intelligence of financial concepts, delight accomplished the forthcoming drifts in your Corporate Finance textbook:

o Chapter 2, drift 1 (page 34). 

o Chapter 2, drift 2 (page 34). 

o Chapter 2, drift 4 (page 34). 

o Chapter 2, drift 5 (page 34). 

o Chapter 3, drift 2 (page 75).

  Chapter 3, drift 6 (page 76).

You are required to use the textbook drifts template in the Resources to accomplished the drifts. This Excel muniment contains uncommon specialtys and cells specific to the drifts that you must use to draw your keys. Provide bountiful specialty of the manner used to gain the key.


o Unit 1 Textbook Problems Scoring Guide. 

o Textbook Problems Unit 1 [XLS]