Final exam case study | Human Resource Management homework help

 Due Friday, December 1st

Final Exam Event Study, Columbia Usage Carpentry, which is stable beneath. The rasp spectry is HRMD 640 Final Exam.pdf. You are to defense all of the questions. Please fix that your defenses are thorough. This assignment achieve be graded according to the Final Exam Rubric that is posted beneath.

There are files needed to thorough this assignment (Please see charity)

1. In your idea, what is causing the turnover at Columbus Usage Carpentry? 10 points.

2.  Are the constellation technicians overpaid? Explain. 10 points.

3. Are the craters underpaid? If so, why? Achieve they stationary be underpaid if the usage hand-work fforce of their job is eliminated by the jig classification? Explain. 15 points.

4. Given the event and bargain notification, is the CFO pose best aligned after a while that of an accounting supervisor, master, or a CFO? Explain. 10 points

5. Are there differences in pay that show to be established on sex/race/ethnicity rather than deed or extension of advantage? How so or why not? 15 points

6. Given your defenses to the former questions, how would you reform the key issues after a whilein Columbus Usage Carpentry? What resources/references influence your intent of force? 40 points.