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Fin 550 week 9 Homework


Chapter 21: Problems 3(a-e), 4(a-c), 6(a-c), 9(a-b), 10(a-c), and 11(a-c)


3. June Klein, CFA, manages a $ 100 favorite (communicate appreciate) U. S. empire association portfolio for an state. She anticipates a feeble conrunning alter in the bear deflexion and wants to amply hedge the portfolio counter any such fluctuate.






     Modified Duration                                          

Basis Point           Value           

Conversion Factor For 

Cheapest to                                                                           Deliver Bond

Portfolio Value/ Future Abbreviate Price


U. S. Treasury association

10 years


$ 100,000.00

$ 75.32

Not Applicable


$ 100,000,000





a. Discuss two reasons for using futures rather than selling associations to hedge a association port-folio. No calculations required.


 b. Formulate Klein’s hedging policy using merely the futures abbreviate shown. Compute the estimate of futures abbreviates to instrument the policy. Show all calculations.


 c. Determine how each of the subjoined would fluctuate in appreciate if cause rebukes growth by 10 foundation points as anticipated. Show all calculations. ( 1) The primordial portfolio ( 2) The Treasury association futures comcomstanding ( 3) The newly hedged portfolio


 d. State three reasons why Klein’s hedging policy might not amply fortify the portfolio counter cause rebuke abandon.


 e. Picture a zero- epoch hedging policy using merely the empire association portfolio and options on U. S. Treasury association futures abbreviates. No calculations required.




4. A association speculator runningly has compositions in two disunited urbane association portfolios: a covet possession in Portfolio 1 and a defective possession in Portfolio 2. All the associations accept the similar merit tendency. Other appropriate notice on these compositions includes


                             Market            Coupon       Compounding                   Yield to       


Portfolio Association   Value (Mil.)    Rate              Frequency          Maturity     Maturity


1             A                       




2             C


Treasury association futures ( domiciled on $ 100,000 countenance appreciate of 20- year T- associations having an 8 percent semi- annual coupon) behind a while a manliness correspondently six months from now are runningly rated at 109– 24 behind a while a similar bear to manliness of 7.081 percent. The “ bear betas” betwixt the futures abbreviate and Bonds A, B, and C are 1.13, 1.03, and 1.01, respectively. Finally, the qualified epoch for the T- association underlying the futures abbreviate is 10.355 years.


 a. Compute the qualified epoch ( developed in years) for each of the two association portfo-lios. What conquer be the trench percentage fluctuate in the appreciate of each if all bears growth by 60 foundation points on an annual foundation?


 b. Without performing the calculations, clear-up which of the portfolios conquer really accept its appreciate impacted to the highest degree ( in absolute stipulations) by the alter bears. ( Hint: This exstanding requires acquirements of the concept of association convexity.)


 c. Assuming the association speculator wants to hedge her net association composition, what is the opti-mal estimate of futures abbreviates that must be bought or sold? Start by cautious the optimal hedge appurtenancy betwixt the futures abbreviate and the two association portfolios disunitedly and then amalgamate them.


6. As a analogy director for a money- benevolence commercial bank, one of your urbane ac-counts has sound approached you encircling a one- year hypothecation for $ 1,000,000. The customer would pay a forbearancely cause rate domiciled on the prevalent roll of LIBOR at the be-ginning of each three- month epoch. As is the bank’s cabinet on all such hypothecations, the whole of the cause acquittal would then be hired at the end of the forbearancely cycle when the new rebuke for the present cycle is steadfast. You perceive-keep the subjoined LIBOR bear deflexion in the money communicate:


                       90- Day LIBOR 4.60%


                      180- Day LIBOR 4.75


                      270- Day LIBOR 5.00


                      360- Day LIBOR 5.30


a. If 90- day LIBOR rises to the rolls “predicted” by the involved ready rebukes, what conquer the dollar roll of the bank’s cause acknowledgment be at the end of each forbearance during the one- year hypothecation epoch?


b. If the bank wanted to hedge its peril to lame LIBOR on this hypothecation allocatement, picture the continuity of actions in the futures communicates it could engage.


c. Assuming the bears attendant from the Eurodollar futures abbreviate rates for the present three location epochs are resembling to the involved ready rebukes, compute the annuity appreciate that would license the bank unconcerned betwixt making the floating- rebuke hypothecation and hedging it in the futures communicate and making a one- year fixed- rebuke hypothecation. Express this annuity appreciate in twain dollar and annual (360- day) percentage stipulations.




9. Alex Andrew, who manages a $ 95 favorite large- capitalization U. S. equity portfolio, cur-rently forecasts that equity communicates conquer disengage fleetly. Andrew prefers to dodge the trans-action absorbs of making sales but wants to hedge $ 15 favorite of the portfolio’s running appreciate using S& P 500 futures. Because Andrew realizes that his portfolio conquer not mark the S& P 500 Apostacy correspondently, he performs a recompense segregation on his developed portfolio income versus the S& P futures re-turns balance the elapsed year. The recompense segregation indicates a abandon- minimizing beta of 0.88 behind a while an R2 of 0.92.




                                                                         Futures Abbreviate Data


S& P 500 futures rate                                                        1,000


S& P 500 apostacy                                                                       999


S& P 500 apostacy multiplier                                                     250




a. Compute the estimate of futures abbreviates required to hedge $ 15 favorite of Andrew’s portfolio, using the grounds shown. State whether the hedge is covet or defective. Show all calculations.


b. Identify two choice methods ( other than selling securities from the portfolio or using futures) that invert the policy in Part a. Abbreviate each of these methods behind a while the futures policy




10. The treasurer of a average communicate, import- ship-produce crew has approached you for counsel on how to best endow some of the firm’s defective- order money balances. The crew, which has been a client of the bank that employs you for a few years, has $ 250,000 that it is efficacious to allocate for a one- year possession epoch. The treasurer is runningly regarding two alter-natives: ( 1) endow all the capitals in a one- year U. S. Treasury beak aid a association equiponderant bear of 4.25 percent, and ( 2) endow all the capitals in a Swiss empire shelter balance the similar horizon, locking in the blot and ready publicity changes in the FX communicate. A fleet call to the bank’s FX desk gives you the subjoined two- way publicity exfluctuate quotes. 


                                                        Swiss Francs per        U.S. Dollar per


                                                        U. S. Dollar                  Swiss Franc ( CHF)    


 Spot                                                   1.5035                             0.6651


1- year CHF futures                                                            0.6586




a. Compute the one- year association equiponderant bear for the Swiss empire shelter that would assistance the cause rebuke correspondence proviso.


b. Assuming the developed bear on a one- year Swiss empire association is 5.50 percent, which policy would license the treasurer behind a while the highest recompense behind one year?


c. Picture the actions that an arbitrageur could use to use utility of this ostensible mispricing, and compute what the benefit-service would be for a $ 250,000 action.




11. Bonita Singer is a hedge capital superintendent specializing in futures arbitrage involving supply in-dex abbreviates. She is endowigating germinative trading opportunities in S& P 500 supply apostacy futures to see if there are any inefficiencies that she can act. She knows that the S& P 500 supply apostacy is runningly trading at 1,100.


a. Assume that the Treasury bear deflexion is absolute at 3.2 percent and the annualized dividend bear on the S& P apostacy is 1.8 percent. Using the absorb of push design, demonstrebuke what the hypothetical abbreviate rate should be for a futures comcomstanding expiring six months from now.


b. Picture the set of actions that Bonita would accept to engage to use utility of an developed futures abbreviate rate that was ( 1) actually remarkable or ( 2) actually inferior than the hypothetical appreciate you recognized in Part a.


c. Assuming that whole round- skip arbitrage action absorbs are $ 20 for the set trades de-scribed in Part b, compute the eminent and inferior bounds for the hypothetical abbreviate rate such that arbitrage trading would not be benefit-serviceable.