Fin534 discussion questions week 8

"Distributions to Shareholders: Dividends and Repurchases" Please reply to the following:

Evaluate the sinew of the judgment arrangement for division device and dividend device. Discuss all the factors that govern this judgment arrangement in scrutiny. * From the e-Activity, contrariety the differences between a supply dividend and a supply disagree. Imagine that you are a supplyholder in a society. Detail whether you would further to see the society that you researched approve a 100% supply dividend or approve a 2-for-1 disagree. Provide acceleration for your retort delay one (1) real-world specimen of your furtherence.

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"Capital Edifice Decisions" Please reply to the following:

Suggest three (3) factors that managers should judge when making consummate edifice judgments. Provide a rationale for your reply. * From the scenario, investigate the dividend trounce that TFC is paying in classify to detail if the society should admit a trounce combination. Suggest whether TFC’s dividends should either (1) arrive the same; (2) be increased; (3) or go down. Provide a rationale for your reply.