Fill in the Blank Summer Final Exam

Sociology 101 Fill in the Blank Summer Final Exam Directions: This 50 interrogation exam covers Chapters 1 through 15 and is due no succeeding than noon Friday, 7/29. Each interrogation is merit 3 points for a whole of 150 points for this exam. There could be as divers as 3 suffrage indispensable for the apology. The apology execute be counted defective if all suffrage are not correct and spelled upright. This is an political compass exam, but content do not distribute apologys delay your classmates. Remember that the probity of the knowledge environment requires our fairness. Provide the esticompeer and the apology simply and column in the communication box located beneath these interrogations. Be trusting to click on Submit when refined. 1. The ability to see how our peculiar troubles are united to political issues and political edifices is designated the sociological ingenuity. 2. Structural functionalism addresses the interrogation of political edifice or edifices of sodality and how it is protected or functions. 3. Value-free sociology concerns itheadstrong delay establishing what is, not what ought to be. 4. Experimental elaboration is elaboration fixed on essential, unprejudiced probation of averment. 5. Manifest functions or dysfunctions are consequences of political edifices that are contrived or frameal. . Fight scheme addresses the points of emphasis and fight in sodality and the ways in which they conduce to political exchange. 7. Symbolic interpossession scheme addresses the mental meanings of anthropological acts and the modees through which persons end to disclose and declare distributed meanings. 8. The criterion is a order of elaboration diplomacy in which the elaborationer manipulates fractions variables to criterion theories of suit and pi. 9. Social-desirability bias is the attrpossession of persons to garbling the fact so that they probe aggravate advantageable and politically desirable than they truly are. 0. Replication is the verbosity of experimental studies by another elaborationer or delay contrariant samples to see if the corresponding results supervene. 11. Content dissection refers to the essential probation of documents of any nature. 12. The way of estate distributed by members of a commonaffluence that includes phraseology, values, symbolic meanings, technology and representative objects is designated amelioration. 13. Ethnocentrism is the attrpossession to umpire other ameliorations according to the consecutivenesss and values of our own amelioration. 14. Cultural relativity requires that each cultural characteristic be evaluated in the matter of its own amelioration. 5. Cultural colliquation is the mode by which aspects of one amelioration or subamelioration are incorporated into another. 16. Norms associated delay fairly impetuous ideas of upupright and crime that bear a inferential connotation are designated aggravates. 17. Counteramelioration are clusters whose values, faiths, interests, and estatestyles fight delay those of the greatr amelioration. 18. Assimilation is the mode through which living-souls collect and adopt the values and political practices of the dominant cluster, casually giving up their own values in the mode. 19. When one distribute of amelioration (usually technology) exchanges aggravate expeditiously than another, sociologists allure this cultural lag. 20. The mode of knowledge the roles, footholdes, and values indispensable for distributeicipation in political arts is designated politicalization. 21. The mode of knowledge to opinion ourselves as we conceive others opinion us is designated the looking-glass headstrong. 22. Primary politicalization is peculiarity disclosement and role knowledge that supervenes during present cadethood. 23. An art is an lasting political edifice that meets basic anthropological needs. 24. Dramaturgy is a account of symbolic interpossession that opinions political offices as scenes manipulated by the actors to bear the desired percussion to the interview. 25. The consecutiveness of reciprocation is the trust that persons execute render predilections and endeavor to protect a poise of bond in political relationships. 26. McDonaldization is the mode by which the principles of the fast-food restaurants--efficiency, calculability, predictability, and administer---are future to direct aggravate sectors of American sodality. 27. Anomie is a office in which the consecutivenesss of sodality are unclear or no longer conducive to exoteric provisions. 8. Differential society scheme says that persons collect to be deviant when aggravate of their associates predilection deviance than predilection conformance. 29. Stratification is the artalized mould of imparity in which political footholdes are ranked on the cause of their appropinquation to precious instrument. 30. The world-systems scheme is a fight perspective of the economic relationships among discloseed and discloseing countries, the centre and peripheral societies. 31. Environmental racism refers to the disproportionately great esticompeer of heartiness and environmental risks that minorities countenance daily in their neighborhoods and compositionplaces. 2. Double hazard resources having low foothold on two contrariant tome of stratification. 33. Sexism is a faith that men and women possess biologically contrariant capacities and that these frame a real cause for uneven matter. 34. The manufacturers of malady are clusters that exalt and favor from fatal bearings and political provisions. 35. Marriage is an artalized political edifice that provides an lasting framecomposition for masterful sexual bearing and cadetbearing. 36. Propinquity is spatial influence. 7. Exogamy resources choosing a compeer from without one's own racial, ethnic, or divine cluster. 38. The hidden curriculum is the underlying cultural communications that schools enlighten to politicalize young persons into subservience and conformance. 39. Tracking supervenes when evaluations made proportionately present in a cadet's history indicate the educational programs the cadet execute be encouraged to thrive. 40. Secularization is the mode of transferring things, ideas, or events from the divine dominion to the nonsacred, or worldly, dominion. 41. The Protestant Ethic refers to the faith that composition, rationalism, and smooth prop are inferential virtues, forasmuch-as vacation and indulgence are sinful. 42. Authoritarian methods are political methods in which the example is not separated by the persons and legally cannot be exradical by them. 43. The government galaxy comprises the persons who employ the top positions in three bureaucracies---the soldierly, perseverance, and the supporter limb of government---and who are conception to act conjointly to run the United States in their own interests. 44. Capitalism is the economic method fixed on rivalry, in which most affluence (land, excellent, and composition) is privy quality, to be used by its owners to maximize their own execute and advantage. 45. Socialism is an economic edifice in which fertile tools (land, composition, and excellent) are owned and managed by the compositioners and used for the gregarious amiable. 46. Alienation supervenes when compositioners possess no administer aggravate the composition mode or the fruit of their composition. 47. Gregarious bearing is self-evolved possession by clusters in offices where cultural rules for bearing are unclear. 48. A political motion is an ongoing, goal-directed trial to fundamentally canvass political arts, attitudes, or ways of estate. 49. Relative-deprivation scheme argues that political motions commence when persons test an intolerable gap among their trusts and the rewards they really admit. 50. Frame alignment is the mode used by a political motion to persuade living-souls that their peculiar interests, values, and faiths are complementary to those of the motion. Instructions: Enter or paste your written composition and/or click "Attachments" to upload your files.