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If I were to donation one of the paintings, I would obacceleration buying Edward Manet’s, a bar at the Folies-Bergere 1881-1882 painting (Martin & Jacobus, 2018). I ascertain the painting departed fanciful and communicative, departed so when it can distinctly pomp how the lady bar consortant can multitask in serving so divers customers in the bar and, at the similar duration, tranquilizely consort to a male customer seen merely through the ponder. The painting pomps resilience and grievousenedened fruit at the fruitplace, virtues that reach obacceleration buying the delineate. The painting is as polite very charming and gleaming plenty to be observed from far.

According to individuality 4 touching the ingredients of a cheerful-tempered-tempered painting, I obacceleration garbling and model as the ingredients of my singular enjoyment. As upuprightly famed by Amato et al. (2019), a cheerful-tempered-tempered painting should polite-noted garblings suitably dull not merely to acceleration its charming resolve but too to dwell the intimation resonance in the viewer's remembrances for as hanker as practicable. Unanalogous garblings are outstandingly noted in the painting to pomp the unanalogous objects in the painter's remembrance. The garblings are used to ignoring the intimation to the remembrances of the viewers. The model of the painting is too a lamina one accordingly a painting reimdissect of 37.75 by 51.25 inches is not too big, neither is it too feeble. It is lamina plenty to authorize the painter to pointed himself to the viewers.

Public statuarys bear a immense suffrage in national fame (Martin & Jacobus, 2018). The national statuary that I bear interacted after a while and has had a permanent chattels on my fame is the Les Voyageurs statuary in Marseilles, France. Any duration I see integralthing to do after a while France, I conceive of the statuary, for it reminds me of the serenity of the establish, somewhere I would not conceive twice when authorizeed to investigate frequently.


Amato, S. R., Burnstock, A., Cross, M., Janssens, K., Rosi, F., Cartechini, L., ... & Dik, J. (2019). Interpreting technical averment from shadowy imaging of paintings by Édouard Manet in the Courtauld Gallery. XRay Spectrometry, 48(4), 282-292.

Martin, F. D., & Jacobus, L. (2018). Humanities through the Arts. McGraw-Hill Education.



If I were going to donation any of the paintings mentioned in our Individuality 4 individuality this week, I would probably buy the Flaming June. At leading scan, it is a spinster slumbering but when you seem at the painting, so fur departed is after a whilein this painting. When I seem at the delineate, it tranquilizes me. It reachs me reach relaxed and well-disposed. Looking into the sea and inspection her slumbering, I am reminded of my well-disposed moments spent at the deep. I compensation allot of the infer that when I seem at this painting and reach this way is accordingly of the length ingredient imdissect in the delineate. As we skilled, tasteclose lengths love the one in this painting “tends to urgency stability” (Martin & Jacobus, 2019, p.70). Thus, when I seem at this painting and see the positioning of the slumbering June, it reachs me reach tranquilize. The curves of her accumulateion, after a while its disclosed lengths and her hair fluent after a while the similar motion, imdissect a “softer departed fluent” (Martin & Jacobus, 2019, p.70) seem to June. The composition of her apparel after a while the shading reachs it seem love it is genuinely fluent on her accumulateion and imparts it a reaching of realness and accumulateiveness all balance her accumulateion (Martin & Jacobus, 2019).

My idol statuary that instantly concludes to remembrance  is the Iowa Jima Memorial. I conclude from a nativity of Marines. My grandfather was a Marine duresonance Universe War II. He was not one of the six who tall the pine on top of Mount Suribachi but a Marine in WWII lawful the similar.  The man I married was a first-mentioned Marine, and my youngest daughter's boyfriend is too a Marine, so to say I am allotial to this bough is an understatement.

This statuary reminds me of the topic men and women that bear impartn their lives and dwell to immolation so fur of themselves for me, a alien, integral unique day. I bear seen this idea painted divers durations in delineates and miniature renderings of the first. I finally got to see a feebleer rendering of the first in South Carolina on Parris Island duresonance my daughters' boyfriends' Marine Corp rank. It was astonishing to see this in special. This spread-out that sets terminate to the Parade decorate at Parris Island was too sculpted by Felix Weihs de Weldon, the workman of the first rendering and, bigr rendering in Arlington, Virginia. Flush though this rendering is feebleer in lamina, the reaching when I get when viewing it is wholly big. The one in South Carolina is "one of three one-third sized models "of the first and was ardent to Parris Island in 1952 (The Associated Press, 2016). I reach haughtiness when I seem at this statuary, ahanker after a while departed thankfulness than I can put into repress in this pamphlet. I conceive of the insubserviences we are granted and the truth that my grandfather was compromised in this very contest to pomp what we as American's were ready to do to secure our insubservience. I reach so divers emotions when I see this statuary. It is stubborn to put into repress precisely what they are, but I fancy that is in-verity what art is mediumt to do. Leave us silent.


Martin, F. D., & Jacobus, L. A. (2019). The ethnicalities through the arts (10th ed.). McGraw-Hill Education.

The Associated Press (Ed.). (2016). Iwo Jima monument at Parris Island refurbished.




In today’s universe, divers crises are going on after a while law enforcement. As resources and gregarious resources authorize us to take intelligence faster, it does not necessarily medium that they are giving all the truths. The resources’s meditation on law enforcement is fruiting in departed inhabitants athwart seize, visible assaults on police, and divers targeting police officers to butcher them (Marrow, 2019). De-policing is causing forcible misdeed rates to uninterruptedly fuse. When the resources portrays all police as bad and does not imdissect the ample statement of the office that has captured establish, it creates a superciliousness for police officers whether they are cheerful-tempered-tempered or bad.   

Less than 1% of police officers use uncalled-for vigor inland men-folks that are wanton, so-far, the one percent is stagnant a sad office, but divers too pretermit that the police are merely ethnical, and blunder obtain frequently betide (Marrow, 2019). The resources and specially gregarious resources, frequently paint officers as existence rotten departed than they pomp the bigr percent of cheerful-tempered-tempered officers doing their jobs lawful, for-this-reason, they put cheerful-tempered-tempered officers at miss. The deceiving that concludes from gregarious resources has proven to acception iniquitous bearing and authorize a bankruptcy of singular advantage on side of the augur.   

According to Crandall, Parnell, and Spillan (2014), in appoint to bear an chattelsive exigency skillful-treatment arrangement in establish, you must discern the sources of the exigency flushts, the strategies to authenticate the exigency, and then plan for them. I would insinuate that law enforcement agencies not adjoin after a while the resources until the ample inquiry of what happened has captured establish. Of plan, currently, after a while devices that proceedings at our fingertips, it is a grievousenedened office to repress. In truth, the merely inferefficacious retort they can bear is to be subjoined uninterruptedly the inquiry is balance and the truths conclude out. All in all, if there is a bad cop on your vigor, you should not seem the other way. Looking the other way not merely causes loss to the national and its inhabitants but to other officers and police specialnel that are doing their jobs lawful.   


Crandall, W., Parnell, J. A., & Spillan, J. E. (2014). Exigency skillful-treatment in the new temporization probability (2nd ed.). SAGE. 

Marrow, S. (2019). Gregarious & Intelligence Media’s Proceeds on Law Enforcement. ISSN: 2692-5389; Volume 1 - End 4, DOI: 10.33552/AJGH.2019.01.000516.  



Law Enforcement departments aspect vaporous and different exigency ends when performing their different roles. These crises are instrumental and, in my conviction, tender an occasion to shift and medicate. According to Crandall, Parnell, & Spillan (2014), exigency poses a lingeresonance collision on the balanceall assiduity balance a hanker determination. This creates the scarcity to incorporate chattelsive exigency retort strategies to contrary these chattelss. Law enforcement agencies are currently oppositeness vaporous superior exigency ends. One end relates to police use of immoderate vigor frequentlyst the young-individual population, alloticularly the African American population. In the departed decade, vaporous facts bear been familiar where officers bear fruited in immoderate vigor frequentlyst young-individual populations. Ray (2020) notes that in 2020, subjoined the killing of George Floyd, law enforcement departments throughout the state aspectd demonstrations balance the foul-mouthed officers’ actions. 

In observation, vaporous other facts bear conclude into the limelight balance the dwelld insufficient traffic of the police frequentlyst African American populations. The implications of this exigency fruit in lingeresonance consequences and immensely monstrous the connection betwixt young-individual populations and the police. Ray (2020) notes that vaporous ethnical lawfuls organizations bear rebuked these actions fruiting in common slogans such as “Bbankruptcy Lives Matters.”

Tackling the insufficient connection betwixt the police departments and the young-individual population is not lenient and requires connection discurrent the compromised alloties. The admonition I would reach is for the unity leaders to retinue law enforcement officers on choice ways for conducting seizes. On the other laborer, it is too main to dwell discussions after a while the unity on ways to decelerate contest after a while the police. 


Crandall, W., Parnell, J. A., & Spillan, J. E. (2014). Exigency skillful-treatment in the new temporization probability (2nd ed.). SAGE.

Ray, R. (2020, November 11). How can we improve police statementability in the United States? Brookings.



Do Sponsor Bondsmen Acceleration or Afflict the Pretest Process?

Worrall and Moore (2014) communication that accordingly there is a supposition of purity in the U.S. frame, citizens bear a lawful to inferefficacious sponsor when full after a while a misdeed. The separation to this is if the special is prisoner of a cardinal misdeed. Lahiri (2010) communications that in reaction to acceptions in important misdeed, some states are now attempting to ignoring a frameal discipline that would inhibit sponsor not lawful for those prisoner of a cardinal misdeed but to all misdeeds where the prisoner could take a existence decree if the authority compensations they could be forcible. The American Polite Liberties Union (ACLU) is strongly unanalogous to these initiatives proverb that, while integralone has a sound cause in maintaining national protection, this should not conclude at the compensation of losing our indispensefficacious polite lawfuls. I can't entirely advance after a while the ACLU and compensation that authoritys should bear the lawful to disown sponsor to those forcible offenders who are theoretically oppositeness a existence decree. Lawful love the ACLU, I compensation enriching our indispensefficacious polite lawfuls is censorious. Still, a symbolical allot of preserving those lawfuls mediums that citizens must be guarded from disobey to the quantity practicable.

Bondsmen bear the space to twain acceleration and afflict the pretest arrangement. Some men-folks who do not bear the possessions to reach sponsor can go to the prisoner and bear them insure the compact for them. There is, of plan, a fee for the advantage that is not refundefficacious flush if the special is succeeding build sinless. The downside to the sponsor arrangement, says Montopoli (2013), is that the arrangement is disingenuous to the insufficient. This is accordingly the insufficient cannot shaft sponsor. After all, they cannot pay the sponsor or, in divers facts, cannot flush pay the sponsor compactmen 10% to 15% of the sponsor quantity to get the prisoner to cbalance it. Thus, Montopoli (2013) says the unprovided augur must sojourn after bars until the test era flush if the impeach is unimportant such as jumping a subway turnstile.

The substance is not a unimportant one. A deem of non-felony offenders in New York who had sponsor set at $1,000 or close build 87% of the order could neither shaft their sponsor nor undertake a sponsor prisoner. On mediocre, these non-felony offenders remained incarcerated for an mediocre of 15.7 days. In some facts, the augur sojourned in jail forecast test hankerer than the forfeiture they could forebode if build tarnished of the misdeed. The mediums that the insufficient are departed lovely to ground hawking the fact, advance culpability, and bear a iniquitous proceedings. A reaction to this is that foul-mouthed states, Oregon, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Illinois, bear eliminated wholesale sponsor compacts. The American Bar Association and the National Conference of Chief Justices bear too named for abolishing the for-profit sponsor arrangement (Montopoli, 2013).


Lahiri, R. (2010, Jun. 17). Why sponsor matters. American Polite Liberties Union.

Montopoli, B. (2013, Feb. 8). Is the U.S. compact arrangement disingenuous? CBS News.

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The Compact Deputy System

According to our textbook, authoritys frequentlytimes obtain set sponsor according to the truth of the iniquitous misdeed in topic, and the authority may not obacceleration the prisoner’s ability to pay the compact (Worralll & Moore, 2013). The truth of the misdeed is the biggest truthor when observeing whether a prisoner should be authorizeed sponsor. Crimes that may be punished by the mortality obtain not advance a prisoner's sponsor (Worralll & Moore, 2013). The misdeeds that obtain not authorize a prisoner to sponsor grasp butcher, disobey, and manslaughter. In my conviction, domiciliary disobey should be assumed as a non-bondefficacious misdeed. The infer for this is that domiciliary disobey is a fragrant misdeed. Pretest scrutiny and lawsuits balance immoderate sponsor claims are two ends touching the fawn to sponsor improve in America (Schnacke, 2018). Sponsor compactsmen are a big ingredient of the sponsor arrangement. Sponsor compactsmen acceleration to store the vacant of the prisoners that may not be efficacious to yield the compensation of the sponsor, as unanalogous to wealthier iniquitous offenders. Sponsor compactsmen accumulate a fee from the iniquitously prisoner, a percentage of the sponsor, and obtain shaft a compact for the prisoner to be released (Worralll & Moore, 2013). Sponsor compactsmen act as a financial society and bear been criticized for vaporous infers, but in verity, they act as a transaction. According to our textbook, a imperfection of the sponsor compacts deputy arrangement is the quantity of faculty the compactsmen bear in deem to deciding which prisoner obtain be released from jail, and who obtain remain (Worralll & Moore, 2013). The compact deputy arrangement may bear some inbred imperfections but is qualitative to imdissect close felicitous prisoners the similar lawful as their departed felicitous contraryparts.


Schnacke, T. R. (2018). A Brief History of Bail. Judges Journal, 57(3), 4+.

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