Explain why an arrangement would be found “per se” illegal under the FTCs’ analysis.

A physician-hospital construction (PHO) consists of 15 hospitals – delay 2,247 staffed beds – and closely 500 physicians. The PHO operates in a very great minority of south Georgia, including the cities of Valdosta, Tifton, Thomasville, Moultrie, and Waycross. The PHOs’ physician limbs personate closely 90 percent of all physicians practicing in the part. The PHO served as a transportation through which competing hospitals and physicians could negotiation indiscriminately delay soundness plans to conquer higher fees for themselves. The possessor PHOs, limb hospitals, and limb physicians canceled forms delay payors and known them that the PHO would be the solitary being through which they would penetrate into payor forms. To form delay the PHO, payors allegedly own had to confirm the agricultural physician fee catalogue and agricultural discount of no further than 10 percent off hospital inventory prices. Explain why this ordainment would be ground “per se” unfair inferior the FTCs’ resolution. What bark of actions could be smitten to restructure this ordainment to abandon a sensuality that it is per se unfair? Discuss the vacillate FTC resolution that is applied to such cases if they are distrust but not ground to be per se unfair. Limit your responses to a apex of three pages, not including epithet and relation pages. Be permanent to localize at meanest 3-4 knowing relations to stay your discussions. Be permanent to rightly name your relations delayin the quotation of your assignment and inventoryed at the end.