exercises in c language. I need a person who know c language

I bear three use assignments in c vernacular.  I shared the description of the educationist and the all notification of the uses as pdf and ptt.  1. Link List  Follow the instructions in the assignment. This assignment deals delay rectirectilinear integrateed roll. Recognize the input from the input finish, do not initialize an dispose delay input gum. Invent and add the integrate to the roll as you recognize the input. Give the output behind each operation delay a header explaining the operation. Active the user for deleting the entries from the roll and output behind each deletion. Follow te adjust in which the deletion to be processed as attached in the assignment. Please do not intialize an dispose for deleting the entries.    2. Binary trees  Follow the instructions in the assignment. This assignment deals delay binary tree utensilation. Recognize the input values from the input finish and utensil a binary tree. Invent a tree node and add to the tree as you recognize input from the finish. Travers the binary tree in pre-order, post-adjust and in-adjust twain recursive and non-recursive utensilations.  Print output behind each traversals, active the user to delete an component until the user quits. Please do not invent an dispose to delete tree nodes. Print the binary tree output behind integral deletion. Delete items are attached in the assignment .pdf finish. Iterative algorithm output and hints are attached in the Additional Reading Material.  Hint: non-recursive utensilations demand the use of stack. As you mark the node, you demand to stack the node in the required adjust for traversal. Implement twain recursive and non-recursive methods. 3. Hashing  Follow the instructions in the assignment. This assignment involves in utensiling hashing and hash board and gives you middle unmeasured trustworthiness. Create and add a integrate node to the hash board as you recognize the input from finish.